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When you have high self-confidence, you are able to take risks and face new challenges with an open mind that will help you achieve your personal goals.  You believe in yourself that you will succeed and that you can make things happen.
On the other hand, when you have low self-confidence, you are afraid of taking risks and this prevents you from grabbing opportunities that will help you achieve things in your life. Hence, even if you desire to be a better person in the future with a lot of achievements, you cannot take a step to reach that stage in your life.  You are blocking yourself from reaching your dreams. There is a difference between being highly confident and over confident.  High-confidence enables you do the right things to achieve success.
However, if you have too much confidence or are over-confident, this will lead you to frustration.
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Let’s face it; if you want to succeed at anything, you need to have a certain level of confidence. The first thing you need to do is to identify where you need more confidence, and where you don’t. Confidence will make or break your self-esteem, your ability to communicate and your opportunities for success in life. If you think that lack of confidence may be holding you back, consider the following confidence gaining strategies.
Low self-esteem can predispose you in developing a mental disorder, mental disorder can in turn deliver a huge knock to your self-esteem. If you have healthy self-esteem, your beliefs about yourself will generally be positive.
Difficult life events: Difficult experiences such as long-term illness, death of someone close to you, being unemployed, discouraging relationship can lower your confidence, particularly if you experience several difficult events over a short period of time. Difficult childhood experiences: This includes negative experiences in childhood such as bullying, family relationships, having hard time at school can particularly damage your confidence levels.
Stress and experience pressure: If you are constantly under lot of stress and finding it hard to cope up, this can lead to feelings of low self-worth.
Negative thinking patterns: Negative thinking patterns reinforce low self-esteem, such as constantly comparing yourself to others, feeling jealous. Loneliness and social isolation: If you have limited social contacts with others, or find it hard to maintain relationships with other people, this can lead to poor self-image.
Abuse, trauma: Trauma, physical, sexual or psychological abuse or bullying can all lead to feelings of guilt and low self-worth. Low self-esteem can cause people to develop bizarre behaviors as a way of coping, such as forming damaging relationships, taking drugs or drinking too much. This often causes problems in the long-term and makes life more difficult, which can lead to mental health problems. Some mental problems such as eating problems, social phobia and depression, involve developing negative thinking patters about yourself.
Negative thinking patters associated with low self-confidence, such as assuming you will fail at things you do, can develop over time and lead to depression and anxiety.
In order to gain self-confidence, you need to challenge and change the negative beliefs you have about yourself. Looking after your physical health can help you feel happier and healthier, which helps to gain your self-confidence. Physical activity releases endorphins – “the feel good hormones” that can help improve your mood.

Eating a well-balanced diet at regular real times with plenty of water will help you to feel healthier and happier. Stopping or reducing your alcohol intake, avoiding tobacco, drugs can also help improve your general wellbeing. If you set yourself goats and work towards achieving them, you will feel satisfied and proud of yourself when you achieve your goal and feel more positive.
Techniques like, meditation, breathing and yoga have been shown to help people become more aware of their thoughts and feelings.
This allows you to do things that will direct you towards reaching your dreams and being the person you want to become.
You are doubtful about your skills and capabilities and your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Instead of taking on huge goals, break your goals down into smaller goals that are more attainable. Let’s say, for example, that you are afraid of public speaking, and you need to get over that to succeed.
Failure then leads to decreased confidence, which leads to failure, which leads to… well you can see it’s a vicious circle. You just need to succeed at something to start lifting yourself up, and break out of the failure->lack of confidence cycle.
Whether you want to succeed in business, creative endeavors, fitness, weight loss, or family, you need to have confidence.
It also helps us realise that, we will be fine regardless of the ups and downs we face in our life. Confront your fears: There’s nothing that destroys self-confidence more than succumbing to fear.
Being calm: For every situation in life you need to run on the appropriate level of emotion. You may experience difficult times in your life, but you will be able to deal with these without them having too much of a long-term negative impact on you.
Think about where you feel you have some natural ability, or things that you have always wanted to try.
You can get past the self-elected barriers in your thinking, overcome your fears and adopt effective new strategies to transform your life. In today’s world of competition, confidence isn’t just an asset, but it’s a survival.
For the realist, it will not change the fact that the glass only contains half of its capacity, but it will change your appreciation and bring more pleasure than fear while drinking it. Because when you have too much confidence, you neglect the simple things necessary to be done to prepare for the pursuit of your success. Awareness of your strengths and weakness as well as your ability to achieve things will help you to understand where you are now as a person.  This will also help to determine what actions you can take to help develop a higher level of self-confidence if necessary. Sadly, this does not happen overnight, but it can happen quickly once you get the momentum going.
Start doing whatever it takes to achieving these small goals and work towards your bigger goal.
Everyone feels fear at various time, however facing circumstances with courage and can help to gain self-confidence. Whatever you do, it is important that you feel confident and supported in your role, and the balance between you work and your home life feels right for you.

It is always a better choice to remember the positive moments of life and ignore the negative shades of life. It is not what you try to achieve that is not working but how you are doing it.THIS IS A BLANK LINE.
It is more rewarding to feel good for having something than feeling afraid of loosing it.THIS IS A BLANK LINE. You are thinking you can do everything, and when you are not able to do it, you will find yourself angry, upset, possibly depressed and on the verge of giving up. One thing you do not want to do is dwell on your past failure, but use your past successes to motivate you. Some habits may need to be broken and some habits may need to be adopted if you want to learn how to build self confidence. Once you get into the habit of achieving small goals, you will start to gain momentum and challenges will not seem so difficult in the future. You need to identify, however, the areas of life where you need to be confident in order to succeed. If you lack confidence in cooking a good meal, that certainly won’t matter to your speaking ability.
This needs to be a goal that you cannot achieve at this time, but it also needs to be achievable with a little bit of work.
Build on those successes and you will find yourself gaining confidence in all areas of your life.
You can make great strides towards confidence when you begin to relax yourself. Confident people inspire confidence in others. Whatever, you feel low confidence in you, think of your awards and rewards, achievements you gained in the past. Therefore, you need to be able to trust you own capacities, knowledge and competencies in order to feel secure and reassured that you will make the right decisions and take the right actions in your life. Anything, from learning a new skill to public speaking at a toastmaster meeting or going alone to a party…pick your own.
A key ingredient to your success is your resourcefulness not just the availability of external resources.
You need to identify where you need to gain confidence, and where lack of confidence doesn’t matter. Once you have confidence and success, then you can start helping those who lack confidence themselves. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. Set yourself a realistic time frame, and then determine what you need to in order to succeed. Before you take on a new task, try to stir up the emotions of how you felt when you achieved that thing in the past and use that to motivate you.

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