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In this Spanish campaign for Wonderbra, Publicis Spain has disguised boxes containing Wonderbras in what appeared to be 'self-help books' focused on aspects of life such as relationships, furthering your career, and seduction techniques.
Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time. Below I’ve compiled a list of books that I’ve either read, want to read, or want to refer to (even if they’re not worth a close reading).
This book is especially strong on the influence of positive thinking on the business community, including the attitudes expected (required) of employees. Hochschild observed what it’s like when you must routinely express feelings you don’t have in order to stay employed (think airline stewardesses in 1983).
Kaminer critiques twelve-step meetings and the codependency concept, as well as authors such as M. The 60s and 70s saw “a quest for personal fulfillment, a pursuit of a free, gratified, unalienated self.” What happened in the sixties was certainly a prelude to the rampant popularity of self-help in the seventies. Self-help books are badly written, shallow, and ineffective, argues literary scholar Justman. Salerno is an investigative reporter and former editor of the books program for Men’s Health. This appears to be a reaction to the “human potential” movement at a time when it was still new – an early argument for what has become a common theme today: when we focus on changing the individual we ignore the larger social issues.

Starker is a psychologist, and this book is a serious study of the history of self-help literature. If you know of a book on the history of self-help that you’d recommend, please feel free to leave a comment.
Self Help Books Cartoons and ComicsSelf Help Books cartoon 1 of 159Dislike this cartoon?'It must be a problem of interpretation. The books, which appear to be real books with pages until unsuspecting shoppers open the cover, have been placed in bookstores and in shopping centers. Ehrenreich also gives her objections to the basic message of pink ribbon campaigns, informed by her own experience of breast cancer.
This book is not so much a history of self-help as an exploration of the cultural changes that self-help facilitates. Women in particular, she argues, seek self-improvement to compensate for economic insecurity. Here he collects essays on 18th and 19th century advice on disease, diet, exercise, sex, and mental health, as found in popular medical publications. Historically, Justman focuses on the sixties (“utopian”), humanism (Maslow), and anti-psychiatry (Laing). He begins with colonial America and concentrates on 20th century developments, including “the impact of scientific psychology and psychoanalysis upon the self-help literature of the 1920s.” From his vantage point in the late 1980s, he argued that we should not scornfully dismiss self-help as little more than pop culture.

This guy plants fake covers for imaginary self-help books on the shelves in a local book store. Although I never got around to writing about it, I’ve repeatedly recommended a great article by William Davies called The Political Economy of Unhappiness.
What she finds in self-help is authoritarianism and passivity, too much submission, and not enough independence.
Self-help overemphasizes independent agency at a time when communal resources would be preferable, but are less available. To bad it’s just the covers though, because I don’t know about you, but I would really like to know what he has to say about coping with a Centaur of a son! I knew that if I read about self-help I would want to write about it, and I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do that at The Health Culture. It’s about the responsibility of Britain’s National Health Service to keep workers happy, not for the benefit of employees, but to improve corporate efficiency.
If I were to do an in-depth study of the history of self-help, I would want to be familiar with these books.

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