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Self-empowerment is about improving your Mindset and point of view on life.  We all need some inspiration from time to time and personal development is a part of improving yourself so you can achieve the dreams you have set out for yourself. The first video is from Tony Robbins as he discusses what leaders do to develop their leadership skills. The second video is from Robert Kiyosaki as he discusses the psychology of winning and how to never give up.
The third video is from Zig Ziglar as he talks about evaluating where you are and how to succeed while having a life. These videos should help inspire you to take massive action and begin to change your life so you can achieve the dreams you have set out for yourself. If you are ready to unleash that creative drive and begin an opportunity that can help you own your time and own your life, for more information click here. If you enjoyed this post visit my Facebook fan page for additional motivation quotes, videos and images which are updated daily. Empowerment -- the act of investing oneself with more authority and control over one's path -- is a vitally important process that I teach and explore every day as a career transformation coach. An empowered life has a completely different quality from one that's fraught with hopelessness and resentment. The word EMPOWER means to promote the self-actualization or influence of.  The topic of self-empowerment offers many solutions to the problems our society faces today. Gaining an awareness of how to empower yourself helps you to feel more balanced, healthy and powerful!

He states that “we feel our most powerful when we are aligned with our values and act upon them. Enhance your skills in an area of weakness of where you desire to strengthen your skills to gain confidence. Take action steps in the direction of your desired goal and accomplish them, make sure the steps to get their are achievable so that you are successful! Soul Connector Michelle Alva, Holistic Physical Therapist and Intuitive Healer, is a woman on a mission to uplift our world and remind us of our essential nature, that we ARE love.
Michelle creates a sacred space where clients learn how to easily and effectively release and process old repressed physical and emotional traumas and tensions. Michelle's passion is expressing her mission through videos, writings, her blog, one-on-one emotional release bodywork session, retreats and professional speaking.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. When we act upon what feels true for us, we strengthen trust within and become better able to trust others.
She does this by integrating her over 20 year background sharing an approach that unites modern science with ancient wisdom and includes yoga therapy, belly dance, massage, emotional release bodywork, PSYCH-K®, Therapeutic Touch® and Sound Therapy.
She intuitively guides us through a process that leaves us feeling lighter, connected, fully alive and aligned to your true, authentic essence! She is a catalyst for individuals to heal, de-stress, energize and align with their authentic self.

Living from a place of seeing everyone and everything as holy and sacred brings a sense of magic and enrichment to your everyday life.
Identify your top 5 values from this list to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. The choices that we make in every moment either empower us or dis-empower us, they strengthen us or weaken us. Michelle has created a “life fulfillment enhancement program” for women to embrace and embody their wholeness called Sexy, Sacred Sensual You. Meditation is a one pointed focus activity that brings us into the present moment awareness. Learning how to breathe with your diaphragm calms your nervous system and reduces the mental chatter. Guided Meditations To BE The Love We Wish To See In The World" to create a new mindset for each one of us to BE an embodiment of uplifting change on our planet. This practice facilitates mental clarity so we may access our intuition and higher knowing, our spirit and true essence. This new space of awareness brings us new ideas and ways of solving problems from a new found perspective.

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