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The Resurrection Project’s mission is to build relationships and challenge individuals to act on their faith and values by creating community ownership, building community wealth, and serving as stewards of community assets.
On November 12, 2012, Self-Help Federal Credit Union (Self-Help) and The Resurrection Project (TRP) were successful in acquiring 1,100 loans totaling $141 million of face value from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Self-Help and TRP partnered in this venture to ensure Second Federal’s mortgage portfolio would not be auctioned to predatory lenders and prospectors, which likely would have led to more foreclosures in Southwest side Chicago neighborhoods.
The communities served by the former Second Federal have been hit hard by the economic recession. According to the Center for Responsible Lending, communities of color are bearing the largest share of lost value with a drain of $1 trillion in home equity from minority neighborhoods. Martin Eakes, Self Help’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We plan to aggressively assist struggling homeowners to avoid foreclosures. In addition to the acquisition of the loans, Self-Help and TRP plan to set up a local community development credit union to provide sorely needed financial products at reasonable rates and drive out payday lenders and other predatory lenders from the local communities. Ed Wehmer, the CEO of Wintrust and parent company of Hinsdale Bank & Trust which acquired the Second Federal deposits earlier in the year, stated that “Wintrust continues to focus on serving our communities. The Resurrection Project is one of Chicagoland’s most successful community development organizations. Self-Help has focused on home loans to families of color for more than 25 years in North Carolina and California.
The nonprofit Center for Community Self-Help (or Self-Help) combines several organizations that together provide financing, technical support, consumer financial services and advocacy for those left out of the economic mainstream. We help borrowers nationwide build wealth by providing fair and responsible loans to businesses, consumers and prospective homebuyers.
We strengthen under-served communities by financing nonprofits, child care centers, community health facilities, public charter schools, and residential and commercial real estate projects. We provide responsible financial services through our network of state- and federally-chartered credit unions.
Over time we have demonstrated that low-income borrowers pose no greater credit risk than other borrowers.
The Center is a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that develops and coordinates Self-Help's programs, raises resources, and advocates for economic opportunity. Self-Help Credit Union is a member-owned, federally insured, state-chartered credit union in North Carolina. Self-Help Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, federally chartered and federally insured credit union. The Ventures Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) loan fund capitalized with loans and grants from foundations, religious organizations, corporations, and government sources.
The Center for Responsible Lending is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan research and policy affiliate.
There’s a national movement to make sure the nation’s financial advisors look like the clients they serve. No charges will be filed against the white Raleigh police officer who shot and killed a young black man he was trying to arrest back in February. Thousands of documentary film-lovers are in Durham this week for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.  Close to 100 films from around the world will be featured, but one film in particular hits close to home.
The shooting deaths of black men by white police officers over the past few years has brought about much tension in city neighborhoods across the country.
Trying to find the best path to success can be tough for students who don’t have enough support at home or at school.  This has been found to be true in many rural school districts, across the state, including Vance County.
The path from cradle to college and career has been especially hard for young Black men.  Nationally, Black males have a lower high school graduation rate than White males and Hispanic males. Public and private funds are now all accounted for to guarantee the new RDU to Paris flight takes off on time. Some teachers and schools administrators say one of the biggest obstacles to success for public school students in rural communities is poverty.  And research shows if you are poor, you have a good chance of being overlooked for gifted, honors or advanced classes. Many of North Carolina’s rural school districts sit in the middle of communities with struggling economies resulting in high unemployment rates, poverty rates and high school dropout rates. On a June morning this summer, a small group was working on a 16-by-16 plot of urban farm land in Southeast Raleigh when a fight broke out.
Akiba Byrd, a civic activist and entrepreneur, was supervising three youth and an intern on the farm that morning. But each time he looked back at the youth on the farm, they remained heads down, completely absorbed in their work. Were I in that locker room after the end-of-game jersey-swaps and given the chance to address the players, I would say job well done. Here’s a matrix from the 2001 book, Winning Decisions, meant for business but maybe better suited for sports. Last week I met a group of young professionals in a downtown Raleigh coffee shop to discuss an exciting new foundation.
For a time our conversation centered around a recent essay by Anthea Watson Strong called The Three Levers of Civic Engagement.
Not so long ago I spent an afternoon listening to a half-dozen entrepreneurs hawk their ideas for new companies. The presenters had been honing their pitches for weeks, seeking that right combination of words, images, and dramatic delivery that might persuade the investors to pick them. The event was glitzy.
The future envisioned from the perspective of the 1960s was hard to get to, but not impossible, and people were willing to entertain the idea. When capital makes itself available for bold ideas, I expect we’ll see entrepreneurs tap into their more creative impulses. If polled by reporters from the Journal-Constitution, what would these together-alone passengers have to say? The arc of my life bends more to Davidson College than I ever would have guessed on a broiling August day some 19 years ago. This nostalgia envelops me in the hours since I’ve returned to Raleigh with Kate and our two young daughters. In their 2006 book, The Starfish and the Spider, Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom chronicle the power of organizations with no central control, no structured leadership, oftentimes no budget, and that tend to be volunteer driven. Starfish organizations include Alcoholics Anonymous, Wikipedia, the abolitionist movement in England 150 years ago, and the Apache resistance to Spanish conquest in the 17th and 18th century Southwest US. As Victor Hugo put it above, there’s nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come. 50 years ago Abraham Maslow embedded himself in a Southern California tech factory to study its managers and culture. To illustrate: his most famous adventures come from the “Labors of Hercules” in which he choked-out the fierce lion of Lemea, diverted two great rivers to clear years of accumulated animal filth in the Augean stables, and killed the many-headed Hydra of Lerna, a creature considered immortal until it met Hercules. The second labor was to go to Lerna and kill a creature with nine heads called the Hydra which lived in a swamp there.

Several days a week, before dawn, middle-aged men congregate in small groups around Raleigh. If asked last year to wager on whether these groups would still exist today, I would have bet against them. These are the sort of questions I’m pointing at Will (known in the groups as “Maize”) at the neighborhood pool over Memorial Day weekend. Last February I got to hear John Mackey give a speech about a better way of doing business. The book’s premise flies in the face of Milton Friedman’s argument that the business of business is business.
He responded by saying, in essence, that it just needed a vocabulary, someone to give it a voice, a demonstration to the world that it is a better way of doing business.
These loans are part of the former Second Federal Savings and Loan (Second Federal) portfolio that the FDIC retained as a result of taking Second Federal into receivership during this past summer. Foreclosures and boarded-up houses have increased in these Southwest side communities of Chicago, which include Back of Yards, Brighton Park, Little Village, and Cicero. This represents a huge setback for homeowners of color who had previously made economic progress. Since acquiring the Second Federal Deposits, Wintrust has been working with TRP to serve the best interests of the families in the community. Since 1990, The Resurrection Project (TRP) has revitalized predominantly low-income Latino communities on Chicago’s Southwest side through a variety of community development strategies. Self-Help has provided more than $6 billion of financing to families and homeowners that have been underserved by traditional financial institutions. These entities include: Self-Help Credit Union, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, Self-Help Ventures Fund and the Center for Responsible Lending.
Our borrowers have proven their determination to repay their loans, build their businesses, improve their communities, and build wealth through home ownership and home equity. As a nonprofit entity, its mission is to increase access to responsible and affordable financial services in underserved communities, initially in California. It manages Self-Help's higher-risk business loans, real estate development, and home loan secondary market programs. CRL is dedicated to protecting home ownership and family wealth by working to eliminate abusive financial practices. She came to North Carolina in 2001 and has spent most of that time tracking job loss and other major changes in the state's Tobacco, Furniture, and Textile industries. But before that can happen, there needs to be a larger number of financial advisors in the pipeline. Regardless of the official calendar, the issue on many people’s minds is North Carolina’s new law limiting discrimination protections.  Local business groups are calling for its repeal. The documentary “Raising Bertie” will have its world premiere at the festival.  It follows the lives of three struggling young men in Eastern North Carolina. He had been recently introduced to Nation Hahn, co-founder of the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, who came to work with them on the project for the day. World Cup group play tames that a bit by giving a point for a draw and the hope of moving on. We were foregoing our immediate self-interests to sit around a table talking about the best ways to get more people involved in making Raleigh a better community.
The event was called a pitch day, and it had an American Idol feel. The presenters stood before massive power point displays in the cavernous auditorium of a converted warehouse, spinning their best stories of why their concepts would attract the most eyeballs, customer subscriptions, or advertising attention.
Each was a derivative concept meant to piggyback in some way off the platforms created by more ambitious entrepreneurs who came before them. Commerce has long thrived on tweaking others’ ideas, but at some point it seems someone has to push forward the vision thing. We now laugh at the Nucleon [a nuclear-powered car] and Pan Am to the moon while applauding underpowered hybrid cars and Easyjet, and that’s sad. I was there on business, working at the time for a company whose smartphone apps alerted riders when their bus was arriving. In that first train ride, as I traveled south to north packed tight with a few dozen fellow riders in our compartment, there was plenty of opportunity for camaraderie but no takers. It’s in a beautiful frame on the floor of my basement office, propped unceremoniously against a wall. We spent the weekend back at Davidson reminiscing with old classmates at my 15 year reunion, and I’ve been in a contemplative mood ever since. As I considered last week, the idea can spread far and wide to include less known organizations operating in our communities, such as the F3 workout group that meets early each morning in Raleigh. He kept copious notes and published his thoughts in 1962 in a sparsely-read tome called Eupsychian Management. I for one have to work hard to make sure there’s not one staring back at me each morning when I shave in front of the mirror.
Here we assume Maslow must be this touchy-feely dude since his ideas are so often associated with kindness and making contributions to society. His views appear ironic even given that Maslow was first and foremost a thinker. His bridge from talking to doing was constructed with rigorous testing, teaching, and writing. That’s my conclusion after thumbing through the tales of his conquests last night in Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.
This was exceedingly hard to do, because one of the heads was immortal and the others almost as bad, inasmuch as when Hercules chopped one off, two grew up instead. They meet at parks, school playgrounds, and open fields and spend the better part of an hour running through fitness drills.
Over the span of a few weeks, I was approached by no less than six men suggesting I might enjoy the experience. He’s a founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods, and he stopped in at a Raleigh Chamber of Commerce event to promote his book, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business.
He says companies that serve the interests of all the stakeholders have a competitive advantage. The acquisition of Second Federal’s portfolio by TRP and Self-Help was an important first step in preserving home ownership throughout these communities. The organization started with an initial investment of $30,000 collected from concerned neighbors and area churches.
Self-Help assists borrowers nationwide build wealth by providing fair and responsible loans to businesses, consumers, and prospective homebuyers. A new partnership between Wells Fargo and Bennett College for Women sets out to help solve the problem.
They watched intermittently as the fight persisted for what each says must have been half an hour.
Can they trust their coach, each other, and the process to bring it one more time against Germany?

In the piece she reflects on her own experience trying to get people engaged in their communities.
These ideas were less about originality than they were about exploiting market niches that were not yet the focus of the platform companies.
I believe it was frustration with a lack of startup imagination that prodded Bruce Gibney of the Founders Fund to pen this missive in April 2011. The future that people in the 1960s hoped to see is still the future we’re waiting for today, half a century later. Venture capital as an industry is more interested in backing the thing that seems most likely to get acquired (and thereby provide quick returns on their capital) than in backing bold bets. My brain was certain the next few years would be a strict economic exchange: my hard work and indebtedness for a degree inked on lambskin that would launch me into a career. It’s come in handy on my twisted path of a career, yet the benefits of the Davidson College brand have played out so much more in my personal life. The authors outline several success factors, and the one that jumps out the most is ideology.
If someone wants to start a new group, it’s like a fractal pattern repeating itself as its reach expands further and further.
The book was republished 37 years later, long after Maslow had passed, under the more accessible title, Maslow on Management. I have learned not only to give this test but to brush them aside completely if they don’t pass it. The hierarchy of needs thesis would have gone nowhere if he simply chatted with people about his novel concept. This requires much more than brainstorming a few thoughts and patting yourself on the back because they feel so clever.
He’s lionized as the favorite Greek hero, but this dude had a serious case of roid rage, perhaps the first in all of literature. They were part of history’s first 12-step recovery program, penance for a roid-rage fit in which Hercules murdered his wife and three sons. However, he was helped by his nephew Iolaus who brought him a burning brand with which he seared the neck as he cut each head off so it could not sprout again.
That ability to grow two heads where one is lopped off has been the source of nightmares, but I want to strip it of fear and turn it into a constructive metaphor for something we should want more of in our local economies. When done exercising, they gather in a huddle for chatter and reflection before breaking and heading their separate ways. It’s grown from Raleigh to neighboring communities, and there are hints of it expanding even further.
And there are few hard and fast rules about when and where they meet or how they conduct the workouts. While we both keep an eye on our children splashing at the edge of the deep end, I ask him why this is taking off. Since then, TRP has leveraged this investment into more than $250 million in community investments to serve more than 10,000 individuals, create more than 600 affordable homes, and develop more than 150,000 square feet of community space to meet a variety of needs. They strengthen underserved communities by financing nonprofits, childcare centers, community health facilities, public charter schools, and residential and commercial real estate projects. Its members include individuals, nonprofit and religious organizations, and other socially responsible people and institutions. We were so close to the sure thing…to making it out of the group of death into the round of 16!
Can they use this matrix with its oversimplified logic to rid their minds of the what-if curse and focus on preparing for the next match? They were engaged and enthusiastic, volunteering their time for something that offered no financial reward and doing so with bright smiles. Winning meant the entrepreneurs got a little extra cash, fuel for their rockets, and a chance to turn their concepts into real startups. Instead of Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise, we got the Priceline Negotiator and a cheap flight to Cabo.
Everyone seemed desperate to avoid even the simplest forms of contact, keeping their noses pressed against iPhones, books and newspapers. My marriage traces back to the chance meeting of a soccer player who stole my study table one afternoon on the second floor of E.H. When all had been chopped off he disposed of the one that was immortal by burying it securely under a great rock. Since last year the Whole Foods Market stock price has been cut almost in half, dropping from $65 per share to around $37. The Resurrection Project serves families—especially Latinos—from all over the metropolitan Chicago region with a particular focus on the communities of Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards, and Melrose Park. Now the US Men’s National Team must face the juggernaut Deutscheland and rely (perhaps) on fate to see us through. I sure hope it’s not a euphemistic way of lopping me into that same category Maslow describes above. My wife did the same, the what-if curse being worse for her as each soccer match transports Kate back to her own college-playing days.
The others might have stayed later at work to earn a few extra bucks or grabbed a social drink with friends. For the next three days I would travel all around Atlanta using public transit whenever possible, walking as an acceptable alternative, and UberX car-sharing if there were no other options. For me, I was leaving my wife alone to manage our daughters through the nighttime routine of dinner, bath and bed. I was curious how navigable the city would be without a car, and I was eager to test the premise behind the newspaper article.
I proposed to Kate at that same table nine years later, and we were married in Davidson’s Lingle Chapel a brief six months after that.
That’s the way you tell the difference between fruitfulness and sterility, between talkers and doers, between the people who change the world and the people who are helpless in it. I applaud Bruce Gibney and his colleagues at the Founders Fund for attempting to play that role.
Standing at my side was Jason, my best man who had been my best friend through college, and in the church pews sat countless faces of loved ones whom Kate and I came to know only because we spent that brief time as students at this particular school.
More often than not that will be enough to see you through, a good process will create victory.

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