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To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. As you follow the path he describes in this program, wonderful circumstances and miraculous events naturally become a way of life.
If you decide for any reason within the next 30 days that your CD or DVD program* is not for you, simply return your selection(s) for a refund or exchange.
The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe is a short biography (fewer than 60 pages) of a man I’d never heard of, Walter Russell. Instead of raving about how much wisdom is contained in these short 60 pages, I’ll show you a picture of my copy. All of these quotes may seem a bit abstract, but in the context of the book they come to life to enlighten you as a human being. I clicked on the title to order the book at Amazon, only to see a message flash on the screen reminding me that I had already ordered it – in 2002! Ironically, this recent knowledge-quest resembles the one I went on just prior to writing my script, many moons ago.
I think part of the reason these kinds of topics don’t really appeal to the masses is that, on a deep level, perhaps a completely unconscious level, we understand that we intend to come here and put on the blinders, so to speak, that we wanted to immerse ourselves and experience a human life without the comfort of knowing where we came from. The vedic tradition, which predates Quantum physics by thousands of years, drew many of the same conclusions about the nature of reality. Sometimes when someone writes me a long, involved email (or comment in your case), I’ll procrastinate the hell out of a response. Thanks again for taking the time to comment on my little website and in a way enriching my life.
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Wayne Dyer maintains that thought is the highest form of energy in the universe, and in Secrets of the Universe he shows you how to use that energy to bring about a life that is truly magnificent. Dyer teaches you that you begin by accepting responsibility for who you are and what you are today.

I didn’t even dog ear all of the passages I wanted to because the previous page was already dog eared. Reading this book truly has the power to enrich your life in a significant way, and I’m sure even more so on the second, third, etc readings. I’m also interested in our origins, the nature of our reality, especially the wider reality, etc. So even if a post or a book or a photo touches someone at that deep level, he will rarely follow up on that path since on that same level he doesn’t want his human self to spend time learning something he already knows.
That understanding is what I believe to be Nirvana or Enlightenment – because it sees itself in the all. Aided by the world's most powerful microscope, the $13 billion Large Hadron Collider, we learn about why particles have mass, the nature of dark matter, the causes of gravity and more. But there is an important difference between a true logical paradox and mere scientific puzzles. This conundrum was first set in the 17th century and asks why the night sky is not ablaze with light, since we should see, in an infinite universe, a star at every point in the sky, however far away it might be. You learn to look beyond what everyone else sees.You'll witness impressive changes in your life - changes brought about by tapping into the secrets of the universe as revealed in this program to you through an imaginary encounter between an Earthling and a citizen of the planet Uranus.
With this powerful realization as the foundation, you then begin to focus on getting into and maintaining harmony with the universe. Everything you need for true happiness is here - on this planet - and available to you now. He is the author of more than 20 books and has created many video and audio programs, including the best-sellers How to Be A No-Limit Person, The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny, There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and The Secrets of the Power of Intention, among many others. All he had to do was to be open to receiving this information and this power as a physical being through meditation.
Unfortunately, there’s no step-by-step process you can do yourself, only the ideas which are necessary in order to receive the intelligence. My brother took a vacation there a couple years ago and he said it’s awesome and that I need to visit someday. Many of the greatest minds in science grappled with this puzzle until it was resolved by Edgar Allan Poe.
No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, it will not be accepted. You only need to discover how to tap into it and put it to use to transform your life into one you've once only dreamed about.
He was a world-class painter, sculptor, author, architect, figure skater, philosopher, and more.
The process of actually connecting with the universe is very personal, and it’s something you must experience on your own.

I’ve been slipping a bit in life lately and needed to reread this post for the inspiration. The reason is that our universe had a beginning, and therefore distant stars and galaxies are invisible to us because their light has not yet had time to reach us. No offer or sales of the securities will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until qualification of the offering statement by the Securities and Exchange Commission and approval of any other required government or regulatory agency.
Dyer has appeared on thousands of television and radio programs, and several of his works have been featured as National Public Television specials. They way in which he became proficient in so many fields was by quite literally tapping into the secrets of the universe.
Such experiences are deeply moving and personal, so I opt not to share them, but instead treasure them in my heart as validations that life is indeed much more mysterious and magnificent than any of us can imagine. An indication of interest made by a prospective investor is non-binding and involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. He communed directly with the universe, Mother Nature, God, the Source, whatever you want to call it.
I learn more from writing here than I do by reading, which is saying a lot, and which makes it worthwhile (although I’ve been totally slacking the past several months). In announcing itself to be a lie it is stating that it cannot be a lie, in which case it is true, which is to say that it really is a lie, which means it is not a lie, and so on in an infinite loop.
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I do with you the best of luck in your pursuits, however, and would love to read whatever you might write in the future about your conclusions. The more I learn about spirituality and spiritual traditions, the more I’m inclined simply to enjoy myself instead of finding answers. But despite having been resolved, many of such scientific paradoxes continue to be referred to as such, partly due to the notoriety they gained at the time of inception (before we had figured out where we were going wrong) and partly because they are a useful tool in helping scientists gain a better understanding of nature. Take the quantum paradox of SchrA¶dinger’s Cat, in which the unfortunate feline is locked inside a sealed box with poison that is released if triggered by the decay of a radioactive atom. Since the rules of quantum physics state that while we are not observing the atom we are forced to consider it to have both decayed and not decayed at the same time, then the fate of the cat must hang between being dead and alive until we open the box.

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