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August 1, 2013 by Chris Anderson 6 Comments In order to have a lead a good life, and have a more richer, fulfilling personal and professional life, self-improvement is essential.
The truth is that there could be plenty of reasons why one would want to look into self-improvement. While I’m not a self-improvement guru by any means, here are 10 habits that I think will help people immensely when it comes to living a more productive, fruitful, balanced, fulfilling and above all, a happy personal and professional life. Try it: try waking up 10 minutes early than you do every day, and get a bit of exercise under the belt before you hit the showers. Exercise improves your strength, improves your health, improves your immune system, keeps you in shape (and hence makes you look good – an important aspect when it comes to your image and self-improvement), keeps you in top-shape physically AND mentally, and probably has a hundred-and-one other benefits associated with it. Your body’s energy levels can have a huge bearing on your day-to-day personal and professional life.
Sleep is important, and something that you should never skimp on, or over-indulge in for that matter. Although the quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity, make sure you’re getting a good amount of it under the belt.
Unplug yourself at least 30 minutes every night before turning in – this means no phones, no iPads, no laptops, no TV (generally staying away from all sorts of screens), dimming the lights, and sleeping in a completely dark room and a noise-free environment. I also suggest doing a bit of research on sleep-cycles, what they are and how they can dictate your quality of sleep. The reason I recommend using a smartphone (and personally use one of the purpose as well) is because it remains easily-accessible to you throughout the day, so whenever you want you can quickly open the Reminders app and have a look at your things-to-do list for the day. Do this every day with the aim of making it into a habit – a ritual that you perform every single night before you turn in.
If you read some of my older articles on this website, I’ve stressed upon the importance of setting goals from time to time.
Best Email Popup Optin Tool For 2016: SumoMe, LeadPages, Optin Monster, Bloom or Thrive Leads? Anthony Robbins puts it this way, “Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. Study people who have the traits you wish to gain for yourself or whose businesses have attained the success you want for your own. And we must repeat the actions we have decided to take over and over again until they replace the old habits that have been holding us back. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden put it this way, “When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur. Adjust the steps along your path to improvement or even the path you are taking as you learn more. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In honor of September being Self-Improvement Month, I am making a list of self-improvement goals I have for myself that I can use to benefit my business. I will avoid making snap decisions in my business, and wait until I have all of the information I need before making a decision. Very often, when I am tight on time, I tend to make quick, spur-of-the-moment decisions and not look back.
I will read some of the business books I’ve had on my list and implement at least one improvement. I have a nice collection of business books on my Amazon wish list that I keep adding to, but never seem to find the time to order and read.
I will take time to celebrate each success, no matter how small, instead of immediately moving onto the next goal.
I like to think of myself as appreciative and quick to offer recognition for a job well done, but gratitude is an area where we all can stand to improve.
I will be more willing to break out of my comfort zone when I am faced with an amazing opportunity.
Sometimes, I let the challenging logistics of a new opportunity stifle my risk-taking nature. Improve Productivity – Ban yourself from looking at non-work related websites during business hours and then reward yourself at the end of the day with a few of your old favourites! September 13, 2011 24 Comments Share this:TweetTo me, self improvement means becoming a more educated, more productive, more valuable and wiser person.
As individual money earners we are no exception, and should spend money on things that can increase or enhance our future potential to earn – not only monetarily. A $300 tread mill at home pays itself off in slightly more than one year, considering the average gym membership costs around $20 a month, give or take. In my experience, investing in yourself almost always pays back (though it might take time), whether in increased self-confidence, more friends, or a job where that newly-learned skill sets you apart from your coworkers. Attending Toastmasters International classes to improve on public speaking ($46 for 6 months). I believe if I am meeting my responsibilities, saving for retirement, and avoiding debt, I can spend my hard-earned money on something I truly enjoy doing. Although I haven’t spent anything on my health apart from mandatory health check-ups and few medicines here and there, my neck is giving me trouble and I want to start a few acupuncture sessions. Additionally, in the next year or so, I plan to invest in some classes and certification exams, all job related.
As far my readers are concerned, let me remind you that spending on self-improvement is possibly the best favor you can do yourself.
Make sure you are committed to the cause (example: gym membership) and continue to participate once you have spent your money.
If a goal requires a huge cost (example: education), talk to your friends, spouses and bosses before you make a decision.
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Personally, I’m working on a plan to maximize the use of my time so that I can spend more of it writing and working out. Sometimes watching TV, not channel changing, gives some value, yesterday I was watching Us open final and it really relaxed my mood and body. Basically whatever improves you as a person you should be able to spend on, basically the rat race is to improve yourself and how people perceive you, right? Well, I used to get near paralyzed till a year ago, gradually improving Toastmaster really helps. Very nice to be reminded that investing in yourself is important… and to never stop learning. I like your suggestions too about not trying to change everything overnight and I agree… sometimes compromise or sacrifice is inevitable.

Thanks Andrea, it was your first comment and probably first visit ever, did you like my blog? In the past I spent money to learn real estate investing starting with a $3,000 investment. Happy to be posting the second of three installments of my upcoming novel, Life in Twenty-Something: A Story of Self-Discovery, out May 10th on Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. For those who need a reminder about the story, the book is a modern fiction novel with very nonfiction principles and values. To give you a quick little background, the book is a modern fiction novel with very nonfiction principles and values. You see, life is full of dualities and contradictions, and let me say this frankly: you aren’t alone. Everyone, whether they read this or not, is dealing with something so frightening, that all they can do is either cower or call on their courage. But, if planning is essential, and it takes you out of the present, how can we reconcile and find success?
If you’re alive, which, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are, then chances are you’ve given up at something. We’re so lucky to be living in the Internet Age because it gives us easy access to myriad information sources that contribute greatly to improving ourselves.
There are many sources of free courses on the Internet, but few can match the quality of what’s offered at edX.
Among the great business courses offered right now is one from MIT: Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? Inspiration and new ideas are central to achieving stand-out success and TED talks have been feeding those fires for several years now. A good approach is to start with the playlists, where great talks have been curated by topics. If you spend any time commuting or traveling for your business, filling some of the time with podcasts is an excellent idea. Get hands-on help with Constant Contact, tailored specifically for your organization's needs. If you’re into self-improvement, exercise absolutely needs to be a part of your life.
Being conscious of what you’re putting in your body is actually of the utmost importance, and eating healthy can be the difference in the short as well as the long-term. If you want to improve certain aspects of it, eat healthy and as mentioned above, try getting more exercise. There are plenty of resources on the internet, so it might be a good idea to look up some of them. Every human being is designed and wired in a different way, and hence every single person requires a different amount of sleep. Trust me when I say this: sleep or the lack of it can have a huge bearing on your mood, temperament, your health, productivity and your performance. This means spending time and resources developing skills that are necessary in your industry, as well as building new networking opportunities, and improving your existing ones.
Look into ways that you can (a) improve, enhance and strengthen your current skills, (b) acquire newer skills that will allow you to remain competitive in your industry, and (c) network and build strong relations with thought-leaders and authority figures in your industry – through conferences, emails and social media.
They’re free, and the audio or video can easily be downloaded from the website as well.
Try this, instead of listening to the radio, learn something new by listening to a TED Talk. Use the notes of reminders app on your smartphone to create a list of things to do the next day, and most important, make sure you check each and every one of them off before turning in the next day! Indeed, goal setting is essential, as it gives you an aim and a purpose in life on a daily basis, and once you have a clear idea of your goals and what you want to accomplish, you can then start looking for means and ways to achieve those goals – which gives you direction in life.
The great thing about TED Talks is that they can be easily downloaded (for free) from the website and like I said, you can listen to them on your iPod during commute, travel or even when you’re working out. I’ve enrolled for so many courses and learnt so much that I probably could never have otherwise. When people ask me what really changed my life, I tell them that absolutely the most important thing was changing what I demanded of myself. We can all dream about the people we want to become or the massive success we want our business to be but, until we act, that is what they will remain….dreams. Follow these steps and find your path to the improvements you seek for yourself and for your business.
I am going to use September to plan appreciation gifts for my clients and team, and take time to thank my amazing support system for helping me every step of the way. This month, I will face the challenges head-on and not let the minor details prevent me from pushing myself and taking advantage of a new experience. This is a follow-up post from yesterday, where I talked about making saving fun – you should also spend a reasonable amount of money on self improvement. Self improvement brings an overall gain in personality and acceptance from the outside world, including your own family. When more than 10 personal finance writers recommend a book, you can’t just ignore their advice. While not exactly a self improvement tool, occasional chocolates (on average, 50 cents per day) in the afternoon keep me energized, especially since my job is a bit challenging. Of course, as a bread and butter provider for your family, your first duty is to provide the necessities. Your email will only be used for subscription, and each email will include a link you may use to unsubscribe at any time. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. The opinions expressed herein by him are his own and not those of his employer or anyone else. I had a long and rewarding week of work last week and then treated myself to one of the best Coachella music festival experiences I’ve ever had. And during the planning phase, before we go out into the world and test our assumptions, our emotions are always even keel and predictable. According to the Internet (or black magic, as I like to call it), courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. Planning results in failure in that traditional planning devalues the present moment by pulling you into the future or dragging you into the past. It sounds like an ephemeral buzzword that business gurus and meditation experts try to pedal, and not something that should go into the planning of your future goals.
Joke’s aside, if it hasn’t happened to you, it will, and if it has happened to you, well, then you’re probably a little dirty.
These needs, proposed by Maslow, break out all of our wants and desires into five categories, ranked from the most essential to the most opulent.

The world’s top colleges and universities have partnered with edX to provide courses on a wide range of topics. I know how hard it is for small business owners to break away from their everyday responsibilities, but I urge you to find some avenues for personal and professional growth. You'll also have access to personal coaching and resources to get you real business results.
Use this new spare time that you have to do something that you’ve been meaning to for a while, like doing a bit of cardio, or learning the guitar.
This might seem like a load of BS but trust me it isn’t, and you need to be doing it. And remember, do this on a daily basis, since the whole point of this article is to develop a habit. But above all, some of them are just so fantastic to listen to, that I’ve probably heard them a million times! Trust me when I say this, this is something that will make your life so much more easier, as it did mine! You need to consistently reassess both the improvements you are trying to make and the paths you have chosen to try to reach those goals.
It is in dealing with these setbacks that you are forced to use knowledge and talents you did not think you had and this is how you improve. Find the people and businesses who you want to be more like and study their path to success. But occasionally, something will squeeze past me, and I will end up feeling like I totally missed the boat with the decision I made. So starting this month, I am going to take a break from my favorite fiction authors, and read at least one of these business books I have waiting in the queue, find at least one action item I can incorporate into my business and do it by the end of the month.
So this month, I plan to take time to recognize each of my successes, and revel in the sense of accomplishment before setting my sights on the next big goal.
Add your own self-improvement business goals to the list and we can measure our success at month’s end. Although there is no way to measure the direct benefit of this, over the years the potential savings on medicine, doctor visits, etc. I budgeted for ties and watches, and in the last year I bought about 6 ties, 3 watches, and a suit. When I borrowed the book from the library, I liked it so much I wanted to keep a copy forever. I have to write that down to be sure I pick that up on my next library trip (every Monday). However, if you want to jump right into the fire, then you can start with chapter one below. If you’re already part of my weekly newsletter, then you’re already good to go! The exponential results I talk about below are STILL adding value to my goals, my life, and my platform. Although, if you know this, then you’ve successfully done something that’s hard and made it easy.
So, inherently, courage implies that life is scary, because if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a requirement to define the concept of courage, let alone need it.
The act of giving up is looked down upon in our society, and if you’re offended by my name calling, I apologize. You can attend a marketing webinar and learn online, or find an event in your area and learn alongside other small business owners. For you too, it will completely change your perspective about what you’re putting inside your body, and allow you to focus on eating stuff that is much more beneficial for you.
Because I gave it a try just for the sake of it, saw it’s effects, and it worked wonders for me!
Look online, attend classes if you can and look for ways which allow you to acquire those skills.
Baseball legend Reggie Jackson said, “I feel that the most important requirement in success is learning to overcome failure. This month, I am going to try spending a little more time analyzing some of the big decisions I encounter and make sure I am fully aware of all of the consequences of the decision before I commit. You can read books, rent DVDs on self improvement, and even use exercise DVDs to avoid paying for a gym membership. To get into a leadership position in my company, I have to not only garner public speaking courage but also I need to engage my audience throughout my speech. I also pay for proofreading of my articles, and now I am saving almost 15-30 minutes per post as I no longer have to read and reread them. Chapter two will be released next Monday, and the book will be officially live the day after! When you plan, step one will cleanly lead to step two, and even if it doesn’t, your contingency plan is there to tidy everything up and get you back on track. The human body was designed in such a way that waking up early almost always seems to have a positive effect on it, and waking up early paves the way for a much more productive day ahead. But above, it will put control in your hand when it comes to what and what not you should put in your body. Be constantly evaluating your plan and making the adjustments necessary to keep you on the right path towards your improvement goals. You must learn to tolerate it, but never accept it.” Conrad Hilton put it this way, “Success seems to be connected with action. Well, after cultivating a relationship with key people over the past year (and after adding consistent value to their goals first), I now have the opportunity to leverage those relationships with greater impact.
But for the rest of us, those who’r facing a challenge and blindly hoping it will get easier one day, it’s not as much knowledge as it is hope. We always get knocked down, one way or another, and therefore, we should have a contingency plan for when we do. Each productive day counts, and adds up towards a productive week, month and a productive year. Coursera offers hundreds of free online courses in collaboration with some of the biggest schools in the world, and it might be a good idea to have a look at their list of courses from time to time.
I view this as the cost of this pride – not exactly for self improvement, but again, it boosts my morale indirectly.

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