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NEW YORK (AP) a€” After setting previous works in the 1960s and the 19th century, Sue Monk Kidd is going back to Biblical times for her next novel.
The author of such best-sellers as "The Secret Life of Bees" and the Oprah Winfrey choice "The Invention of Wings" is working on a book narrated by the wife of Jesus, Viking Penguin told The Associated Press on Tuesday.
According to the publisher, Kidd will tell of a "devout yet rebellious young woman" who meets Jesus when he's 18. Why do you think Sue Monk Kidd included the quotes about bees at the beginning of each chapter? Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
One thing that would be different in the story if it were in present time would be no racism.

I think the author thought that religion is imporantant to show many things in the story and how most of the people in the story have different religions that match that person. This story would be different if it was in present day because there would be no discrimination against African Americans.
I think Sue Monk Kidd included the quots to help us understand the story better.It also think that it is to make the reader think about the story and how they are conceted to the book. Monk has given the book the working title, "Ana, the Wife of Jesus." A release date hasn't been set. Give at least two examples?Why do you think Sue Monk Kidd, the author, included religion as a theme in this novel? They would probably use cars instead of walking so it would be easier to travel and the wouldn't stay at a strangers house.

27th: Why do you think Sue Monk Kidd included the quotes about bees at the beginning of each chapter? They relate to the plot by tieing together ideas for the chapter and the realate bees lives to human lives.
I think taht Sue Monk Kidd used religion because alot of people back then went to church all the time and it flows with the story. This is related to the chapter because even the bees can carry big loads like Lily carried a big load on her when she found out about her mom.

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