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I had no confidence, self esteem or self respect and therefore allowed difficult people to control and manipulate me, trample on my feelings and disrespect me. My first life coach taught me how to respect myself and communicate confidently.  Learning to respond calmly and assertively  felt scary to begin with as when I was a child I was taught to go along with what was good for everyone else and do as I was told.
It was explained to me by my coach I had to stop being the victim and begin to take  responsibility for myself…. By displaying zero self- confidence and losing self- respect for myself, everyone else lost respect for me too. When Madonna and Oprah were asked what was  the most important factor for success, this is the tip they gave.
After I boosted my confidence and self respect I  got brave and asked my partner for what I wanted; a commitment in our relationship, even though it felt TERRIFYING.

Every day when I coach my clients I ask them to stand up, speak up and build self respect  and guess what ?
Believe me,you don’t know how good it’s feels when you stand up, speak up and have people respect you for it. I want you to promise yourself – if you ever catch yourself allowing someone to speak down to you, over you or at you – STOP! Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. I let them interrupt me, put me down and dictate what I ought to do.  I carried so many resentments within and then I reacted. I get  that when difficult are disrespectful, ungracious and basically rude I have to stop trying to please them because I THINK that makes me a nice person.

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Respect is a kind of act in which you obey not dictate terms.You do as you are said to do because you think that if you do not obey what people it means that somewhere there is lack of respect between you two. So no matter what comes to you should obey the orders and sayings of the people whom you respect and care about. When ever you respect someone in any case may be you do not lie to them, you do what they say you to do, you do not want to hurt them and also you care about them alot.Today we are presenting to you some quotes about respect.

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