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Rockstar’s GTA 5 release is packed with a lot of cool obvious features and tricks that you might be putting to test already – but there’s more to the game than just the see-able.
Visiting a prostitute every once in a while will increase your Stamina stats – this will help you run, swim and pedal faster. If you constantly rob from the same store, the store clerk will recognize your face and will have the police eyeing the counter like the next time you enter. Zombies have made their way on almost all game franchises and movies – GTA 5 did not disappoint. There have already been a lot of rumours about hidden serial killer missions in GTA 3, and we’ve been really curious about a follow up to that rumour since nothing came up before. On Mount Gordo from a cliff where you can see the lighthouse, you can see a ghost in between the hours of 11 PM and Midnight. You might not believe it, but there have been some sightings of UFOs being spotted by characters during the game. Hey you, yea you, sign up for our newsletter and get our awesome articles in your mailbox, no spam, we promise. Prostitutes will never approach your character if there’s a cop car (or a cop standing about for that matter) anywhere near you.
In the middle of Senora National Park in Sandy shores there are a bunch of rocks clustered up in one place. This is the ghost of Jolene Cranley Evans who was murdered by her husband and politician, Jock Cranley.
You can see UFOs up close sometimes and see ‘FIB’ written on them – but if you get too close, you will be pushed away. For example, if you use the cheat code for invincibility, you can expect your invincibility to run out after five minutes, which can be very frustrating if you’re in the middle of a situation where invincibility is necessary to do what you want (imagine a shoot-out versus 20 cops!). But this requires precise aiming; make sure you do it at a stop signal so you have time to shoot at the tank.
The weird thing – there are a couple of bold 888’s written on one of them along with a poem that we think might have been the work of a serial killer. Every night, she hovers over some rocks over the name of her murderer and reminds everyone of the injustice. Debian user that has given up on Windows and a huge heavy metal fan with a knack of breaking things.

Other fans are frustrated by the super jump cheat disabling once your character moves into an internal structure.Part of the design of GTA V obviously included these limitations, but it’s curious as to why Rockstar decided to take this route with the cheat codes, especially since there were no limitations on the cheat codes in previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series. One of the aspects players often enjoyed most in previous titles in the series was the ability to turn the world into absolute chaos and yet walk away unscathed because of cheat codes. Some fans have speculated that Rockstar included cheat code limitations in order to make GTA 5 a little more realistic and present more of a challenge to players who often rely on cheat codes to get them out of sticky situations.Whatever the reason for the inclusion of cheat code limitations in Grand Theft Auto V, fans of the game are definitely frustrated, especially fans who have been playing GTA games for years. While not every GTA game has the same cheat codes built in, there are definitely some that fans have gotten used to, and that importantly that worked without limitations. Five-minute invincibility is a new concept and is hard to see as a step up from the unlimited invincibility of the past. Obviously there is a lot more of the standard GTA 5 cheats that need to be uncovered (for cell phone entry), and we’ll post them all for you right here as they are found. September 28, 2013 Trevor Phillips 66 CommentsThe final cheat codes for GTA 5 have been found! Check them out for Xbox 360 and PS3!We’re getting dozens of emails and comments each day asking for updates on finding the remaining cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto V. All cheats from all previous GTA games have been tried and the list of working cheat codes that we have as of today is partially as a result of that.Apart from pure luck, or by plugging in cheats from previous GTA games, there are other ways that the remaining cheat codes might be discovered. The game has not even been released in the US and we already have the majority of the cheats.
It’s basically designed to put less strain on PlayStation servers and also means you can start installing and playing more quickly. Everyone wins!In other news Rockstar has covertly released a new GTA V trailer – this one focuses on Blaine County.
Check it out below.Finally, don’t forget that we have all the cheat codes discovered for Grand Theft Auto 5 so far right here!
We’re also adding new cheats as they are found, so keep checking back for more!cheatscodesplaystationpreloadpsntrailervideoHow Will the GTA 5 Cheats System Work? September 1, 2013 Trevor Phillips 5 CommentsBefore we get into the main subject matter of this post – how will the cheats system in GTA V work? While you don’t necessarily need to use them to beat the games, they sure do add a lot of fun!
While this method of activating a cheat code in a video game used to be popular, it has become much less so of late.

These days, many games have either built in cheat menus in which you simply need to enter the code once (to prove you know it) and then the relevant is unlocked and easily selectable on and off from that point.
For instance, dialing a number or accessing a cheat via an in-game cellphone has been used for the GTA series as well as the Saint’s Row series.
This worked well because the cell phone was also important for other game aspects, like getting missions.Turning to the cell phone method, it is an obvious bet for the cheat entry system in GTA V. It’s been well proven and used in previous GTA games and most gamers seem to like it (easy to store cheats, relatively easy to bring them up and use them, and no need to stop and pause the game). Although that said, if you were shot while trying to input a cheat via the cellphone in GTA IV then you’d need to start the process again. Basically in order to activate a cheat you needed to pause the game and head to a cheats menu where a specific phrase had to be entered. Basically when you go to select a new weapon from your inventory, time slows down so you needn’t be in such a mad rush and are less likely to make mistakes (it also means you are less likely to get shot and killed while looking for a new gun).
What if this was carried across to the GTA 5 cheats system and there was a sort of “cheats wheel”?
Bring it up, time slows down, and you can select and activate the cheats you want without (hopefully) getting killed.ConclusionTo conclude, what do we want to see in the cheats system for GTA V?
Beyond that, as you may already know, we also often like to keep certain game details secret so you can discover them for yourself when you play the game. What do you think?cheatscodesofficialrockstarMost Wanted GTA 5 Cheats May 14, 2013 Trevor Phillips 14 CommentsIn case it isn’t completely obvious, GTA 5 Cheats is a site all about cheats for Grand Theft Auto 5.
We all know how important cheats have been for past games in the GTA series and we fully expect GTA 5 will be no different.
From then it’s an all-on-all battle with former pedestrians attacking both you and each other. Michael has bullet-time (ala Max Payne), Trevor has rage mode and Franklin has awesome driving skills.
There are a few tweaks and refinements that would need to be made, but we think the general idea of an Anarchy Mode cheat for GTA 5 is pretty straightforward – all out chaos!Cell Phone vs Button ComboOn a final note, the cell phone system for cheats should be ditched.

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