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Yossum - yoga - retreats - meditation - self help - spiritual - holidaysWe are here to support you in getting Real.
Yossum - Yoga, Meditation, Self-Understanding Retreats and Life Coaching, Spiritual Growth.
By Carmen Ornelas.Silence - Learn the Power of Silence within the Yossum Concept of Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth. Retreats in Italy, Holland, Spain, India.Yoga - Learn the Power of Yoga in the Yossum Concept. As your awareness of yourself and the present moment develop over the course of the week, you awaken to the serenity of your heart.We certainly promote the integration of a daily or regular Meditation practice in your life. We need to learn to love and accept ourselves before we can deal with what is beyond ourselves (everyday life, relationships, etc). Carmen demystifies meditation here and inspired us to add it to daily life.Meditation Guide (Zazen) - Zazen is a very simple and powerful way to meditate, often the most simple is the most powerful.
So often we work from the outside in and we waste precious time and energy, working from the inside out can help you experience the world in a different way and to take responsibility for your life. Self-Understanding - Learn about the Power of Self-Understanding within the Yossum Concept. It is easy to forget about being kind and patient to myself when you I am going through life, I can be with others but I forget myself. I arrived here with intention to understand myself better, but I received much more than I ever anticipated. Simple and practical: Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth.
I was relived and happy to learn to meditate and see how simple yet powerful it is to just sit and be with myself.
I loved the yoga approach in classes and the thoroughness in correcting and looking after the body. The yoga sessions was absolutely amazing – Lori is so gentle and clear with her instructions. The combination of yoga, silence, self-understanding and meditation has really allowed me to clear my head and will be the tools I use to help myself to answer questions as I go forward. I loved the yoga classes, Lori as such an amazing energy and her classes are very supportive. Heath’s rolfing worked miracles with my painful lower back and I feel straightened now.

Cáli's meditation and private sessions made me feel that I am on the right path on my own journey.
I found that the meditation guidance is easy to adopt.I now feel equipped to go forward on this journey and feel passionately about doing so.
I am no doubt be back for more!Silvio Fritzche – GermanyIn only 4 days … a lot of spirit and new inspiration! Thank you for that space to once again take some time to recharge my batteries and enjoy my own company.I thank you again for giving me the chance to spend time with myself. It is amazing how often we go through life without really knowing who we are or what we want. Your retreats give me the chance to discover this person a little deeper each time.Lori is gorgeous and a very good instructor and thank her very much for the care with which she taught her classes.
She took a good amount of time to explain what was happening in the postures and throughout the class. I was suffering a bit this time with a stiff hip and found that I was less comfortable sitting and needed to fidget a bit from time to time, but I am working on that with someone at home and as it settles down I am sure the sitting will become easier. You make it a practice which, the average westerner, can attempt without fear or apprehension as it is explained and demonstrated in a way that is very safe, real and genuine.As always I return home highly inspired, the trick is to maintain the energy and inspiration amidst the normality of daily life, three kids, husband etc. Thank you and if you ever get to Australia, there is always a bed for you in our home!Pratibha Parmar – UKThis retreat surpassed my expectations. The excellent instructions, explanations and in depth understanding of Hatha Yoga gave me a rounded yet physically challenging week. I have a suggestion though- tape record a 30 minute session so that when we are home we can listen to the voice and repeat the session.The Meditation guidance expanded my understanding of the practice of sitting very much. A good mix of sitting and explanation.I arrived on this retreat to go deep and discover a new way of being. The combination of meditation, yoga, visits to devout peoples and sites, awesome natural surroundings, practical and accessible teaching and private sessions with Cáli has opened a bright new door for my personal development and happiness. Its not easy to continue, but it is so logical and simple and the new feeling of oneness is so great that I will continue!Elisa Kallaus – GermanyAll the examples you gave in meditation helped me to see that my problems with sitting are quite common. Because of the silence days and the time I had for myself I could see structures in my way of thinking.
It also helped me to make difficult decisions that I had been wrestling with or putting off. Overall, helped increase my spiritual practice - via yoga and meditation, confidence in myself and my intuition, and reinforced that I am (now) so on the right path in life.Alisha Arora - UKThank you very much for this retreat.

It's wonderful to have no pressure to talk to anyone, no pressure to have an 'opinion' over anything. Through the gentle teachings and practices I feel to have had a glimpse at some of those hidden aspects of myself. In saying that, I found Lori to be a fun, understanding and lovely teacher, she is well trained and shared her knowledge freely and with warmth.I found the meditation guidance to be amazingly clarifying. The sense of understanding about myself and how I can continually improve my way of living, is invaluable. The practical and loving way in which Cáli, Lori and Mutribo shared their wisdom made the retreat an amazing place to learn and grow. The fact that we did not have mobile phone coverage was great and the total different culture India is, has only aided towards this relaxation. This is the first time that a yoga teacher has motivated me in such a positive way without trying to push me in positions that my body could not handle at the time. Lori is very wise and because of her understanding of the body, she approaches the Yoga sessions in a safe way, while explaining every step detailed.
Thank you.Penny DeGraffenried - USAIt is as though we have let the genie out of the bottle, and I am aware of this inner work almost all the time now. It was a lovely venue and I appreciated very much the care that you took to make the space welcoming and safe.The silence period was also very powerful. In fact, this week I plan to be in touch with you to schedule a phone session so that I can talk about it. I have not yet started working at home, but I am building up to this commitment slowly!In all honesty, I expected the meditation practice to be longer each day. I think this was something I heard in one of the other retreats I have been with you – that the retreat in India was an advanced practice. Something more strenuous might have been difficult for me to handle.I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this experience.

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