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The 7DTJ (7 Days Transformational Journey) program is a dynamic experience workshop that journeys through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.
The program brings out two faces of personality development that essentially matter : psychological and spiritual growth.
Developing self-awareness brings about a paradigm shift in you to transform your thoughts, perceptions and the interpretations that you make. For the past 25 years, the 7-Day Transformational Journey has helped more than 40,000 people to change their perception and understand the underlying mechanism for healthy relationships within and without. Experiential Learning with Self Awareness – an unique opportunity to learn from your own experience, discover your inner self and understand what works for you.
Come and join us for any one of the evenings to learn more about self-awareness and how it can help to empower your life to the next higher level and chart your life’s course ahead of you! Unlock the hidden powers of your mind in this complete course by remote viewing master Stephan Schwartz. Through the techniques of remote viewing you will open yourself to an aspect of your own consciousness, that most people hardly know exists. Ride the wave of awakening and break free from the 24 Abundance Blocks holding you back with the Unlimited Abundance home training program. Experience the revolutionary audio technology developed by consciousness engineers that evolves your practice in 3 unique ways. Stop Chasing The Pot of Gold At The End of The Rainbow a€“ The Proven a€?One-Two Puncha€? Formula To Skyrocket Your Wealth-Attracting Abilities Is Now In Your Hands.
Experience dramatically more prosperity & wealth with the Prosperity Program a€“ the hugely popular course designed to turn you into an unstoppable money magnet. Unclog a flow of wealth, abundance and possibility into your life by clearing self-limiting beliefs you didn't know you had.
Abundance for Life is a program that helps uncover the hidden beliefs that keep us from achieving our dreams.
Bob Proctor a€“ one of Americaa€™s leading authorities in wealth and abundance a€“ believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover your true potential. Train Your Mind With The 4 Keys To Mindfulness, & Start Living Life In A Perpetual State of Positive Awareness. Introducing NeuroTuning, a breakthrough combination of proven Silva meditation techniques & cutting-edge neuroscience.
Eckhart Tolle, New York Times bestselling author, invites you to continue your journey into the Now in this in-depth spiritual retreat that transforms suffering into uninterrupted deep peace and bliss. In the follow-up course to Entering the Now, profound spiritual teacher and New York Times bestselling author Eckhart Tolle guides you deeper into awakening and realizing the true power of Now within your every cell. Journey with Vasavi Kumar, a certified life coach, best-selling author and speaker, on her proven 5-week roadmap to get what you want a€“ even in the face of fear. Give yourself the gift of empowerment, take charge of your life and live the beautiful life you are envisioned to live with a powerful step-by-step empowerment program by Integrated Ascended Master Expert, Gloria Excelsias. Panache delivers the most powerful, energetic invitation to live a life of authenticity, joy and peace, to rediscover purpose and passion, and to believe from your soul in the possibility of all things. Eckhart Tolle, New York Times bestselling author, invites you to eavesdrop on an in-depth spiritual retreat that transforms suffering into uninterrupted deep peace and bliss. Eckhart Tollea€™s philosophy and guidance of living in the moment has touched over 8 million lives, garnering fans to the likes of Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Walk with Eckhart Tolle on a serene meditation path and explore your highest purpose in life.
Profound spiritual teacher and New York Times bestselling author Eckhart Tolle invites you to escape dogma and erroneous belief, find your true Being in the Now, and join the consciousness revolution of your highest purpose.
This was years ago when the cards were printed on gray card stock and cut into rectangles by hand, most were crooked and they even had typos. I simply took people’s handwriting sample, went back to the cot in my cabin and I compared the strokes in their writing to the strokes on the page. The first book I wrote is called the Handwriting Analysis for Love, Sex, & Reationships. No matter how far we grow intellectually, financially or professionally, if we do not grow psychologically and spiritually, we will not be able to live a balanced life. It allows you to better understand and manage your emotions, reactions, personality and behaviour.
The 7-Day Transformational Journey is based on an experiential approach towards living your life to the fullest. Shocked Him By Creating Immense Joy, Empowerment And Abundance In His Life Almost Instantly. Join them on this introductory journey to enter the Now, so you can leave behind chaos and suffering, and experience a state of serenity and grace. Although, some people consider the behavior of an introvert very similar to the person who is emotionally withdrawn. The program reconnects us with the powerful healing energy of the heart, setting our spirit free. Today, a successful life is measured by the underlying strength of a healthy and joyful psychological and spiritual life. This group of programs will help you unleash your full potential and create a reality where you are the owner of your experience in this world.

Ross’ intention was never to be a professional handwriting analyst, like your intention may be. Secrets To Creating Chemistry Using NLP How to Earn $100 or More Analyzing Handwriting in your Spare Time. An extrovert is similar to emotional responsiveness, but there are some distinctions, and those distinctions relate to how people express their feelings rather than just how they interact in a group, like an introvert or an extrovert. It is like having a periscope to know what to look for if people start acting weird, or if you have money on the line.
The method that is used by the master to lift us up to this highly necessary awareness is unique in the sense that Eastern and Western techniques are combined for added effectiveness. Whether it is a working or personal relationship, it can be very challenging at times to handle if we are not aware of the dynamism involved in its making. With These Long-Lost Eastern Secrets, Even a Hurricane Will Tickle Like A Breeze As You Effortlessly Manifest The Best Year of Your Life. Some of you will go on to become certified and make $100 or more per hour analyzing handwriting; perhaps even do radio or TV shows, like I do. Believe it or not, when I was fourteen years old, I was on my way to summer camp, and my Dad leaned over and said, “Hey, write down a sample of your handwriting. My parents moved around a lot and although I always had an outgoing personality, I was never popular. Transforming the interpretations of your mind strengthens your emotions and brings about a more positive attitude towards life. But the best thing happened the last day of the camp, after I had analyzed just about everyone. Take stock of your emotions, remove mental blocks with self-awareness to enhance both interpersonal and intra-personal relationships is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. He just wanted to have fun with it, and if that’s your intention then you are in the right place.
Because this little deck of cards will get you more attention than any amount of money you spend on clothes, drinks, nose jobs, or flashing a wad of $100 bills.
Take out the Grapho-Deck, go out to a bar or a party and just start talking to one or two people who are willing to have their handwriting analyzed. With this little deck of cards and this short booklet you hold in your hand, you are going to learn to analyze handwriting to such a degree, people are going to think you are an expert.
The fact remains that people are, you see, enthralled with handwriting because they love it when you talk about them. It’s usually found on capital letters, but sometimes it can be found in other letters. And, actually, they’re probably going to think that you know a little bit more about them than they really want you to know. Open the Grapho-Deck Cards and hold them in your hands as you read the rest of this manual so you can learn some of the individual traits that will make you as popular as my crazy friend Ross.
When you’re looking to meet someone special, you will notice how easy it becomes using the Grapho-Deck.
So an ambivert is someone who gets along equally well with expressive people (even manic depressive types) and really logical, poised people.
Now I used to believe it was impossible to train somebody (with no prior experience) to do handwriting in 10 minutes or less, but I was wrong. The emotionally responsive person is one of my favorite ones to talk about, because they’re so dramatic.
Ross came by my house one day when I had just finished creating this thing called The Grapho-Deck. You don’t want to be around someone who is severely jealous, because no matter what you do they always feel like someone is threatening their love interest. Kelly, blonde and bubbly, says, “Yesterday, he looked at my writing, and he knew things about me that NO ONE knows, not even my best friend. It was a lot of fun and I always ended up being friends or dating the people I wanted to because they got to know me in a very informal, non-assertive way.
What you don’t want to do, is go into mass detail on the slant at this point because, without knowing all five slants and without understanding how to measure them using the emotional gauge, you could make mistakes and errors. Well, whether they ever express that temper or not depends on which one of the three cards, or which one of the 5 slants, they really are.
And that’s when you start getting more sophisticated and stacking traits on top of traits. One interesting example of printing, which we use to illustrate in the Home Study Course, is O.J. And when you see his handwriting sample, you will realize that he definitely has some violent tendencies and much more. Printing doesn’t make him bad, but it does reveal his inability to express his emotions easily. That is going to be the most significant personality trait, look at the cards and compare the traits.
Whereas, a writer with a heavy rightward slant, if you’re only half right, is going to be crying and yelling and screaming and getting all excited. They express their feelings very spontaneously, and they FEEL a wider range of emotions than the rest of us.

Now, through the magic of CDs, video tapes, books, and of course The Internet, students are able to take courses from any country in the world. It’s like if someone walked up and their hair was 6 inches tall, purple, and spiked, you would notice that first.
So whatever part of their handwriting is jumping out, that’s what you want to look at first and if it is jumping out, it probably has a specific meaning.
Simply look for the most obvious traits, boom, boom, boom, probably just 3 of them and then I talk about the slant for a little while. People think I know everything about them; when in fact, I really am just describing four simple traits that you can easily learn from my deck of cards.
Walker’s textbook is so good, we even use it in our current handwriting analysis home study course. Chapter Six: How you can turn a simple hobby into a lucrative part-time job When I first started, like you are today, I had no intention of making a career of this, at least not at first. Looked at the kind of jobs my friends had when they graduated and decided the idea of a real job looked less and less appealing. Now when I was really young and just analyzing handwriting, I never intended to be famous, do radio and TV shows, or to make over $150 an hour. I understood why other people behaved the way they did and instead of being angry because someone didn’t talk to me or because someone was mean to me, I had empathy and sympathy for them.
Because if someone had a big loop on their d, I knew that they were sensitive to criticism. And that at some point they felt that they were being criticized and their defense was to lash out and be defensive. Please send just $10 (administration cost) and a page of your handwriting to the Grapho-Analytics Institute of Handwriting Analysis, for a professional analysis.
And it really changed my life because I can now understand and really affectionately care about others, without holding my ego on my sleeve and worrying about my tender pride.
Because of the overwhelming response, I was forced to write a computer program on my Macintosh that contains the most common traits. I had each 8 page analysis down to less than 30 minutes each, including licking the envelope.
I calculated I was only making about $20 bucks an hour, but it was good marketing experience. Open the enclosed envelope with special Upgrade Offers so you can get the self-improvement benefits of the Grapho-Therapy Workbooks. It’s pretty neat to be able to produce a long, written analysis from any Internet accessible computer in the world in less than 10 minutes. After the successful $10 analysis ad campaign, I placed a small ad in the local newspaper for a higher price. Chapter Four: It May Surprise You How Valid The Science of Handwriting Analysis Really Is When I first started learning handwriting analysis.
I mean, these doctors spend eight years going to school, and here I am, just a handwriting expert.
In the last one hundred years, the researchers have sifted through the theories and now agree on the 100+ universal traits.
These traits are the same in English, Italian, French and the strokes are even very similar in Hebrew and Russian. Of course, I’ve only been doing this a little over a decade, but there are some people who have been doing it professionally for over 30 years.
Phyllis Mattingly, who you will learn about in the Home Study Course, started when she was 50 years old.
Corporations Worldwide Are Using It I recently saw a TV news story about the credibility of handwriting analysis, (I think it was NBC’s Nightline). I was just 20 years old, I got paid $75 for half an hour’s worth of work, and it was to a psychologist who needed some relationship counseling.
And The Wall Street Journal stated that in the country of France, over 80% of the top 500 companies use handwriting analysis to screen prospective employees.
So people usually just fax me 3 or 4 samples and I get on the phone with them and I charge them $100 or so. I teach you step by step and even give you a computer program to do comprehensive written analyses.) Police Catch Criminals Screening prospective employees is really only one of many ways you can make money with this.
A student called me recently and told me one of his very best friends, a detective, was trained by his police force to analyze handwriting.
So when they got handwriting samples of suspects, (suicide notes, ransom notes, and signatures), they could get inside their minds, because really, in criminal behavior, understanding a criminal’s mind was the most important piece to predicting their next move.
The home study course includes handwriting samples of murderers, thieves, and politicians for you to study and learn these same patterns.
Customs and Intelligence Agents Another story that interested me was from the US Customs Service. If the handwriting revealed he was an unethical scumbag, he would pull them aside and check their bags extra carefully.

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