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Military technology in ancient China as been thousands of  years ahead of western warfare and invented the most deadly weapons of their time. In January 2009, the chief justice administered the oath of office to US President Barrack Obama.
Consisting of body posture, gestures, eye movements and facial expressions, the body language is the most important form of nonverbal communication. Online Learning Podcast Episode 038 -Body Language - Vanessa van Edwards on reading Body Language - John B. Jim was interviewed for the Online Learning Podcast in Episode 036 which you can find here. Marketing Tip of the Week: In this weeks Marketing Tip I explain how to utilise Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy for your online course. Now you can talk with her and determine if there are areas of common interests you two share.
And be aware that good-looking women already know how they look, and they don't need you to keep telling them that they are "beautiful". Your main goal now is to forget about how she looks naked, do data gathering, and to form a "relationship". The way you work at exploring her interests determines how physically and emotionally close she is going to let you get to her.
Also be aware that women can read what is going on with you by your eye pupils (the center dark clear area that changes size).
In general, men define themselves and their personal worth in the world mostly by their jobs or careers. Do you have enough common interests with her to have an engaging and rewarding relationship? Are you anything close to the Alpha Male type she needs unconsciously to produce healthy offspring and protect her and the kids later?

This is all old brain DNA programming and may not have anything to do with the reality of her life right now! If she fluffs her hair or tosses her head and makes her hair fly around a bit while looking at you, she is unconsciously sending pheromones (body chemicals) your way to stimulate more interest from you.
If her eyes watch your mouth as you talk, then she is probably hungry for you and wondering about how good you will taste. Researchers have discovered the human brain is strongly wired to observe if other people are different or the same as we are. A related trait that evolved with this detection skill is a habit of synchronizing movements, gestures, and body position with those we accept as safe and worthy of our attention.
We have been doing this flirting and dating game for millions of generations, and it is well perfected to most effectively get us a mate to make babies and perpetuate our species. Telling a woman she is beautiful is really saying, "You stimulate me, and I want to have sex with you." Instead, be on the lookout for her personal characteristics that you like and truthfully compliment her on the things you like about her. As you explore her, strive to build a supportive relationship where she feels safe, respected, valued, and protected.
Blink normally and never let your eyes go looking around the area at other women while talking with her. On the other hand, women are more interested in establishing and understanding relationships. They have unconsciously positioned how they are sitting in order to face each other more directly.
Educate yourself on the signs of body language so you can know what everyone is saying at all times even if they aren't speaking. Beauty is high on a man's list of desired feminine characteristics because, to his deep limbic system drives, beauty implies good health with no chromosome damage. It may seem like she is a "chatterbox", but that is normal, especially if she is having a good time.

As she speaks, casually look at her individual features: hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, cheeks, nose, lips, etc.
Research proves that women's bodies respond to men's eye pupil tiny cues with blood flow decreasing or increasing in their sensitive feminine body areas. If you can appeal to her unconscious instinctual needs, her hormones will drive her to you, and she may not even know why. When we see similarities, we unconsciously behave more like them in order to form a closer friendship for reasons related to survival and mating. Please subscribe on Facebook, Twitter or our newsletter to make sure you never miss one of our new documentaries online.
A healthy woman mate is a man's highest priority for the best chance of reproducing his strongest offspring.
Everyone's eye pupils dilate (open larger) when they are talking to someone they really like.
This skill to detect the slightest difference or similarity is more pronounced in women than in men.
When this mirroring takes place unconsciously, as one person changes position the other follows to the same position.
This is all deep limbic system programming that explains why men of all ages prefer young, pretty women.
See how the man is facing her directly, slightly leaning toward her, with his legs uncrossed. However, she is not that interested in him, so she has turned slightly away and crossed her legs.

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