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This message is the 5th and final part of this series that deals with principles that are necessary for a “successful” journey as a child of the King!
These triggers sit underneath your strategic behaviour, marketing material, plans and the ‘face’ of your brand, to create a brand that is authentic and develops a trust relationship with its market.
A successful brand is passionate about understanding the desires that drive and exist in their customers’ world. That brand must be willing to step into the world of their customer, walk where they walk, and engage in their conversations, so they can understand more intuitively and deeply what that customer’s market’s desire truly is. When you deliver a service you don’t drive desire, you live your passion, and that expression builds a perception of who you are. Behave in a way that aligns with your brand strategy and gives you a unique ability to show your personality, to create positive disruptions.
Establish a dynamic leadership mentality – engage with your own brand and your own business in a way that clearly identifies how every part of what you do provides you with an opportunity to show you are leading the pack. If you believe that you are ahead of the pack, and that what you do is passionately driven from a position of originality and leadership, others will recognise your engagement, and engage with your positive mindset.
Successfully engaging your market demands a mindset that inspires others with what you do and believe. It’s important that you give to get – never give something that you wouldn’t appreciate receiving yourself. Giving something to others that you genuinely value ensures that others will value it too, and this fosters relationship growth and authentic connections. When you build people nurturing processes that exist beyond you and the sales horizon, you can connect with people on the basis of what you have to give them as a brand, and establish an enduring bond built on mutual trust and respect.
For a brand to succeed, you must connect with your market and to your market, genuinely and with integrity. ABOUT DAISEstablished in 1989, DAIS is the leading Australian brand consultancy behind many successful local, national and international brands across a diverse range of industries. About DAISEstablished in 1989, DAIS is the leading Australian brand consultancy behind many successful local, national and international brands across a diverse range of industries.
As brand strategists we are passionate about brand and the value of building brand as an asset to deliver a return on investment as well as tangible value reflected on the balance sheet.

Not only have I gained dozens of GEMS about what it takes to becoming a Millionaire from this program, but I learned to think different. One of the interesting survey questions is what all of those millionaires contributes their success to. All that’s left now is the hack your life by implementing these 13 success secrets and you’re on your way! I find I also need to add in Dream Big and do daily actions that keep me in a positive state. Once you get a handle on this and listen to it or read this chapter several times, it seems that money just starts to flow. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
If your passion is aligned to the desire that exists in the marketplace, you create a connection, which is vital to the success of your brand.
If you can do this, your market will become more accurately aware and accept this as your personality. By constantly cross-selling the different ways you can work with and respond to your market, you give them multiple reasons and ways to connect to you. You have to mean what you promise – to do that; you must first understand what your promise is.
So without further ado, here is a list of their top 13, from most important to least (but still really important). The great thing about this factor is that it is accessible to anyone and you can start right away. While being attracted to someone is really important, perhaps even necessary, it’s not the criteria by which one should go spouse-shopping. I can’t thing of having any job, business, or career that has zero involvement with people and has monetary value. When it comes down to it you will want to delegate as much as you can and concentrate on more important issues.

One of the ways that I look at this is the financial risk of working for yourself instead of a big company. Learning amazing qualities from highly successful people is easier than learning the road on your own. I’ve been working on something really hard (it’s still under wraps) in my secret hide-out! Are you looking for practical advice you can use to dramatically improve the quality of your life? He interviewed ~1000 millionaires since 1980 and taken very meticulous surveys of their responses.
I would personally say, and the millionaires would agree, that having a kind, supportive spouse, who has similar goals, and is responsible is more important. If you aren’t taking care of your health, than your mind and body are not working optimally. Sure you might rise to the top, but that’s like the chance of you becoming a rock star- slim. Yes, you’re risking you X-figure a year job, but the return that you could possibly get is way greater than this. You can expand, make higher end products, or do whatever it takes to increase your own income.
I’m glad I decided to keep listening because this program keeps getting better and better each day! Combined with #8 (seeing opportunities), and doing market research, the risk is much less than you think. Thomas Stanley is one of my personal idols (and it’s not just because his last name is the same as my first).

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