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Inside the fire temple, a fire soul is suspended in the middle of a ring of pearls over a flame coming out of the wall. Near the end of the level, jump onto a rail suspended between two platforms that allow you to reach the final corridor. Big the Cat Sighting: At the first section with collapsing pillars, stop at the last pillar for a few seconds. Activate the switch underneath the floating spike ball located between the section of ramps over the water and the fire temple.
Go through a segment of the course without getting killed by an enemy or a trap, or by falling into a pit. You'll be racing a little blue orb, the "wind genie Uhu," across a small section of the course.

Your ring counter will expand to 99 for this level, so you don't have to worry about leveling up first. Jump onto the pillars that rise out of the sand, and do a homing attack on the three enemies that appear. You'll need to use the Speed Break ability gained from the Evil Foundry stage to stay caught up.
There's a fire soul located directly over a pot at the beginning that you can get if you time your jump right. It's a little harder because there are more bottomless pits to fall into, as well as more traps. Sonic The Hedgehog and their respective logos, are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Sega of America in the U.S.

You'll need to level up a bit a move on to the other stages, then come back at your leisure. Land on the upper platform after hitting the third, and jump on the spring at the end to be launched into a fire soul. You'll probably have to redo this one a couple times because the pots are placed around corners near the end. Attack as soon as it goes red, and keep the homing chain going until you hit the big eye on its back.

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