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Lost Voyage, a new after-dark adventure, opens Memorial Day Weekend in Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
Summer arrives in the Midwest, revealing a completely new and extremely eerie mysterious adventure on the Wisconsin River in the popular Wisconsin Dells vacation spot. The fictional tale centers around the Badger — an old tour boat and a key component of the entire experience. Now, you are part of an expedition to try and find the teenagers and unravel the mystery of the disappearing excursion.
The mystery of the Lost Voyage will be revealed in stages, over several seasons, encouraging people to make the nocturnal trek more than once. Due to its ominous themes, the Lost Voyage attraction is geared toward older children and adults. Lost Voyage is a presentation of Dells Boat Tours, one of Wisconsin Dells most historic and long running attractions with more than 150 years of operation.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Passengers dare to solve the fictitious mystery of Lost Voyage as they explore the dark, creepy canyon on foot. Opening Memorial Day weekend, Lost Voyage takes brave-hearted souls on an after-dark boat excursion upriver to Cold Water Canyon, an ancient gorge that cuts deep into the cliffs on the eastern shore. According to legend, in the summer of 1943, the Badger disappeared during a storm near Cold Water Canyon. Once there, passengers disembark and take a guided walk deep into the nearly pitch-black canyon to face a terrifying encounter with the fabled mystery surrounding a missing tour boat. No trace of boat, passengers or crew was ever found until recently, when a trio of teenagers stumbled upon the missing vessel in the depths of the canyon — resting on dry land!
The answers might be encountered anywhere: Around the Lost Voyage dock, during the adventure, even on the Lost Voyage website itself.

At least, that’s what the footage on their video camera suggests; while their camera was recovered, the teens have gone missing.
That code will unlock a key part of the mystery, and qualify the lucky code breaker for the chance to win prizes.
Could Nazi spies, paranormal forces or Native American spirits be the cause of these strange events?

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