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At Skiles Test Elementary, children receive a well-rounded education with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math - the stepping stones to the future. Thanks to the onsite Nature Center, students observe the natural changes that occur during each season. Become my student and receive a FREE diagnostic test for me to teach you how you learn best (auditory, visually or kinesthetically).
We teach you how you learn best: We give you a FREE diagnostic test to see if you are a prone to be an auditory, visual or kinestetic learner. We ask you your interests to see how we can incoporate what you like to the boring lesson you have to do for class.
The tutoring sessions are held at various Miami Dade College Campus or for an additional charge Tutoring can be done in your home. I enjoy teaching ESOL and citizenship because I can relate well with speakers of other languages who master English.
I don't know what it's like in your state, but testing season is creeping up fast in Pennsylvania! First off, I have to give a  HUGE SHOUT OUT to Gail, a School Counselor Blog reader, who shared a great idea for a test-taking slogan! I am a middle school counselor and founder of School Counselor Blog, a place where school counselors share innovative ideas, creative lessons, and quality resources! Herproject placed new and exciting instruction delivery in math, reading, history and science classrooms, supporting research which showed employing technology can also increase student self-esteem through the opportunity to learn in a variety of engaging and motivating ways. She planned on taking her Young Men of Honor to a Kidpreneurship Conference in Florida to learn about entrepreneurship. Focused on educating the whole child, she believed her project to create a DVD documentary for each student would improve test scores. Producing student writers who emerge as flourishing authors was a goal of his project, where students would read and write about historical figures. Believing that a child's self-esteem directly impacts student achievement, his project supported Thomasville Heights' fifth-graders' journey to middle school and their next levels of learning.

In alignment with the school district's initiative to improve the health and wellness of its students, she believed her project to install playground equipment would increase physical activity.
Her project to organize an advocacy campaign provided the framework for students to strengthen their research, public speaking, writing, teamwork and leadership skills.
She and her colleagues believed the integration of high quality educational software applications into the school inventory such as "Jump Start," "learning Shortcuts," and others would benefit all Capitol View students. She believed her project to embrace and utilize whiteboards in her math classes would be beneficial to her students by allowing them to take ownership of the concepts studied. Teachers respect each child’s learning style, nurture self-esteem and celebrate diversity.
The children maintain the vegetable, flower and butterfly gardens, as well as the creek, wetland and wildlife habitats. We improve the student's academic achievement and assist the student in becoming capable of independent academic success. If we teach it from left to right we expect your child to explain it to us not only by rote memorization but by higher order thinking.
I was so excited to finally get a chance this week to make a bulletin board to highlight test-taking tips!
I am a doctoral candidate in the Counselor Education and Supervision program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Baker believed his project, which used interactive technology, would enhance the learning environment, augment teachers' instructional methods and provide technology experiences while increasing student achievement.
By creating expectations for students to improve written work, express ideas, internalize objectives and showcase their strengths, their self-esteem will improve. Using various teaching methods to meet individual student needs, she employed project-based assessments, and school-wide benchmarks to help students excel. Students created "webfolios," which are portfolios of each student's accomplishments based on the principles of creativity, collaboration, cooperation and celebration. Additionally, students had the opportunity to make a positive impact on their communities by recognizing and embracing their rights as U.S.

At Skiles Test your child will develop into a technologically literate, caring citizen who is able to think analytically, ask questions to develop understanding, and use a variety of forms of technology. Skiles Test students begin each lesson with these basic questions and then work to understand the answer. Even the subjects of music and physical education are infused with STEM through creating digital music and recording and analyzing exercise data.
This means they will have to truly undestand the subject to teach the material back to us from right to left.
I also used some leftover yellow ribbon from another project as a finishing touch on the rocket!
Center, the Carter Center and Morehouse College to learn about three important Georgia role models. These concepts and more are interwoven into reading, writing, conducting research and hands-on experiences.
Skiles Test’s specialized STEM class and Discovery Zone create areas where students can create through computer programming and robotics, and also through exploration of the objects around them.
Get it?!)  I immediately loved it and thought it would be awesome to create a bulletin board with a rocket theme for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) test.
Students are given many opportunities throughout the day to ask questions about the world around them, and search for answers. Student learn to collaborate through project work, establishing a true community of learners that supports and encourages higher level thinking through engaging real-world experiences. The result: lifelong learners who are able to express themselves verbally and in writing and confident mathematicians with a deep understanding of the subject.

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