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The weak pointsAlthough very good, the evening entertainment was not as good as other resorts we've visited. The weak pointspeacocks are very nice but they squak all night, food wasn't that good to us. The first thing we noticed upon arrival was the incredibly beautiful, well manicured buildings and lush plants. The weak pointsSome of the grounds crew get a bit 'over friendly' with the spouses of some people, if you know what I mean. The weak pointsfood quality was average, (they tried hard-but it didnt hit the mark) not enough fruits or fresh fish! Secrets Wild Orchid is a beautiful resort however despite of its beauty it lacks the much needed atmosphere that allows guests to let loose and have a truly fantastic time.
This was our 2nd trip to Montego Bay and both times we stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid (1st time in Preferred, 2nd time in the regular building since Preferred was sold out when we booked).

Everything was perfect from the location, very friendly and welcoming staff, large room and with perfect views and location, great selection of restaurants, fantastic tasting food, and resort cleanliness.
We were greeted at the main entrance, escorted to our Preferred Building, then taken care of from then on.Our room was beautiful, overlooking the ocean.
We paid around $800 extra for Preferred Club; it was nice to have a tub on the balacony but we only used it once, and the other benefits are insignificant. The resort has a great layout, all rooms face the beach or lush grounds, all restaurants at night have beach and mountain views. However you will not feel out of place travelling solo to this resort as it was very welcoming and relaxing.
Several pools, several bars, nightclub, and about 9 restaurants on site.We spent most of our time relaxing.
Half of the staff we met were great while the others seemed indifferent to providing good service.

This is one of my favourite resorts and I would recommend it for anyone who is celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary.
It was paradise for 7 days.Remember, it's an adult resort, so if you have kids, this is not available to a family. Really we were only in the rooms to sleep, to wash, and to get ready for dinner, so even less would have been sufficient. Restaurants; I found the food to be excellent (obviously not comparing it to restaurants in Toronto, but to other tropical destinations). I read some reviews of people complaining, but if you're looking for perfection stay home, or spend a few thousand more.

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