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The owner of an apartheid-era Cape Town cafe experiences an attraction that threatens to change her life forever in director Shamim Sarif's look into a South Asian community in a divided South Africa. Our belief is that it’s down to the scientist, the bohemian and the artist to provide an accurate reflection of events on the ground as they unfold.

Amina (Sheetal Sheth) is the rebellious proprietor of the popular Location Cafe -- a destination spot for adventurous social outlaws who resent having their lives dictated by racist laws. From the black waitress who doesn't realize her place in South African society to the older white woman who makes eyes at the handsome brown-skinned bachelor, these people like to have a little fun, and they know that they can just be themselves in the Location Cafe. When the apartheid police come knocking and Amina's conservative Indian neighbors cast an accusing eye, the emboldened cafe owner always stands up for her rights.
Yet, despite her defiant exterior, Amina instantly turns soft when she meets the gaze of the beautiful Miriam (Lisa Ray).

Despite the fact that Miriam is a married woman, she is endlessly fascinated by the free-thinking Amina. Eventually, Amina works up the courage to invite Miriam along for driving lessons, and both women succumb to the true power of their mutual attraction.

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