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Our award-winning 50+course security awareness training library is designed as an enterprise-wide communications tool that fosters a security conscious culture.
Use our comprehensive and highly interactive program to train your workforce, comply with laws, regulations, and standards such as PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, FISMA, and Red Flag, and reduce the risk of security and privacy breaches. Our security awareness programs have received rave reviews from public and private organizations such as ACE Group, ADP, Banco Santander, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Johnson Controls, the Securities Exchange Commission, Bridgestone Firestone, Hearst Corporation, Merck, Tenet Health Systems, Nokia, Toys-R-Us, US Air, ING, Convergys, Tata, Levis Strauss, and DTE Energy, just to name a few. A purely passive video training experience might seem like a good idea, but did you know retention rates for video demonstrations are only 30%, while retention rates for simulations are 75%, which is to say 250% better? Our courses have been meticulously designed to meet and exceed every topic required by major standards and regulations. Our clients are usually small teams or individuals tasked with training thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe – every year.
Our courses are fully translatable, including the on-screen text, to give your non-English audience the same high quality experience offered to your English speaking audience. Many training companies tout a learning management system option, but only Inspired eLearning offers an enterprise-class LMS that can be fully customized to your needs. Delivering online security awareness training to 500, 1,000 or 10,000 people means running software on that many computers, many of which have different settings, browsers, and operating systems.
Engaging learners and keeping their attention are essential requirements of any eLearning course. No blog about National Cyber Security Awareness Month would be complete without the obligatory link to the Department of Homeland Securitya€™s (DHS) official website on the topic a€“ after all, they started it 9 short years ago.
Therea€¦ now you may be asking what this has to do with Identity & Access Management (IAM). Nefarious websites are becoming ever more sneaky in the ways they push spyware and viruses onto your computer. One unnecessary risk most of us take is by keeping software on our computers (including mobile devices) that we rarely or never use.
Jim McDonald is an Engagement Manager at Identropy, where he is responsible for delivering strategy and roadmap engagements for the companya€™s clients. Our program includes unique all-employee annual training content for up to seven years, PhishProof simulated phishing attacks and anti-phishing training, annual updates, a monthly eNewsletter, posters, digital signage, daily security awareness tips, and job aids to provide a constant stream of tips and best practices that learners can put to use immediately to enhance security.
In addition to winning numerous awards, we’re very proud to have been recently named an industry leader by the world’s foremost information technology research and advisory company – Gartner.

Do you send out the exact same training material again, knowing that end users will complain and that it won’t be nearly as effective?
When learners actively experience simulated attacks and go through the actions required to avoid being hacked, they’re more likely to do the same in the real world. Check out PhishProof, our anti-phishing training and assessment service that includes iPad-compatible, simulation-focused training, free phishing assessment software, detailed analytics and reports, and complete deployment services.
In addition to providing seven years of unique all-user content, we include anti-phishing training and courses for managers, IT professionals, and programmers, plus specific compliance training for PCI, privacy, red flag, and other laws, regulations, and standards. If you expect your end users to learn, understand and abide by your specific policies and procedures, they must be presented within the course itself and not just tacked on as a PDF at the end.
As you can imagine, when that’s your responsibility, what you really need is a world-class service organization to back you up. Our courses are designed to grab learners’ attention with thought-provoking scenarios, simulations, and real world stories and keep it with a quick pace and lots of interactivities.
They include a current relevant article plucked from the headlines that proves our point about security to end-users. But we are walking around with a significant amount of personal and corporate information on our devices.
It also means changing your password frequently and not reusing the same password on multiple computers.
I really think education could help mitigate a lot of the risk present in information security and IAM. He brings to this role his extensive expertise in rolling out identity and access management technologies from various vendors as a practitioner at companies like Ingersoll-Rand and Ally Financial. We believe this recognition comes from our unceasing focus on providing world-class IT compliance and training solutions to organizations of all sizes.
Plug into an existing all-inclusive solution used by the most respected organizations in the world. In addition to eye-catching content, our courses include password construction simulations, phishing email simulations, Wi-Fi security simulations, and many more. Each of our courses is built from multiple modules, which we’ve pre-packaged for your convenience. We pride ourselves in fully customizing our content for our clients and producing an end product that is highly relevant and engaging for learners.

Settling for anything less could leave you locked into an inflexible solution that can’t meet your needs. We have delivered training to over 5 million users worldwide in 40+languages on PCs and Macs so you can be certain that our software is tested, mature and ready to go.
A perfect example is a phishing attack in which the attacker sends an email that looks just like something your bank might send, directs you to a website that looks like your banka€™s, and then asks for your login credentials. You can choose to deliver them in their default form or easily assemble the modules into custom courses tailored to specific audiences. We proudly include a highly experienced Implementation Manager to work with you every step of the way. Don’t get stuck with a high-bandwidth-only solution that doesn’t always load correctly or hogs network bandwidth when it does. In it, we develop strategy blueprints and roadmaps for IAM programs that allow clients to assess their current-state IAM capability maturity, identify their target-state, and develop a roadmap to close the gap.
The trick is that the website isna€™t your banka€™s -- it belongs to the fraudster and you could have figured this out if you only stopped, thought, and looked at the URL. All wea€™re asking for here is a sanity check a€“ do I know what website or app I am visiting, and do I trust them?
Make sure to use the strongest passwords on your financial sites including PayPal and your email. Don’t get caught going through a long procurement process, only to be stuck having to choose between delivering the same content all over again, or starting over from scratch. We provide a first, second, and third level tech support team with deep skills in eLearning, SCORM, AICC, LMS integrations, reporting, and everything else needed to ensure your program is a success. And finally, dona€™t forget to use hard-to-guess (or figure out) answers for a€?secreta€? questions.
This is how accounts get hijacked the most a€“ by guessing your doga€™s name is actually a€?Spikea€? (PS: I found that on your Facebook profile). Choose Inspired eLearning, the only security awareness content provider that’s NOT a one trick pony.

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