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If you decide in the first 30 days that you don’t want to continue, return your uniform for a full refund.
Due to the popularity of our kids classes, our next intake of new students will be mid-2016.
We appreciate that kids activities can be expensive, and that kids won’t always make up their minds straight away.
Parents training in the kids classes train at kids prices and discounts are available for multiple family members doing karate. We are so confident that you’ll love karate that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your membership pack. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and offer a variety of different perspectives leading to a really well-rounded learning experience.
The students are very friendly and welcoming and as a new comer made me feel extremely welcome and at home. Catherine started learning karate when she was 12 years old, mostly because her little brother was doing karate and she didn’t want him to be able to beat her up!
In 2004, Catherine attended a karate seminar on Norfolk Island and graded to black belt, and in 2005 moved to Canberra to take up a graduate job at the Department of Treasury, and in the same year started Tora Shotokan Karate-Do Canberra as an after work hobby. From there Tora Canberra grew until, in 2014, Catherine leased a warehouse in Dickson for the karate club and left her public service in order to devote more time to karate. Catherine is a Martial Arts Australia accredited instructor and is registered under the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011. If you have done a style of traditional Shotokan Karate, Tora Shotokan will likely be somewhat familiar. We do not have a dedicated beginners class, as we believe that it is beneficial to train with a variety of people and to watch and train with more experienced karate-ka (karate students).
We run several beginners courses each year, which for some people provides a more comfortable environment to start training.
As you progress through the ranks, from around purple belt, it is recommended that you attend a minimum of three classes per week. If you have a question and it's not covered here, please email us, and we'll get back to you. There is a unique etiquette and culture attached to karate training, which is as much a part of karate as punching and kicking. Let your sensei know if you have any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your training that day. As you enter the door of the dojo, face shomen (the front) and bow to the kamiza (shrine) then face the training floor and bow to sensei and the black belts who are there.
At the beginning of training, it is to mentally arrive at class, leaving behind your day at work or school, family, stress, and bringing yourself into a state to be totally focussed on your training. If you arrive late and the class is engaged in the bow for the start of class, stand still and quiet until the bow has finished.
To join a class that has started, kneel in seiza at the entrance to the training area, bow to shomen then bow to sensei. Unless you have been unwell or have a medical condition, do not eat or drink during class unless sensei gives permission.
If you are injured or are feeling unwell during training, let your sensei know immediately. See if anything needs attention around the dojo, eg vacuuming the floor, putting any equipment away. Steve Sensei also trained with Taiji Kase Sensei a number of times when Kase Sensei visited Australia. In January 2014, Steve Sensei was graded to 7th dan by a panel of senior Tora students, witnessed by Les Elliot Shihan and Johnny Koay Sifu.

The Hobart dojo is running under the guidance of Ana Xepapas Sensei and Terry Walker Sensei.
The three instructors all trained with Steve Sensei in Hobart and subsequently moved to Canberra, and graded to 3rd dan together in 2012. Canberra's own branch of the worldwide phenomenon that is improvised theatre (aka impro or improv). Short courses run quarterly at very reasonable prices with modules suitable for beginners to experts. Throughout the year, The Street Theatre hosts performances by Impro Theatre ACT, just like the one pictured above.
Once a year, Impro Theatre ACT hosts the Canberra Impro Theatre Challenge, with substantial prize money on offer for visiting improvisers brave enough to take us on! Our last Challenge attracted the best performers from all over Australia, world champions, and world-first big-screen live internet interactive improvisation with Canada.
DantaDanta is MACIa€™s original sports martial art where competitors use a stick and shield. WeaponsMACI offers traditional weapons courses, including long and short staff, nunchaku, cane and knife.
Our friendly Master originates from South Korea and has over 30 years experience in studying and teaching various martial arts, predominantly Hapkido. His benevolent nature presents peace and harmony yet he possesses a formidable arsenal of techniques. The Martial Arts College International (MACI) is a Martial Arts organisation dedicated to teaching excellence in Self-Defence, Fitness and Discipline to improve personal development, health and well being to all ages. We teach self-confidence, focus, self-discipline, courtesy and teamwork in a fun environment. I'm interested in taking the Magic Moves School of Dance Classes - Jazz Ballet course and have some questions about getting started. By sending this message, you accept the doMore Terms of Service, and agree to receive communications from doMore, Teachers responding to your requests, and the training provider you are contacting.
With years of experinece in various dance styles we offer a range of classes such as; Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Funk, Ballet, Creative Kinder dance. Zumba® is a new fitness workout which has been developed in America and is hitting the world by storm. All classes begin with a gentle stretch; you learn some basic steps and then develop them into the combinations and routines whilst getting your heart pumping. Come and exercise by yourself, in a group, bring your friends work with our supporting staff.
Zumba® with your bub, they can sit or sleep in their pram up the back of our studio or lye on a mat close to you while you Zumba® We understand it is hard to do a fitness class now that a baby is in your life so bring them along. Twinkle toes dance classes at the The Expose Dance Centre are geared to the prep aged children. Ballet dance clases at The Expose Dance Centre are a very formal and strict type of performance dance class. We've created an easy way for teachers, schools, and students to connect and find one another. Our free trial program allows kids to try a few classes before you have to commit to the cost of regular training. Almost immediately, she was hooked by the grace and balance of karate and the self-confidence that it gave her.
Catherine also has a current Provide First Aid qualification and is a qualified massage therapist.
However, every style has slightly different emphasis, so you will also find that some of what we do is quite different to what you have done before.

For other styles, your first grading will be to an appropriate rank within the Tora Shotokan system. The 10 week, 20 class program is structured to teach everything that you need to know for the first grading (9th kyu). This is not essential, but at this rank there is a lot to learn, and your progress will be significantly faster if you train three times each week.
We do not place a minimum amount of time on black belt, but it usually takes at least 3 years for someone with no prior martial arts experience. Line up facing shomen, with the senior students on the right and the junior students on the left. To end your training, to leave behind whatever has happened at training, and ready your mind to re-enter your life outside karate.
If moving around when other students are lined up, walk behind them: to walk in front is to challenge them. Do not leave the dojo without letting your sensei know what is happening – it is both impolite and potentially dangerous. Audiences are in stitches as they thrill to the bravery of actors performing dozens of short spontaneous scenes or a longer form musical or play that is completely improvised. He has strong affiliations with Hapkidoa€™s largest organisation a€“ the Korea Hapkido Federation which ensures purity and unity for our college. There are roughly 4000 techniques covered throughout the original Hapkido curriculum, which when intuitively combined can create thousands of variations. Learning Hapkido skills, students can have the self-confidence and strength to better deal with bullies.
By beginning to teach, one will begin to learn alot more about themselves and double the speed of their learning.
We understand if you need a second to bob down and put a dummy in or talk to them while you jig! It is easy to get along with instructors and students alike, and you'll find you fit right in. Tora has had students start training in their mid-60s and students who could barely reach their knees let alone their toes. Your first grading is to 9th kyu, designated by a yellow belt with a white stripe along its full length. If possible, go into a change room or around a corner so other students are not distracted. The club later became part of SKAA (now SKIA), headed by Frank Nowak Sensei, and affiliated with SKIF, Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke's organisation.
Master Ryoo is commended by many Korean and Australian martial artists alike for constructing a traditional, professional and effective training curriculum for all ages! Even an experienced martial artist of any style is sure to learn a wealth of knowledge at MACI. Karate allows you to work at a pace and level appropriate to you and your body, but encourages you to push yourself within your limits. Steve Sensei trained under Nowak Sensei for many years, grading to 4th dan in 1991 shortly before Nowak Sensei’s death. We are aim to teach the students to learn the self-control to resolve problems as peacefully as possible. Your fitness will increase, skills will be polished and you will be a role model within the martial arts community.

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