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Acrobat for Life Sciences is a resource that covers the use of Acrobat for those involved in the pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, and medical device markets. In fact, you can set Acrobat to create files in the version you want all the time, by adjusting a few simple settings. PDF Settings Files— also called Distiller Settings or Job Options files— are small text files which instruct Acrobat to create a PDF file using certain specifications. This file will be named name.joboptions and is a plain text file and is compatible with Acrobat 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and probably beyond. Below is the PDF Settings file I use to show standard settings for FDA regulatory compliance.
The PDF Settings files are located in different locations depending on the version of Acrobat and the operating system. Rather than list the paths for all the different combinations, here is a much simpler way to find and save a PDF Setting.
Click the Save As button and save the Settings file (name.joboptions) to a location of your choice. Each approach will require some set-up to ensure that all documents created have fonts embedded. Acrobat installs 1-button PDF conversion toolbars and menus into popular Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and Internet Explorer. When conversion takes place using these direct methods, you need to specify the desired conversion setting in Acrobat Preferences for each application supported.

IT Professionals are concerned with pushing out Acrobat installations that meet the needs of their users.
Using Adobe’s free Acrobat 9 Customization Wizard, you can set preferences and behaviors for user installations of Acrobat, including the PDF Settings deployed and set as defaults for users. Now in case you set an alternative browser as your default browser, the Metro-styled Internet Explorer tile from the Windows 8 Start Screen may go missing. If you have set some other browser as the default browser, setting Internet Explorer back as the default browser via the Control Panel will help resolve the issue. In any case, whether you want to set IE as the default browser or not, there is a simpler way, and that is to start typing Internet Explorer, when on the Start Screen. If it is the Internet Explorer desktop version shortcut that you want placed on the start screen, open C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and right-click on iexplore. In Windows 8, by default, Bing was set as the default search engine for IE 10 in metro and desktop environments and its the only search provider Internet explorer offers in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, if you want to set Google as default search engine in IE 10, first you need to add it as a search provider, which you can do from IE Add-ons gallery page.
Now a dialog pops up asking you to add Google as search provider, in that dialog, check or select make this as my default search provider and click on “add” button. You can see Google listed as search provider under “Search Providers” for IE’s “Manage add-ons” window and you can also see Google icon along with Bing icon when you click the search icon in the IE’s address bar. Glad to know its working and your comment has importance where last two comments resembles its not working, you’re welcome here.
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The Metro or Windows App style IE browser has been designed especially for touch-enabled devices such as tablets.
Phase 3’s goal—over the course of four years and nine films—is to introduce audiences to new heroes and continue the adventures of fan favorites. From now onwards Google is the default search engine in Internet explorer 10 in windows 8 for both metro and desktop versions.
Took me a few mins to figure it out since Im new to win8 like everyone else but got it by following instructions. I’ve gone through it many times exactly as stated but it won’t allow it as a search provider?
To fix this problem and get the missing Internet Explorer tile back on Windows 8 Start Screen, follow these simple instructions. Add this product to my list of favorites.PrintJunior Takedown recurve bow set 20lbsJR Archery Junior Right-Hand Recurve Bow Set.

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