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As of this past summer we have a new article in press at the journal Contemporary Educational Psychology, and we will give an overview of the study which was conducted at adult education centers. This practical handbook offers a wealth of fun and easy-to-learn games carefully chosen to help build and maintain self-esteem. For group members to increase self-esteem by recognizing the positive traits that exist in each other.
People who could benefit from hearing positive comments about themselves in order to improve their own self-esteem. 3.  Did anyone give any ideas for the a word that you would use to describe yourself ? This activity is about giving your understanding of others to them and learning how others see you through the exchange of thoughtful gifts. To build relations among group members through positive interactions and to increase self-esteem by receiving thoughtful gifts from others.

People with low self-esteem who could benefit from being thoughtful and nice towards others.
If the group is large, assign each person a select number of group members to create a gift for, or break the large group into smaller group. In the school context in particular, such concerns and distractions can undermine confidence and interfere with performance. Thinking of new words from A to Z that are descriptive of the people we know is the purpose of this game, and with added competition it's lots of fun.
For added fun and competition you may give each team a point for every word on their list that isn't on the other team's list. The giver expresses caring for the receiver by selecting something he or she feels would be appreciated. When giving the gifts, the giver should explain what the gift is and why she or he chose to give that particular gift to the individual.

We therefore attempted to train a particular cognitive habit, of inhibiting thoughts of rejection, to see if this might help students deal with failure and social rejection. The best part, though, is getting to hear positive descriptive words about yourself at the end of this fast paced thinking game. The discussion may be held at the end of the game or hold a short discussion after each round. They were first trained using our computer game which was designed to help them practice disengaging from images of socially-threatening faces, and focusing their attention on socially-supportive faces.

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