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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I explained how one can improve self-esteem by increasing self-confidence.
Fundamentally, self-respect means valuing yourself and believing that you’re worthy of living and of being happy. People who lack self-respect often feel guilty, because everything they get (money, love, admiration), even things that they’ve earned, they don’t feel they deserve. A primary reason for a lack of self-respect comes from being taught since we were young to put others first and yourself last, that others are more important than you, and that to be a good and moral person means to sacrifice yourself, your values, your time, and your energy for others. Developing self-respect requires that you first value yourself, and realize that it’s not only okay to do that, but it’s required for psychological health and happiness. For example, a bank robber may get loot in the short-term, but he’s putting his life and others’ lives in danger, risking getting caught and thrown in jail, is always on the run looking over his shoulder, and he’ll never earn psychological health or happiness.
To have self-respect, you have to pursue values that are rational, and that will sustain your life and happiness for the long-term, not just the next day, week, or year. Another major thing that eats away self-respect for many people is the idea of Original Sin. If you feel guilty for pursuing and enjoying your values and goals, or for asserting your needs and sticking up for yourself, ask yourself if that guilt is earned or unearned. If you’re confident that respecting yourself and going after your values and goals is good, right, moral, and healthy, then no one can make you feel guilty for it or take advantage of you.
The problem is when it starts to feel unenjoyable and not fulfilling to give to your children.
This 77-page essential guide to overcoming insomnia is jam-packed with scientifically proven techniques, tools, and skills for improving sleep, managing worrisome thoughts, and putting insomnia to bed for good. When you have enough respect for you, you will stop caring what other people think you should do.

In today’s slightly ironic mental health news, scientists at the University of New Brunswick just discovered that self-help mantras can lower self-esteem instead of elevating it.
Psychologists suggested that for someone feeling distressed or negative, positive thoughts can provoke contradictory thoughts, something we’re all familiar with. The exploration of literature, philosophy, psychology, theology, and poetry for the discovery and expression of universal love and truth.
In this post, I explain how to increase the other main component of self-esteem: self-respect.
Even the acts of eating and clothing yourself require some sense of self-worthiness, otherwise, why would you bother? It’s okay to pursue your values, goals, dreams, and interests, because that’s how human beings survive and thrive in life. People who lie, cheat, steal, and stab others in the back to get what they want are not valuing or respecting themselves—not if they want to live and thrive for the long-term. This concept says that you are morally bad and tainted from birth, and that you have to atone just for being alive. You’ll be able to respect yourself and your right to happiness, and toss any naysayer off like a feather.
I think that parents have to do a difficult balancing act when it comes to giving to oneself and giving to one’s children. Steve Orma is a licensed CBT clinical psychologist, productivity coach, recognized mental health expert, and specialist in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You feel you deserve to be alive and thrive in life, and are free to pursue your highest values and enjoy them without feeling guilty.

They’re also more susceptible to allowing others to abuse them, because they don’t feel they’re worthy of being treated humanely and respectfully. Someone else will always be in need of something, and by this philosophy, it would be her obligation to fulfill it.
From working toward a satisfying career, engaging in hobbies you enjoy, or pursuing a healthy romantic relationship, going after values comes from the belief that you are worthy of having and enjoying them. The only thing that can stop anyone from pursuing values and enjoying their achievement is self-sacrifice and valuing others above themselves. If it’s the latter, you have nothing to feel guilty about and every reason to be proud of yourself and enjoy what you’ve earned.
This doesn’t mean you can’t help others in your life that you value and feel deserve your help. If someone tries to make you feel guilty for these things, ask them what justifies their accusation? It only means that you don’t make them more important than you, or value them higher than yourself. What evidence do they have that proves pursuing your values (and respecting others’ right to do the same) is wrong or immoral? I think that we’re all equal in the sense that we all deserve to pursue our values, goals, and dreams, and be as happy and fulfilled as possible.

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