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Maybe put my word wall above my computers since I seem to be running out of bulletin board space. This fire safety lap book could be used as a unit on fire fighters or for home safety and creating a take home kit idea. This lesson teaches students how to make symmetrical designs and how to distinguish between vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry, and rotational symmetry. Geologic Fossil--representing the cast fossil type (when the negative space from the decayed animal is filled in with minerals.

Student Learning and Confidence can Skyrocket by Changing One Approach - Come learn this simple strategy that offers enormous benefits for teachers as well as their students!
I think this needs to be an every incident type of thing to encourage reflection and responsibility for actions with peers. Multiplication Task Cards and I love how she fills out a "celebrity math quiz." The students have to grade it and tell why the student got it wrong. Your students will learn the alphabet in so many ways: identify, match, sequence, sounds, etc.

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