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With low self-esteem comes not humbleness and humility, but rather self-loathing or arrogance. Humility becomes possible with high self-esteem, because there is no fear of being revealed to be imperfect. I believe that the main factor that determines whether a person will respond to a situation with low or high self-esteem is fear. It has a lot of baggage from well-meaning but misguided school initiatives, 70s pop psychology, and general conceptual fuzziness.

This usually leads to an inappropriate and exaggerated emotional response, and self-defeating or even self-destructive behavior. At best, it does nothing, and at worst, it encourages narcissism or makes them confused as to what actually constitutes a good job.
Low self-esteem discourages a person from complimenting others, because he or she is afraid of being compared to them and coming up short.
There is no flipping between two extremes, because high self-esteem is a point of stability.

They do the best they reasonably can, and consider excellence, not perfection, to be good enough.

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