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The episode also follows the Smithsonian-sponsored attempt to find the wreck of the sub off the coast of Brazil. The conspiracy part of the episode deals with a signal the sub sent as it was being hunted by Allied aircraft. This is a catch-all episode that details four special ops missions from both sides of the war. The second case details the actions of an assassination squad sent in to kill the architect of the holocaust Reinhard Heydrich. The third story tells of British agents that snuck into German-occupied Crete and kidnapped the general.
The last story talks of the legendary Werewolf Squad that attempted to foment a rebellion once the Allies began to take German towns. Sherry McKay: I am going to say Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, and Donald Trump.
West Wind propose, comme a son habitude, de nouvelles images de ses prochaines nouveautes pour Secrets of the Third Reich sur son forum. West Wind Productions a poste sur son forum quelques images de leurs nouvelles figurines en preparation.
Alors que la version alpha des regles est sortie il n’y a pas longtemps en version alpha, West Wind continue de sortir de nouvelles figurines pour cette futures regle qui commence a comprendre une gamme assez large. West Wind production et Gotterdammerung Studios proposent une premiere version alpha de leur regle: Secrets of the Third Reich. West Wind Productions zeigen auf Facebook Red Claw, der bald die Reihen der Briten in Secrets of the third Reich unterstutzen wird. He was one of Hitler’s closest generals, and it appears he might have also betrayed his Fuhrer and the Nazi Party. The evidence on this one is actually pretty compelling, and the history books might have to find a kindler, gentler place for Rommel. The episode explores the exploits of one of Germany’s most decorated submarine commanders and the last sub he commanded.
Naturally their cameras are present when the wreck is actually discovered, and we’re treated to those first images of the sunken submarine since it went down. The speculation has to do with how intentional the signal was in respect to the sub’s sinking. They only had one success that of killing a mayor who cooperated with the Allies to keep the peace in a small town.

Cette fois-ci se sera 3 nouveaux Jagerhund (Rottweiler, Alsatian, Doberman) pour former une unite de lycanthropes, et un parachutiste allemand en armure de saut. The idea here is that Hitler’s private physician Theodore Morell was dosing Hitler with all kinds of crazy drug combinations. Unfortunately, they were sent with crappy guns that all jammed and a grenade that did very little actual damage. Later they reunited in the 1970’s for a television show, and apparently the kidnapped general became friends with one of his captors. Les singes dans le monde de la figurine sont assez a la mode en ce moment, et Secret of the Third Reich semble aussi sauter dans le wagon, pour le bonheur des fans du genre. Ce genre connait un peu de succes en ce moment avec des jeux comme Tannhauser, AE-WWII utilisant le meme type de theme. The release cobbles together four episodes each telling a unique story that may or may not be completely true. The proposal is that some or even much of Hitler’s mania might have been caused by the drugs he was taking.
There are no bonus materials, and with four hours on a DVD, we’re not talking stellar video quality.
Je dois dire que le choix de cette tourelle donne pas mal de caractere a ce vehicule dont je vous ai mis une photo prise a Salute.
Pour le moment pas d’indication de prix ou de date de sortie attendue, mais cela ne devrait pas trop tarder. With the use of reenactments, historical footage and interviews with survivors and their kin, the episodes attempt to explain some of these stories in a somewhat new light. According to this episode, perhaps he wasn’t nearly as loyal as the Reich proclaimed. There’s speculation that the assassins actually used a biological weapon that caused the infection, but there appears to be no evidence that that was true.
The price is right, and for junkies of war or Nazi materials, there’s some fun new stuff here to be found. La technologie avancee ou extraneenne et l'aspect occulte relie au Vril et au groupe de Thule y est mis a jour. On y trouve aussi un Wolverine allemand (rien a voir avec le M10 US), un mech leger assez classique, et les U.S. Les russe auront de leur cote droit a un pack de commandement supplementaire ainsi que deux nouveaux personnages speciaux: Hammer et Sickle (un peu cliche mais tres joli).

Les deux autres packs sont un pack de 2 snipers et un parachutiste allemand en armure de saut equipe d’un lance-flamme. The theory here, apparently supported by his surviving son, is that Rommel was part of the plot that planted a bomb next to Hitler. That didn’t stop the Nazi propaganda machine from telling tales of a daring rescue and heroic struggle.
Il en sera de meme pour les americains avec comme nouveaux personnages speciale: Liberty (une blonde avec deux armes surdimensionnees) et Wild Bill Donovan.
It was a famous assassination attempt that Hitler escaped adding to his own god-like legend. There are a lot of health issues associated with Hitler here as well, from manic depression to Parkinson’s disease. La nouvelle faction pour Incursion, le M13 britannique devrait aussi etre dispo a peu pres en meme temps.
Ces figurines seront disponible le 10 mai sur le site de WWG ainsi que chez vos revendeurs favoris. Un nouveau gaz allemand, nomme Vergeltungswaffe possede le pouvoir de tuer les vivants et de creer des zombies. I should caution that nowhere in the episode are they trying to excuse or mitigate Hitler’s own culpability in the actions he took. Des recherches sur les lycanthropes permettent la formation de commandos specialises dans l’infiltration. Therefore, Rommel was granted the kind of deal Frankie Pentangeli was offered in The Godfather Part II. Des robots de combat sont fabriques de chaque cote meme si l’Allemagne a le dessus au niveau technologique.
If he killed himself, his family would be spared, and he would remain the loyal Nazi in the eyes of the public. Les americains utilisent une technologie alien suite au crash de Roswell pour fabriquer des armes nouvelles.

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