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Texas Minister Max Lucado is easily relatable and explains how simple it is to give away your love. Mandino believes that to be a good salesperson, you must believe in yourself and the work you are doing.
This book is all about the laws of attraction and the power they hold and emit through our thoughts.
Sports columnist, Mitch Albom tells this tear-jerking true story about the love between a mentor and his pupil. Google Calendar turns 10 this year, but the service isn’t ready to rest until it has ordered your entire life into neat chunks. The new feature will help the hyper-organized make holes in their schedules, but Goals does rely on users already having their whole lives planned out in Google Calendar — miss an entry during a day and you could find the app insisting you study French or lift weights during dinner or work hours. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Self Improvement Hack – Who is Jesus Learn about your Creator and live in peace with the Word of the Lord through building a strong relationship with Him. Now there are certain types of books that will almost guarantee I choose the printed version rather than the e- or audio version.
On a related note, I have found that reading on an e-reader helps big books feel smaller and enables me to not get distracted. So, if there is a biography or some fiction or devotional you’ve been putting off—if you’ve been daunted by the idea of trekking through such books—consider reading the e-version. The administrator of this blog, Susie Jones, is passionate about helping others unlock the full potential of who they where created to be through knowing God intimately and believing that He is who He says He is.
Last month the Jubilee Project published a short video in which they ask 50 people 1 simple question: If you could be any age, what age would you be?
As long as I can remember I have wanted to be older, older than right then, older than right now. I have no desire to be young because I treasure what has come with being old—or older, at least. The following 9 self-improvement books have left an imprint on my life, and I think it will on your life, too.
Carlson’s book is an easy-to-read guide on how to live with random, positive anecdotes thrown in.
While Chapter 16 in Redefine Yourself (Create New Habits) gives you some simple tools for change, The Power of Habit provides more insight on the creation of habits and how they rule our lives. Ferriss’ book on how to minimize life’s distractions and maximize efficiency in order to live more and work less may help you rethink your approach to life. In Drive, Pink explores the role of motivation and purpose in both the classroom and the workplace.
Having researched emotion and coping behaviors in university-level studies, Michael has presented various fitness, motivation, body image, and stress-management programs at Illinois State University, DePaul University, corporations, high schools, and workshops.
It made me realize how much clutter I have in my life Note: Physical clutter ain’t the only one! Second, it sort of rekindled my passion to travel … and it sure changed my perspective on it. The biggest thing I took away was that that only thing we can truly control is our attitude, our perceptions, and our emotions to a given situation that may at times appear out of our control. The healthier attitude these bloggers could have and should have taken is this: My viewpoint is correct for me.
The basic idea is that our thoughts and attitudes are more powerful than we realize and if we put that positive energy into the universe, it returns to us in some form. The character of Morrie Schwartz is described as a cross between a biblical prophet and an elf; whose life lessons are as entertaining as they are endearing. Then it’ll take a look at your existing calendar, full of meetings, lunch dates, and other immovable objects, and fit your goal into an open space.

Google says Calendar will also use machine learning to get better at scheduling your Goals activities: if you regularly defer a task that the app keeps setting for the afternoon, for example, it will eventually stop scheduling stuff for that time frame. If it’s a book I know Iwant to mark up a lot—if I cannot NOT mark it up—then I will purchase the print version, even if it’s more expensive than the other versions. Who hasn’t had the daunting experience of reading through books with massive pages (like, say, The Works of Jonathan Edwards)? The purpose of this blog is to nurture the truth that Christianity is all about a relationship with God, not just another religion. When I was sixteen I wanted to be seventeen so I could get out of high school and get started on college.
He wrote this book in 1936 and its principles for building strong relationships still appeal today.
Don’t be intimidated by the research and references to anatomy—his writing style is appealing, enjoyable, and the insight fascinating.
If you can put aside some of his questionable marketing techniques, his tips and stories can help you create a more efficient life, both personally and professionally. Without a doubt, it greatly influenced the chapters on control and purpose in my book, and I highly recommend Pink’s work for additional insight on these topics. He appears in many documentaries about the food industry and is considered an expert in natural eating habits. The owner of the successful Chicago personal training business Michael Moody Fitness, his fitness and life-structure programs have helped his personal training clients lose more than 2,500 pounds since 2005.
Someone’s intention may be to drag you down to their level by being nasty for no reason or just a jerk.
When challenged, they either act like a jerk and say things that basically convey the attitude “my blog, my way, you don’t like it? Other people may impose their viewpoints on me or question me because they believe theirs is somehow superior. It’s a quick and fascinating read.A good friend recommended this particular book to me and I loved it so much that after I finished it, I immediately re-read it all over again. Long before I read this book, I’ve always been a believer in embracing a positive outlook on life, even in the most dire of circumstances. I highly recommend it, especially to younger women who are facing this big, scary world for the first time.
As the reader, Morrie will remind you of your favorite grandfather, college professor or neighbor; someone who has helped guide you. It is the survival of the fittest as they exert they’re dominance over territory and each other. It teaches you that by learning your true desires, you can change your circumstances and ultimately your life. Where else can you read about passion, folklore, myths, legends, love, murder, betrayal and history? It is a habit I just happened upon over 10 years ago, but it has greatly helped me become a better reader. The answers are not surprising—not surprising in a culture that so honors autonomy and freedom, that so honors youth. When I was seventeen I wanted to be twenty so I could be done with college and move on to a career.
When I look back at 16 and 18 and 21 and the other significant milestones of youth, I have no desire to return to them. A 19-year-old’s autonomy makes a woefully poor trade for a 39-year-old’s Christian maturity. It’s not so much that I want the years, but that I long for the character, the maturity, and the closeness to Christ that comes with the years. As I wrote my book Redefine Yourself: The Simple Guide to Happiness, I always kept it in mind.

Lehrer’s explanation of mirror neurons will continue to resonate within me for a long time.
If you haven’t heard the creation story of the “Just Do It” slogan, you may want to read this today.
I read the book at a time when I needed a push to finally do what I wanted most—it may influence you the same way. In Defense of Food revolutionized my nutritional approach and changed the way I look at food. Michael has been featured in Muscle & Fitness and Today’s Chicago Woman magazines, among others. As long as you are able to detach yourself from the situation, to respond in a way that is meaningful to you instead of responding in anger and despair then you’ve become a better person.
This is a parable set in the time prior to Christianity and inspires us to be something bigger and better than we are. Funny enough, some of the most intelligent and educated individuals whom I admire greatly, agree with me on this one.
This is an oldie but a goodie.While referring to men as ‘Martian’s’ and women as ‘Venusians’, Gray explains the fundamental differences between men and women. After the death of her mother, Strayed becomes a different person; intentionally making horrific decisions ultimately destroying her life. It will also automatically move any goal event that clashes with something else you manually add to your calendar later. Here are some of the factors I think through when I decide if I want to go through a book on the printed page, electronically, or audibly. I love marking page after page with a pen, compiling my own index of themes and highlights, and connecting various parts of the book.
Most wanted to be in their late teens or early twenties so they could live or relive the days of youth, the days when they were young and energetic and care-free, the days before the onset of so many of life’s regrets and responsibilities.
I finished high school a year ahead of my peers and university two years ahead mostly because I was stretching and straining to be older. I will gladly take the years if only they make me more like Christ and draw me closer to Christ. Although the book is popular in corporate circles, its message applies to all personal relationships, too.
If you’re interested in how our brain operates, you’ll want to add How We Decide to your book collection. During his time as the official trainer for PBS’s The Whitney Reynolds Show, he also produced an inspirational segment about his travels in Guatemala.
Instead of expending energy fighting them or acting like a jerk, I choose to spend my energy on more productive endeavors.
What I will tell you, is that this story is not about these survivors at all but instead it’s about testing your faith in God.It’s a modern day parable that really made me think about stories I read in the bible, as a child. Even a newlywed’s romance, while genuine, is shallow in comparison to the depth and stability that comes with the passage of years and decades. The goal of course being to receive the desired outcomes live a happier, healthier more successful life.
However, critics consider this book slightly controversial because of its bold claims without the necessary scientific data to back them up.
The adventures of her hike and the issues she runs into; force her to overcome her own fears and face her future.

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