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Secrets To Successful Trade Show MarketingEvents and trade shows represent the channel sales and marketing people everywhere love How To Pro tably Generateto hate. How To Pro tably Generate Leads and Sales From Trade ShowsTrade shows represent the marketing channel sales and How you approach prospects: At the show itself, howmarketing people everywhere love to hate. 29 Tips For Making the Most Of Your Next Trade ShowThese ideas are tactical, and don’t equally apply to every- • Build a quick-and-easy-to-read one-sheet to educateone, but something here should spark or accelerate aware- show goers on the ease and pro?tability of using yourness, interest, demand and sales from your next event or product. Trade Show Booth Best Practices: Observations From DreamforceI’m among more than 30,000 people that attended the Value-added takeaways. The Most Important Part Of Event MarketingTwo months after the Dreamforce show, the full messen- There’s no way you can remember everybody, everything.ger bag I brought back still sat untouched in my of?ce.
How to Manage and Measure ROI From Events and TradeshowsMarketers today measure everything. Judy and Patrick Murphy opened Old Farm Nursery in 1988 on land that had been a general farm for generations.
On a Sharon road bordered by old farmsteads and rolling pastures where cows still graze, Michael Trapp’s place stands out. When a pair of professional landscape designers tackle their own landscape, the result is clever, calm, and seductively understated. Bounded by traditional New England stone walls, this garden is situated on a rugged hillside and framed by majestic old trees. When Debby and Barton Jones bought their classic Greek Revival 1836 house 14 years ago, a freak tornado had destroyed the tall spruce trees covering a small shade garden behind the house. When Garrett and Ann Goodbody first met the 200 + year-old house, it was balanced on a newly laid foundation, having been moved from the bottom of the hill. Trade Secrets is a series on how international trade agreements influence a wide range of policies, laws and corporate activities throughout the world.
This series is a collection of primers on trade agreements and how they shape our daily lives, our workplaces and our governments. There are indeed limits to the reach of the anti-SLAPP statute, particularly in the trade secret context.  In West Hills Research and Development, Inc. Wyles denied accessing any trade secret information and claims he only took documents that were relevant to a derivative shareholder lawsuit that he contemplated bringing against the company. Wyles’ anti-SLAPP motion was premised on his claim that West Hill’s officers embezzled money, engaged in tax fraud, and other financial malfeasance.
West Hills also identified the following trade secret documents in Wyles’ possession: a confidential business plan, privileged and confidential drafts of a patent application, a confidential technical product description, and confidential agreements with potential partners. A company wishing to protect its trade secrets should highlight conduct demonstrating the defendant’s use of the trade secret. The attorneys of the Trade Secrets, Computer Fraud, & Non-Competes practice group of Seyfarth Shaw LLP protect and defend clients against those who improperly handle proprietary information, violate non-compete agreements, improperly solicit customers or remove electronic data from businesses, and raid employees. Trade Secrets and Confidentiality Lawyers & Attorneys, the Trade Secrets, Computer Fraud, & Non-Competes practice group of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, offering services relating to corporate espionage, electronic information protection, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure, proprietary information, restrictive covenants, audits, protection policies, trade secrets litigation, with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Sacramento, San Francisco. Unless otherwise indicated, attorneys listed in this Web site are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
High costs, LOTS of time (before and during the event), typically followed by Leads and Sales From Trade Shows 2less-than-exciting leads and few converted sales.
The best booths at Dreamforce2010 Dreamforce conference, and it’s as nuts as you offered a book, a how-to guide, a sales automation orwould imagine. We want to know, in reception sponsorship and your biz dev guy says it’s criticalreal-time, how well something’s doing, who responded, to a pending much money we made. Do this before you Your executives will appreciate the follow-up, will appreci-leave as well. Living in the old farmhouse (c 1800) and using the farmland and barns for their landscape business, the Murphy’s immediately began developing the outdoor spaces, including paddocks and adjacent cornfields into garden rooms.
His house, dating in part from the eighteenth century, and the great barn alongside it are strikingly painted—their doors, windows, and trim colored a black-green against cream-colored clapboards. The garden around their Falls Village home is always a treat, but in springtime, it’s particularly sublime.
Slender paths lead through a cobbled labyrinth of idiosyncratic spaces staged with wonderful Corinthian capitals, huge slabs of stone set as dining tables, Roman fountains, and towering topiary spires that have been sculpted personally by Michael over decades. The Bennetts spent years searching for just the right property, and found it in Cornwall where they built a reproduction of a Deerfield Colonial and moved a 200-year-old early Dutch anchor beam barn from New York State. The owners, doing almost all the work themselves, have cleared the overgrown brush to make a gently meandering garden on a sloping incline, with beds that follow the remains of old tree stumps. Even though they had to climb a ladder to get inside (and it had no plumbing or electricity), they fell in love with the old Colonial anyway.

From food safety to climate change and from labor to consumer protection, trade has an enormous and often invisible pull on the actions governments take and the choices available to citizens.
Wyles argued that his conduct constituted pre-litigation communication and was therefore protected under Civil Code Section 47(b).
Applying de novo review,  the California Court of Appeal, Second District, held that Wyles did not meet his burden of showing that West Hill’s claims were actually based on his intention to file a derivative action.  Instead, the gravamen of West Hill’s complaint was Wyles’ improper access and use of West Hill’s trade secrets to form a competing venture. How do you get browsers to breakLOTS of time (before and during the event), typically fol- their gait, pause in front of your booth, and engage withlowed by less-than-exciting leads and few converted sales.
I had some time to check out many of the nurture marketing cheat-sheet, something of independentvendors, new technology and emerging SaaS businesses on but related value that will make me smarter. It can be a simple one-page Word doc or ate how quanti?able you’ve made the event evaluation,short PowerPoint presentation. The garden around their Falls Village home is always a treat but, in springtime, it’s particularly sublime. Not only will you find tulips and bulbs galore carpeting the formal garden, but John’s vegetable and cutting garden will be gearing up. And they also saw the possibilities in the steeply sloping cow pasture in which it was plunked. They immediately see the value ofBefore the Show using the product and want to talk with you to order. Are theyThe instant-grati?cation channels we increasingly use at core to the reason you’re going, and the means by whichthe core of our marketing mix lend themselves to this.
If you’ve established suc- and will be far more likely to approve event expenditurescess criteria up front, circle back and at the right intervals in the future if they have the con?dence that 1) it will(within a day or two, at the time you will measure pipeline be pro?table, and 2) you’re responsible enough to knowcontribution, etc.) with a quanti?able report and update. Wyles, a California appellate court ruled that engaging in activity to set up a competing business is not protected activity under the anti-SLAPP statute. 29 Tips For Making the Most Of YourIn this report you’ll learn speci?c best practices for increasing awareness, new leads and Next Trade Show 3closed business from your next event—with proven ideas to put to work before, duringand after the show.
What message or offer can your booth staffBut as much as I also typically shy away from trade shows deliver in three seconds or less to a passing attendee thatas a front-line marketing channel for demand generation, will get at least 50 percent of them to stop?
Hike up to the mock-coliseum poolhouse (featured in House & Garden) by way of the old orchard with heirloom apple trees blossoming. It’s likelythey do have their place in delivering solid, pro?table rev- something related to your value proposition—a sample, aenue. Create awareness andrecognition so that people recognize your company on the • Have a current customer join you at the booth and be ashowroom ?oor and stop at your booth as they walk the live testimonial. These aren’t easy conversations tohave more tools to manage and measure our marketing have, but if your plan is rooted in a universally-understoodthan ever before. I had a bag full of collateral from I don’t know how manyThe conference itself was fantastic.
Here are some suggestions for how to strate- customer testimonials or case studies of successful retail-gically do this: ers who use the product.
His career has focused on deliver-ing measurable results for his employers and clients in the way of greater sales, revenuegrowth, product success and customer loyalty.About Heinz MarketingHeinz Marketing is a Seattle marketing agency focused on sales acceleration. Someone’s going to want to know if the show was suc-of all the time marketing spends getting ready for and cessful the day you get back. But it’s arguably the most important step oftered and ?ustered on the show ?oor, so having a lot of all. You’ve just invested a signi?cant amount of time andhigh-quality conversations that lead to short-term revenue money to capture sales leads early in their purchase cycle.isn’t likely the expectation you want to set. The best booth ing for an iPad, at least I understand the value beingstaffers were engaged, scanning the crowd, and being pro- exchanged. Not enough.Any of us who attend trade shows or events develop tem- The most important part of event marketing happens afterporary Attention De?cit Disorder. All the time your salespeople are away or what you’re selling, that may not be entirely possible.from the phones and shuf?ing their feet in the booth.
Fast deals are At the show itself, they were overwhelmed with messages.bluebirds, with the majority of attendees earlier in the buy- And few of the other exhibitors will do anything coordi-ing cycle, which means a longer lead time to being ready nated to follow up. If you want to add me to your mailing list,active at making direct eye contact and greeting visitors. If the show was about making a partner happy, you canFew organizations count up the total cost of shows, and usually do that temperature check right away. If you’reeven if they did, most couldn’t tell you if they made their selling impulse-buy products on-location, same thing. Most trade show revenue, there- the show, what you want your follow-up to look like.fore, will be long term. Email tips onThis was a great way to get myself and others to break sales automation, for example.their stride, pause for a moment, return the salutation, andstart to engage on what they do.

Go into the show with that mind- Whether it’s all from marketing, or combined with someset and you’re already a step ahead. Objective: Create long-term, lasting relationships with• Know what exhibitors are around your booth.
Now, after theHundreds of booths vying for your attention, in between dust has settled, make sure you capitalize and convert.meeting after meeting.
Even if you decide to give attendees a day or twoany further, do the napkin math to make sure your fully- to get home ?rst, having this done beforehand will ensureburdened spend (including out-of-pocket budget, travel the plan is well executed and measured.costs, as well as the opportunity cost of the team’s time)is worth the expected sales. Eyes down and watching your Blackberry is not a do, what I need, how do you know it’s worth giving me agood way to get prospects. Know up front, before the Nurture nurture nurture: Knowing these leads are earlyshow is green-lighted, whether it has a chance of being a in their buying cycle, make sure they are added to yourpro?table effort, ideally with an expectation of exactly how broader lead nurturing efforts.
Not every booth visitor is a good lead, not every booth visitor should beScript the ?rst ?ve seconds. More up with a plan that “touches” these leads on a regular basisoften than not, this ROI will either keep you from wasting with relevant information, messaging and offers to ensurefurther time on a show that’s destined to be a failure, or you stay top of mind well after the show.
If you made aat minimum will give you guidance on the investment and good ?rst impression at the booth, that’s a great start. Know my role and my objective ?rst.booths had thought beforehand about their value propo-sition, and what speci?c handful of words would get the Scanning for someone better. How many op-Managing and measuring ROI on your next event starts portunities and closed sales do you need from the showwell before you get there.
This is where knowing your audience you’re less likely to deem the event a failure after justand their pain points can make it easy to map that knowl- 30 days of follow-up. But no matter how long your salesedge to an offer or message that prioritizes a trip to your cycle, measuring conversion and close results from collectedbooth over others. If I pause on my own, stop and staredeciding which booth to visit, I need a reason to stop. Knowing that number, and setting the expectation thatDe?ne clearly what success looks like ?rst.
Buyers onstrating directly to prospective buyers that this works have met a lot of people at the show, and you want them in retail, that it’s pro?table, and that it’s a safe bet to try to remember you. There should you’ll measure it not the next day but in due time, helpsbe a sales or marketing objective independent of the event set expectations and establish post-show milestones forthat is different than your pre-show expectations. I don’t under-I’m scanning the booth, I want to see words that imply stand why I’m not immediately engaged with a handshakewhat I’ll achieve by working with you. I don’t want you to and welcome, especially when booth staffers are lookingtell me you’re a cloud-based application. WereAt the Show there people that you did not get to meet, or collect contact information from?
Consider a separate “SorryObjective: Make as many contacts as possible, collect as we missed you” message with an offer to get a demo ormany emails as possible. XX percent off if customers place • Gather their social media presence (Twitter, blog feeds, their order at the show. Why should I take the demo to someone else, take a quick moment to welcometime to learn more? Get the event’s key stakeholders on prospects at the booth, etc.board with that de?nition—before you plan, before you Most organizations don’t think much about these activitiescommit. We’ve all done this at trade showly in a crowded exhibit hall, once you’ve identi?ed some- booths. If there’s disagreement early about the objectives, until they’re back—when they’re tired, less focused, andit’s good you got that out early vs. If you really must check your email, makeone who wants to learn more or see a demo, get them out sure your booth is staffed by someone else and walk a fewof the aisle and into your booth.
If you not only plan for but prepare post-show activitiesTriage the slippery slope of ideas based on your as part of your pre-show work (literally build it into yourgoals. Move there somewhere feet away to do your can have a more direct, less-distracted conversation. Events and trade shows have a way of getting out project plan), it’s far more likely to happen—quickly andof control quickly. It’s not a badge of honor.This will add more value to that deeper conversation, plus Yes, we may all have had too much fun last night.

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