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Self-help books ebooks and audio books focusing on self-improvement, personal development, self-healing, hypnosis and autosuggestion.
Taking social networking to the next big level the fashion quintessential Sonam Kapoor has launched her own app. Offers free spiritual ebooks and lyrics for meditation and prosperity thinking, financial freedom, higher self esteem, and spiritual healing. Instruction and tips to help you in building self esteem and self confidence by knowing your self relevant or self-worth and change these negative thoughts and instill a more positive way of thinking in order to live a happy healthier life.

This is the Tamil translation of HOW TO HAVE CONFIDENCE AND POWER IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE by Les Giblin. There are many reasons that make it difficult to produce and hold on to positivity in your mind and attitude. In this book, the author who is a recognized expert in the field of human relations clearly explains the basic principles behind human behaviour.
The external information we receive is mainly negative, and our thoughts and conversations are based on this information.

He describes how individuals can interact for positive results that will work in their favour. This book will help you learn time-tested techniques and strategies for making a good first impression, improving listening and speaking skills, influencing others, managing people successfully.

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