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Born in 1972, Danny Alexander grew up in the Highlands and Islands and went to Lochaber High School in Fort William. In 2003 he was appointed the Head of Communications for the recently formed Cairngorms National Park Authority before becoming an MP for the newly created seat of Inverness, Nairn and Badenoch & Strathspey in the 2005 election.
Danny joined the shadow Work and Pensions Team in 2005 and in July 2007 was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, holding the post until June 2008. He played a key role in the negotiating team and in the drawing up of the coalition document for the new Government.
Brian Sloan has a background in financial services, hospitality and retail, and he was for over a year Chairman of Age Scotland Enterprises, the Charity’s social enterprise arm.
Previously Brian was involved in strategic business development for Young Enterprise Scotland, charged with leading the promotion and expansion of enterprise into mainstream education. Brian is married with four children, active both as a participant (golf and squash) and a spectator in a variety of sports and in early 2011 was appointed by the Scottish Government as a member of the Edinburgh Children's Panel.
Recent and current research at the Institute on ageing and work has included a systematic review of the health, safety and health promotion needs of older workers and on-going work is adding to this evidence base in an EU funded project called e-capacit8. After many years providing strategic management consultancy services within the Public and Private Sectors, although nominally retired, Bryan has continued to accept a number of strategic commissions across the Health & Social Care domain. Added to this he continues to be deeply immersed in international standards development with ISO, CEN and BSI, and is currently part of an international Strategy Group working on Ambient Assisted Living for the Elderly and those with Long Term Conditions.
Typical activities have been aimed at countering latent and low-level Mental Health problems at source in the context of the IAPT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme via the development of enhanced inter-disciplinary cross-agency community Well-Being services.
For five years Tommy was a full-time carer for his late mother Joan who had Vascular Dementia and in 2011 undertook a walk around Scotland’s towns and cities to collect hundreds of life story letters detailing the experiences of individuals caring for a loved one living dementia. Prior to joining PSYBT Brenda was employed by Scottish Enterprise, (SE) Scotland’s economic development body. She subsequently was project manager with the SE Financial Services Team responsible for the design, development and delivery of a strategy for the sector in Scotland with a focus on skills development. Before joining SE Brenda was engaged in medical and scientific research with both the NHS and in the private sector.
A WALK WELCOME TO LONDON SOCIAL URBAN WALKS - thriving home of fun, friendly and very sociable walks!
Meet people of all ages and backgrounds who love London and love walking around it's many diverse and interesting areas! If you're new to this fantastic city then this is a great way to get to know it and to meet others; if you already know London, you're bound to enjoy this friendly and diverse group! The emphasis is on socialising whilst walking around various areas of London, not learning in-depth historical facts and references. Join one of Londona€™s biggest, friendliest and best organised groups for hiking, walking, travel, day trips, outdoor adventures and much more. Since August 2010 wea€™ve been organising a mixture of one day hikes and longer trips in the UK and abroad.
Wea€™re a multinational group, full of active, friendly people mainly aged in their 20s, 30s & 40s. Wea€™re a well organised group and try to do everything possible to make sure that you have a great time in an enjoyable, stress free environment. We organise weekend hiking and sightseeing trips to other parts of the UK throughout the year.
We love to travel and thanks to budget airlines therea€™s a huge number of exciting destinations in Europe that we can go to for a long weekend. If joining to promote or actively represent an event or organisation, which organisation are you here on behalf of? This group is a safe and friendly social environment for those who identify as bisexual, who are partners with someone who is, or who are just plain curious or supportive, to meet, hang out, chat, enjoy company, and feel part of a community.
Meetup turnout is strong (reliably >50 for the monthly bar socials, usually 10-30ish or more for most other official meets), ALWAYS with many new faces at every meet.
Welcome to the London College of Spirituality - a grassroots collective of individuals passionate about exploring our spirituality, meeting other open-hearted people and serving humanity and planet.
We come together in the spirit of Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Spiritual Growth and Expansion. We are passionate about heart entered, empowering, balanced, sacred and grounded Spirituality, and offer deeply transformational and pioneering wisdoms and experiences. LCS is a collection of regular trained beautiful passionate spiritual facilitators, offering high quality experiences of powerful spiritual wisdoms, energetic transformation, divine connection and inner awakening. Additionally we have External Facilitators from all walks of life sharing their wonderful and powerful truths through our portal. We work from the heart, and are in continual spiritual practice to serve people and planet in the highest way possible. We fully believe in the paradigm shift humanity is experiencing and our intention is to train as many as possible to awaken to their light, and so eventually they may assist others. We began in a fixed central location and now hold our events throughout London allowing them to be accessible to all. Healers: To participate as a healer through our Group Healing Nights or Drop-In Healer sessions, please follow this link for our approval process.

This group is for everyone interested in finding and photographing the wildlife around London. Ita€™s hard to keep track of how dates come about because people met at my events, but I do know that at the last event 12% of people met and dated someone for 4 months or more a€“ which I think is pretty good going.
Evening includes a tea break mid evening, so a chance to chat with the other guys in a relaxed and friendly environment.
He became the Charity’s Interim Chief Executive in July 2012 and was appointed Chief Executive in January 2013. His financial experience included over a year as Head of Business Development with Capital Credit Union, Britain’s fifth largest not-for-profit cooperative.
This is closely linked with developing Compunetics as a new inter-disciplinary research topic based within the School of Electronics and Computer Science, but also closely involving Applied Psychology and Management  sciences within the University of Westminster.
In the latter context he is guiding strategic development of the Dementia Action Alliance, having previously fulfilled a similar role for the Thalidomide Trust. As a result he has gained exceptionally wide range of expertise dealing with strategic and operational issues across the complete spectrum of Community, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Care service commissioning and provision, spanning Physiological, Mental and Social problems. Her role is to raise awareness of PRIME and what they offer to support self-employment for the over 50’s, to establish and develop partnerships with other organisations who share their interest in enterprise and to secure funding to support activities in Scotland. Her main area of responsibility was to secure funding from Trusts and Foundations to support a variety of programmes. This provided her with a varied career, initially in the field of securing foreign direct investment for Scotland, including a period working in the US. This strategy was devised in collaboration with industry partners, Scottish government, academia and the professional financial bodies in Scotland. She leads on all flagship programme developments and particularly our work with young people.
He was a member of the Communities Committee dealing with housing, planning, charity law, and social issues, and more recently Convenor of Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee. As things stand, more than half the over 60 population are involved in some sort of formal and structured voluntary work; over half of the population believes that this is part of what they should aspire to in later life, and a third are willing to take part in informal volunteering. There are also walks every other Friday evening in the summer months (June, July, August) with occasional (optional) parties and social event's thrown in! The organiser will point out places of interest along the way and provide some basic info as well as some not so serious personal views on what we see! Wea€™re a relaxed and friendly group and our emphasis is very much on having fun and making new friends in an enjoyable environment away from all the stresses of the 9 to 5 in London. With over 11000 members and regular hiking & travelling events youa€™re sure to find something to your taste and to meet like-minded people. We organise all of the logistics for our trips so that all you need to do is to turn up and enjoy the day!
Typically we have groups of 30-40 people on our day hikes so youa€™re certain to meet like-minded people. Typically there are 20-40 people on our hiking weekends and we stay in hostel accommodation for 1-3 nights. On our travels we like to see European cities and their surrounding countryside from a different perspective from that which tourists usually see them.
We organise 7-8 day group trips for smaller groups of 15-20 people to some great up and coming destinations which most people never get to travel to.
When we hike abroad we use qualified local guides for on our hikes for all but the easiest terrain. People of all abilities, religions, sexualities, and genders welcome as long as you respect other members and their identities. We also post community events run by other London bi groups (events titled with "[other group]") and as a member you can suggest your own event ideas for us or tell us of relevant events we should check out. Whether you are brand new to spirituality and consciousness or a seasoned explorer, or a curious agnostic, this is an open space of exploration and experience. Whatever you get from these experiences, they are designed to greatly transform your lives into one of peace, harmony, self empowerment, confidence, love.
Ita€™s time to make a difference, to bring happiness and joy into our own lives and be the change for others to find their own love, strength and inner power.
Going only as far as the London transport network allows we will find and photograph peregrine falcon, kingfisher, heron, water vole, rare insects, fungi, plants and much more - as well as the more common gulls, pigeons and foxes!
Wildlife doesn't always perform to order but there is always something good to capture and I will help you get the most out of it. I started running them because Ia€™m single and I know many other amazing single people too and ita€™s grown from there. And one of my friends whoa€™d been single for quite a while, met someone special at an event last summer and they are getting married in October!
There is also an opportunity to socialise after the class in a nearby bar where we have a quiet room reserved in which to meet. Rachael has been instrumental in the last 10 years in raising the profile of creative approaches to engaging young people, with a specific focus on engaging young people within their local communities.
Patrick has also been involved with issues from asylum and civil liberties to sexual health and food policy.

Dona€™t worry if youa€™re new to hiking a€“ we walk at an easy pace along public footpaths through beautiful but easy terrain in South East England. Nick (the group organiser) has travelled extensively around Europe and has plenty of local knowledge to ensure a fun and eventful itinerary for all our trips at bargain prices. Please keep your main profile picture for this group family-friendly or you will be removed or (for repeated offences) banned; we are not a swingers or nudists group.
So, if you love wildlife, photography, being outdoors and exploring London, this is the group for you!
Dawn was co-host of the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing, in 2012 and on the Expert Panel for the Chief Medical Officers Start Active Stay Active recommendations for physical activity and public health in 2011. She has in depth knowledge of the social housing, regeneration and youth sector, and understands the challenges and opportunities faced when transforming communities. He is also the joint Convenor of the Scottish Green Party.Before Parliament Patrick worked in the sexual health field, for an organisation called PHACE Scotland which is now part of the Terrence Higgins Trust. It means, quite simply, that a majority of the older population are ready to do what they can, unpaid, to support the fabric of society; they are doing exactly what we expect responsible citizens to do.
The emphasis is very much on enjoying the scenery and socialising a€“ wea€™re not a hardcore hiking group! We also book pubs for the group to eat, drink and socialise in after a long day of walking. In each of the trips the aim is to give everyone a real flavour of the country theya€™re visiting. Although we have occasionally had outings to 'alternative' events (a couple of fetish club visits, transgender club nights, even pancake restaurants - shock!). If you have a commercial event to advertise - best to talk to me first (organiser John), spam will not be tolerated. I tend to run 1-2 single events a week plus a couple of social events that are for everyone, and apart from meetup ita€™s all been by word of mouth a€“ so the quality of people is higher than your average night.
She also runs training courses to move research into practice with allied health professionals and fitness instructors. Improving the environment through high quality public art is one of Impact Arts strategic priorities.
The length of our hikes is 8-12 miles - depending on the time of year and how much daylight there is. We always stay in hotels a€“ usually sharing twin rooms but with the option to upgrade to a single room. Typically on each trip wea€™ll travel between 2 or 3 different towns or cities in the country wea€™re visiting. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators who want to join a group or try a new approach. Her recent research (MRC and NIHR) focuses on effects of visualisations of biomechanics on adherence to exercise in older people with a history of falls, group versus home exercise referred through the GP on habitual physical activity, effects of the Otago home exercise programme in visually impaired older people, the outdoor environment on avoidance of activity and falls in older people and reducing sedentary behaviour (long periods of sitting) in older people.
Rachael has specific expertise in creative community consultation within a wider strategic framework, and has a long track record in translating this into highly creative, tangible project ideas which partners can engage in and adopt.
All of our hikes have been pre-walked, so you can be sure that wea€™ll never get lost and will always walk along safe routes. Typically a 3 day weekend will consist of one day of hiking, one day of walking around and exploring the city and one day of doing something fun whilst we wait for our flights home. Each town offers something different and we spend 2 or 3 nights there to get a feel for what it has to offer.
Most of our day hikes start at train stations in Central London a€“ to join the hike you just need to sign up on line and pay using Paypal a€“ wea€™ll buy the train tickets and have them ready for you when you arrive. Wea€™ve done hiking in the Cotswolds, along the cliff tops of the Jurassic Coast and up to the tops of the highest mountains in Wales & Scotland.
Our travels are planned in meticulous detail: we sort out the hotels, airport transfers, transport and entrance fees. The meeting time for all of our day hikes is at around 10am as we recognise that everyone likes to sleep a bit longer at the weekend!
Wea€™ve also done plenty of sightseeing a€“ visiting the historic city of Bath and its Roman baths, riding a steam train from Corfe Castle to the coastal resort of Swanage and walking along the spectacular coastal scenery of Fort William. Wea€™ll also arrange restaurants and guide you around the local nightlife so that you can get the best possible experience at local prices. At the end of all our day hikes we always go to a village pub for some well earned food, drink and socialising. Therea€™s so much to see in the British Isles and we plan to see as much of it as possible. All you need to do is to book your flights then turn up and have a great time discovering a new city with a sociable group of people. We always stay in 3 or 4 star hotels and make sure that all the logistics of the trip are fully organised a€“ all you need to do is book your flights.

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