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Welcome to Forums Universe, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. He has been portrayed continuously by actor Stuart Damon since the character was first introduced in 1977.
According to an interview on the Soapnet talk show, Soap Talk, Damon first appeared in the role of Dr. Though Alan dies on-screen in February 2007, Damon continued appearing as Alan's ghost until December 23, 2008. In October 2012, TV Guide's Nelson Branco revealed that Damon had started taping scenes once again and Soap Opera Digest later confirmed that Damon would bring Alan's ghost back to the canvas in November. Alan James Quartermaine is born on July 4, 1945[5][6] in Southampton, New York to the wealthy and influential, Lila and Edward Quartermaine. He and little sister, Tracy Quartermaine are raised with every advantage money can buy and they are spoiled rotten. The controlling Edward steals the infant and sells the child on the black market, and tells Rae the child is dead. A furious Alan plots to kill the lovers in 1980 but at the last minute, Alan rescues them realizing he'd be the only suspect. Monica is later diagnosed with breast cancer and must have a mastectomy; though Alan is supportive, Monica feels unloved and goes to Arizona for treatment. In her time on the show, Monica has battled breast cancer, dealt with the loss of three children, her son Jason Morgan's amnesia and decision to become a mob enforcer, and various other conflicts. She is the owner of the Quartermaine mansion, which she often reminds her family of when they begin quarreling, which is an often occurrence in the Quartermaine quarters. Monica is Chief of cardiology at the eponymous General Hospital, an original and on-going setting of the serial.
In her time on the show, Monica has battled breast cancer, and dealt with outliving all her children, She is the owner of the Quartermaine mansion, which she often reminds her family of when they begin quarreling, which is an often occurrence in the Quartermaine quarters. In 2006, she only had rare appearances; however, new storylines developed in 2007 (an investigation into the murder of Rick Webber, the deaths of her husband Alan Quartermaine and adopted daughter Emily Quartermaine), and she is being featured more prominently. With the returns of Denise Alexander (Lesley Webber), Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin), Monica remains to be the fourth oldest character on "General Hospital" [2] and Charleson is the show's most tenured performer. In May 2011, newly appointed head writer Garin Wolf expressed his interest in having Charleson appear on a much more frequent basis. Today, Monica is still Chief of Cardiology at General Hospital and continues to appear as a recurring character. Monica later had an affair with David Langton and gave birth to a daughter, Dawn, whom she gave up for adoption. Monica later had an affair with David Langton and gave birth to a daughter, Dawn Winthrop, whom she gave up for adoption. Monica and Jeff Monica arrived in Port Charles in 1976, having recently married Jeff Webber. Rick and Monica's relationship becomes embittered, and Monica nearly loses her job, though Lesley sets aside her personal feelings and vouches for Monica's talents as a doctor to Steve Hardy, saving her job. Monica had doubts about her relationship with Alan, but these were soon overshadowed when Monica's foster mother Gail Adamson discovered that Monica had slept with Gail's late husband Greg. After their 1978 wedding, Alan bought a mansion for Monica as a wedding present, and his family ended up living there as well. Following their 'reconciliation,' Monica refused to sleep with Alan and insisted on separate rooms. In 1986, Monica had an affair with Sean Donely, and kicked all the Quartermaines out of the Mansion. Monica went away to a spa resort and ended up sleeping with one of the workers there, a young man named Ward.
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This passages is remarkably parallel to a Passage in Wordsworth's Prelude which (since the poem was not published until 1850) Shelley could not have read.
Like lines 9-11, an echo of Coleridge's description of the chasm and the sacred river in Kubla Khan, lines 11-24.
Alan James Quartermaine, MD was a fictional soap opera character appearing on General Hospital. During his early years as a medical student, Alan has an affair with Rae Cummings who would give birth to a daughter, Skye.
Alan and Monica's marriage is tested again when Alan begins having an affair with Susan Moore which leads to the birth of his son, Jason in 1981. When the deal goes bad, Sean bankrupts the Quartermaines and Alan blames Jimmy Lee while Monica forces them out of the mansion.

Monica Quartermaine, MD (nee Bard; previously Webber) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Her various affairs and quarrels with her husband Alan were major stories on the show throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Her various affairs, primarily with fellow doctors Jeff Webber and his older brother Rick Webber, as well as her quarrels with husband Alan Quartermaine and their dysfunctional family, were all major stories on the show throughout the late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
On June 13, 2011, Charleson announced that after making only one appearance so far in 2011, she would be returning to the front burner. However, he had broken up with her and flew off to Africa where he became caught up in a civil war and was presumed dead. Steve Hardy, who had been recently appointed as Chief of Staff at General Hospital, invited the couple to take part in his Mr. Monica was devastated, and tried to put a stop to it, blackmailing Lesley into turning down Rick's proposal. Gail did not believe Monica's explanation that Greg had forced her into the affair and cut ties with Monica.
However, within a year of her second marriage, Monica once again fell into Rick's arms and the two had a one-night stand. Alan grew frustrated and in 1981, he embarked on an affair with Susan Moore, who became pregnant and gave birth to Alan's son, Jason.
Alan concocted a bizarre scheme to frame Sean for his 'murder' and even went missing for several months as part of the plan.
To Monica's surprise, Ward turned out to be Ned Ashton, the son of her sister-in-law, Tracy Quartermaine, and thus, Alan's nephew. And since more people are a part of this package, the premium is reduced considerably and this makes family plans affordable.For Shelly's first job, she helped James take care of two-year-old quadruplets. This has been a very difficult dilemma in my view, but witnessing the very specialized tactic you treated the issue forced me to weep over happiness. The poem ends like Ode to the West Wind, with a rhetorical question, of which the implication is that phenomenal nature is in itself but a universal blank, except as by the imagination of observing man Shelley comes close here to the central theme of the modern American poet, Wallace Stevens, for whom the human imagination confronts an alien and neutral nature and creates the order and meaning it does not find.
In writing Mont Blanc Shelley probably remembered also Coleridge's Hymn before Sun_rise, in the Vale of Chamouni. He was the son of late wealthy businessman, Edward Quartermaine and his late wife, Lila Quartermaine. Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Alan's multiple affairs and quarrels with his wife, Dr. Their relationship develops into a romance and Alan chooses to stay in Port Charles and his wealthy family the Quartermaines soon followed.
As Alan prepares to divorce Monica, Monica begins a flirting with another man making him realize how much he loves her. In a scheme to get the family fortune back, Alan fakes his death, frames Sean for his murder and disappears to Pautuck, New York where he lives under the alias Simon; he has a brief fling with country girl Charity Gatlin. Monica turned to Jeff Webber, Rick's brother, for comfort and married him, not knowing that Rick was still alive. If Lesley didn't, Monica would tell the hospital board of Monica's affair with Rick, denying him the opportunity to become Chief of Cardiology at General Hospital. In 1983, Susan was murdered and Alan fought Susan's cousin, Heather (the same Heather whom Jeff had cheated on Monica with seven years earlier) for custody of the baby.
Eventually, Sean left Monica for Tiffany Hill, and Monica reluctantly reconciled with Alan and let the Quartermaines back into the mansion.
The two agreed to keep the affair a secret, but soon another secret of Monica's would come out. I'm grateful for your guidance and in addition wish you really know what a powerful job you happen to be accomplishing training many people through the use of your web page. Alan and Monica marry in June 1978 but their happiness is threatened due to Monica's growing closeness to her former love, Dr. With encouragement from Scott Baldwin and her cousin, Heather, Susan sues Alan for millions of dollars, and manages to get a million dollar trust fund for Jason.
After a bump on the head leads to Alan believing he really is Simon, Monica realizes how much she loves him and they reunite.
Gail remained unaware of this for many years but the two were able to reconcile once the truth came out.
Monica makes a last ditch effort to bed Rick while trapped in a remote ranger station overnight during a storm while working on the project, but is turned down. She did not like changing their diapers.When you have significant stomach discomfort, a doctor needs to be called instantly. In early 1983, Alan is a suspect in Susan's murder investigation and it is later revealed that she was actually killed by Lila's first husband, Crane Tolliver who reveals that he and Lila never divorced. In 1988, Monica beats out Alan for the chief of staff position at GH; however the job proves to be too much and Monica quits, briefly leaving town to stay at a spa.

Lesley was despondent, and called off her engagement to Rick, hoping to save Rick's career. While Monica continues to antagonize Lesley and Rick, she soon begins a relationship with Alan, though she's still very much attracted to Rick. Monica believed that Rick was the father and Rick and Lesley divorced so Rick and Monica could be together. Monica was not pleased at having her husband's illegitimate offspring in the house at first, but eventually grew to love Jason as if he were her own.
These two secrets proved at last to be the deathblow to Monica and Alan's marriage and the two divorced.
Shelley's Poem like Wordsworth's, emphasizes the interchange between mind and nature in perception and goes on to pose the question of the significance of nature to man; it proposes, however, a very different answer to that question.
Rick Webber, more than once after he learned there was a chance that Rick might have fathered Alan "AJ" Quartermaine Jr. In November 1979, Alan and Monica welcome their son, Alan Jr; however, Tracy leads her brother to believe Rick is the boy's father. Meanwhile, Jimmy Lee Holt comes to Port Charles and reveals that he is Edward's illegitimate son. She was still deeply in love with Jeff's brother, Rick Webber, who had been presumed dead in Africa. Meanwhile, Monica and Rick talk about how important the promotion is to Rick, and Monica realizes she cannot go through with her threat, but doesn't tell Lesley as much. Alan was enraged by this turn of events and made several attempts to kill Rick and Monica, but was thwarted at every attempt.
Jimmy Lee teams up with Heather in an attempt to blackmail the family with Lila's unsigned divorce papers. In the spring of 1989, Alan clashes with Ned after Edward is presumed dead and leaves his entire fortune to Ned. Thus, the marriage collapsed when Rick was revealed to be still alive and Monica cheated on Jeff with Rick, while Jeff cheated on Monica with Heather Grant, with whom he had a son, Steve Webber. Monica's found out when Lesley's daughter Laura's tape recorder is found to have caught Monica's threats to Lesley. The process of the Arve begins with the ceaseless but unseen fall of snow and the unheard play of winds at the far height of the mountain, becomes the Mer de Glace glacier, moves inexorably down the mountain, and melts into the river, which runs through its ravine into the valley of Chamonix in southeastern France. Most have no complications as the outcome of this extra fat accumulation, but occasionally it can lead to inflammation and scarring of the liver. If left untreated, it can in the long run progress to liver failure.Home Shelly Sun has become a preferred method of caring for elderly people in our society. It fulfills the needs of both the individual who is able to remain in their own familiar surroundings and of Medicare and health insurance providers who don't have to pick up the higher costs incurred by moving the person into a nursing facility.
However, you should be aware that there are if you cost associated with making sure that the person's home is safe enough for them to live in. Alan soon develops an infatuation with the mother of his son Jason's girlfriend, Rhonda Wexler. Though they never consummate the relationship, Alan becomes very protective of her and in 1993, accidentally kills her abusive ex-boyfriend Ray Conway when he finds him abusing her and Karen. You can work in hospitals prisons schools colleges prisons clinics doctor's offices cruises resorts hospices home health care research centres The Shelly Sun list is endless.Shelly Sun is the CEO and Co-Founder of BrightStar Care ®, a premium health care staffing company that gives the complete continuum of care, from personal homecare to people of all ages, to supplemental staffing for clinical establishments. She was selected as the International Franchise Association's (IFA) Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009, coming to be not only the youngest recipient of this outstanding honor, yet also just the second women recipient. In 1994, Alan and Tracy also learn they have another illegitimate sibling, the late Bradley Ward whom was murdered in the 70s. When Edward is arrested for his murder, Bradley's mother Mary Mae is forced to admit to the world that Bradley is Edward's son and he would not have killed him. Prior to BrightStar, Shelly worked as the VP of Finance for Avolar, a previous division of United Airlines, and in executive financing placements with CNA Insurance as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield. Shelly just recently finished creating her very first publication, Grow Smart, Risk Less-- a low-capital path to multiplying your company through franchising, where she reviews her trip as an emerging franchisor through incredible growth, lessons discovered and game-changing suggestions.
The publication is scheduled to be on book shop shelves October 4, 2011.As you may have noticed, the Republican party is currently deciding who should run for President.
The two candidates currently disputing the lead are Mitt Romney who's the Governor of Massachusetts, and Rick Perry who's Governor of Texas. By one of those quirks of fate, these two men also represent a polarized view of health care.
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