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More than raising funds or holding the vision, a founder has to make great hires, create processes for them to do, and then step aside.
Applying for grants can seem like a hopeless exercise with the mountains of paperwork and the inevitable failure all leading to many club volunteers avoiding the grant finding and application process.
There are substantial funds available for grassroots sports clubs but to access them you need to be aware of some basic guiding principles to give your applications a fighting chance at success. In this online training video,we will show you what to avoid and what to focus on when searching for and applying for grants.

In honor of National Small Business Week, we spoke with a few successful entrepreneurs to learn about their team-building strategies.As more than one founder told us, getting the right people is just as important as having a compelling vision and making sure the bank account has enough to cover payroll. Second, create an environment of mutual trust and respect, so people can do their best work. You can move much faster if you already have some amazing candidates in mind.Hiring to address shortcomings in your current team’s skill set is an ongoing process, not just something you do when you have enough cash to open a new position. From there a business owner can help empower an employee to evaluate the root cause of an issue and come up with a system to catch it from occurring again.

And well-defined processes are the key to growth, because they make it easier to get new contributors on board and up to speed.Nate Ginsburg, the founder of Onset Interactive, an ecommerce and manufacturing business, said that nailing down processes was essential to maintaining growth once the company gained traction. After the processes are in place, filling the roles to manage those processes has allowed us to continue to grow and grow faster,” he said.Cardew, of Pixc, echoed these sentiments, speaking from the experience of someone who didn’t get on the “process” bandwagon quite as quickly.

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