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Secrets Wild Orchid is a very popular all inclusive wedding resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. From our Secrets Wild Orchid page, you can easily see how much your all inclusive Caribbean destination wedding will cost. Remember that Secrets Wild Orchid recommends that you to be in Jamaica 3 days prior to the wedding. This package is FREE if you stay 7 nights or longer in an Preferred Club junior suite ocean view category or higher. Remember that Secrets Wild Orchid recommends you be in Jamaica at least 3 days prior to the ceremony. Your event planning meeting with the resort's wedding coordinator will take place the day following your arrival. Package pricing is for Bride and Groom and up to 8 additional guests staying at the resort. Package pricing is for Bride and Groom and up to 18 additional guests staying at the resort.
Your event planning meeting with the resort’s wedding coordinator will take place the day following your arrival. Safely in the reception and unaware of the rain pouring outside, guests enjoyed dinner, cocktails, and an amazing dessert bar while the DJ played one great song after the other. I so enjoyed every moment of the time spent in Jamaica with you and your family during this most joyous occasion.
That makes it even better that it wasn’t rehearsed, but you all were so in sync that I had to wonder! Although I was not able to make it to Jamaica, these pictures make me feel like I was there for every moment! Congratulations Deyanna and Brandon you had such a beautiful wedding may God continue to bless this union.

I wanted to start a new thread which would have information on the resort that I have so found so far so other future brides can look at it.
I'm actually going to this resort in two weeks so if anyone has any specific things I need to search out, or special pictures they want me to take just let me know.
Hi sonyaj - I too thought this place was out of my wedding price range for my guests  and the prices are not that bad. This resort looks gorgeous, my friend has just got engaged and looking at locations I will definitely recommend this.
If you are an existing member who is returning for the first time since before December 5, 2013, you will have to RESET YOUR PASSWORD. This luxury adults only all inclusive resort is located just 20 minutes from the Montego Bay airport.
Just book 7 nights in a Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View category or higher and you get the free wedding. This package is also free if you book 5 or more rooms for 3 nights or longer in any category.
We wished them away, and we raced against time to shoot their portraits before heading inside for the reception. I think it just captures the vibe and complete joy from your wedding celebration and every time I hear it I’ll be taken back to that day! I was sad to not see any conversations anywhere regarding this resort and future Secrets Brides.  I hope to get married there next year!! I may be switching our wedding from  Ocho Rios to MoBay and will be researching MoBay resorts. You can choose to have your wedding on the beach, one of two small 12 person max gazebos or the large wedding gazebo that fits 70 persons.
I think if we had stayed a few minutes longer we would have been caught in the rain, but it was hard to pull away from the amazing spectacle created by the storm clouds and the brilliant sunset.

A soul train formed a couple times throughout the night, but my favorite parts were Brandon & Deyanna each singing to each other. It’s hard not to enjoy shooting a wedding in such a beautiful place, but really it was the people who made this wedding so amazing. The wedding coordinators are very helpful!  Be sure to check out Secrets Facebook page. The resort is located on a small peninsula with long rocky paths leading out into the water, distinguishing it from other resorts that line the beaches in mountainous MoBay. All of the long distance planning and all the details came down to this one day and this moment – the day they became husband and wife! I knew if we just waited for it we’d get the most incredible shot, and you can see below where the sky went from pretty blue and yellow to a brilliant gold! Deyanna & Brandon and their guests were all so wonderful that it was bittersweet when we had to head back.
So happy I was able to be there and have that impromptu performance with my girl at the end.
Inside I was just begging for that storm to stay away long enough to get an amazing silhouette shot, and the lovely island granted our wish! Now, I don’t know if they had practiced and planned this, but it was a phenomenal performance.

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