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So it probably comes as no great surprise that I have very mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day.
Perhaps as an engaged lady you feel even more pressure to lap this day up and show the world that you’re in love and are loved!? Deep down though, we all know that romance is in the little things, the thoughtful actions carried out on a daily basis. Secrets Of The Heart is a wedding cake with hidden secret messages placed within the deliciously spongy centre. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This book helps to develop moral and spiritual qualities in the educational process through stories, games, science and other school subjects, gives better understanding and appreciation of the world around us.
This book will teach it's reader to listen to one's heart, to understand and apprehend the noble qualities that has been given to each of all of us by our Creator and to develop them at the best of our ability. The stories, games, lessons and creative tasks in the book SECRETS OF THE HEART tell about love, honesty, responsibility, modesty, friendship and care for others.
These are the series of 19 fairy-tale stories about 3 tiny mice-brothers: Orange Back, Home-Sitter and Quick Paws. These stories are aimed for small children, but, as any philosophy fairy-tales, they can be helpful for adults too. Early one morning Redback the mouse squeezed out of the burrow beneath the old pine tree and scrambled up the rough trunk. Redback wanted very much to understand the Most Important Thing: where did the forest come from, and the sun, and the stars - and the whole wide wonderful world? Even the mouse's very own brothers - Swiftpaw and Homey - couldn't answer such an important question.

Swiftpaw Mouse knew lots of magic secrets: he could tell you which flowers held the sweetest nectar, which tender roots were the best to eat, and which leaves to put on cuts and scratches to make them feel better. One day while Redback sat waiting for the sun to come up he got to thinking so much that he didn't even notice how the first sunbeam touched him gently on the ears, then hopped to his shiny black nose and reddish fur.
Redback climbed down, but the look in his eyes was so far away that his brother laughed out loud.
Redback sighed and rubbed his face with his paws, as if he were just waking up, and then he said, "You know, something amazing happened to me today!
The sunbeam glowed again and said, "Remember those words well, and I will never leave you.
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A part of me longs for the grand gestures and romanticism attached to the day and yet the other part of me hates how this one day can make you feel great or make you feel low.
In light entertaining form it tells children HOW difficult it can be in our real life to follow one's heart and to do as it says. He found himself a comfortable spot on a wide, stout branch, and settled down to wait for the sun to show itself over the edge of the mountains.
But you really ought to busy yourself studying nature's secrets, instead of sitting around and waiting for her to tell you something," Swiftpaw scolded good-naturedly. Many times he had made long trips to the mountain or lake, which was why they called him Swiftpaw.

Homey worked from morn till night, widening their burrow or tending the garden or fashioning furniture out of tree bark. And then, for the longest time, the little mouse sat as if he were frozen to the spot, and he came to only when Swiftpaw called his name several times. A wedding cake filled will secrets written about the couple - from where they shared their first kiss, to where they were when they fell in love, favorite body parts along with embarrassing nick-names, Secrets of The Heart Wedding Cake will share with guests some never-before-known things about you - however sweet, silly, or saucy you care to be.
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