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Q: Why is it your dream to study motivation and set up the Motivation in Educational Research Lab? Even though I was the worst of the worst, my principal believed in me and did not give up on me. I was educated in the Chinese stream, so I studied Chinese as a first language and English as a second language. I eventually earned a place in Loughborough University. I studied hard when I was in England and became the top student of my programme. Currently, we’re doing a project that looks at low-achieving students, or the bottom 15% of the cohort in Math. Today, we want our students to enjoy the process of learning, and not look at learning as a chore.
Essentially, if we want to motivate a person, we’ve got to look at specific skills that we need to build on.
We had to be very creative if we wanted to create an environment where students could concentrate.
Q: Do you think our understanding of motivation has improved since the time when you became a teacher?

Yeah, definitely there is more research showing us the way to motivate ourselves and our students. If we talk about teacher education in NIE, we really need to imbue in student teachers the belief that every child can learn and instil in them a zest for learning.
Our beliefs and drive can determine our destiny, perhaps more so than the abilities we were born with. The project aims to firstly, examine the cognitive and motivational characteristics of unmotivated students in the Normal stream, and secondly, find ways to increase motivation and academic performance of these students. By managing their self-beliefs and achievement goals, teachers can transform the passive and academically disinterested students in the classroom into active, self-directed learners.
In sports, mental strength is one of the most obvious factors in achieving peak performance. When we go for an exam or a competition, if we are too anxious and think negative thoughts, that will affect our performance but again we don’t teach our students and athletes how to relax!
I believe mental-skills training has a part to play when we are trying to bring out the best in ourselves or our students.
We have learned that human beings have innate psychological needs and we have inner resources to motivate ourselves. These values will determine, to a large extent, their commitment and will to constantly seek opportunities to better their teaching practice and to motivate and bring out the best in their students.
The distorted symbols cannot be read by computer programs which are used for mass-collect email addresses and any customer information. But today, he is a leading researcher in learner motivation and also founded a research lab in NIE. I still remember it was during the first year in junior college when I did badly in all my subjects. In the same way, having high self-confidence is very important but we seldom teach students how to build self-confidence. I do remember that at the beginning of Math lessons, I would get my students to do some breathing exercises, just to quieten down their thoughts.

I had to deliberately plan a lot of interesting games, such using playing cards to teach Math to keep them engaged. As teachers, we must focus on how we can create classroom environments that can fulfil our students’ innate needs so that they can harness their own resources to motivate themselves.
His areas of research include motivational and emotional aspects of physical activity and exercise. A print version is also published by the National Institute of Education and supported by Marshall Cavendish Education. I started to attend lessons regularly and worked hard to overcome my weak foundation in the subjects. We can train ourselves and our students in certain thought processes to navigate these situations. If students are able to focus, they will feel more confident about themselves and that will motivate them. His recent publications have been on sport ability beliefs, achievement goals, intrinsic motivation, emotion, and self-esteem. I wanted to teach and share with student teachers, not merely content knowledge on sport psychology, but about motivation: how to motivate and get the best out of a person. I’m going to drive the train and I want all of them to be on board the train, so that even if I’m moving at a high speed, they’re following me. He is an established researcher in the areas of achievement goal theory and self-determination theory. We can be well prepared for an exam, but if we panic when we enter the exam hall, we will not perform at our best. I did not know it then but what I was trying to do was to link mental-skills training to motivation.

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