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I DECLARE that everything you’ve been through up to now is to prepare you for what God is about to do. Our boys from GOT7 are back at it again, oozing their charm and taking us to cloud-9 with their awesome, chart-topping track, “Fly”! But among JB, Mark, Jackson, Junior, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom, who has captured your heart the most? With this in mind, I chose my favourite heartbreak quotes that inspire, comfort and gently encourage us to recognize the threads of meaning in our lives, even when all feels as if there's no reason and no hope.

Until you meet him or her, feel free to hang out at The Soulmate Site and read love quotes. With singers like George Strait and Kenny Chesney, there's always going to be a hit song and a bright smile to go along with it.
Aren't y'all a bit curious to see wish of the men of country music your personality best matches up with, or as we like to call it, your "soul mate"?
Some of my services include Intuitive Readings with messages from your Angels, Tarot Readings, Angelic Candle Vigils, Divinations, Energy Work and More.

Heartbreak quotes have the ability to tap into our hearts when we're feeling the most lost and vulnerable and spin us around in an expansive dance.
There's also wisdom in them, like little serendipitous messages from our angels, waiting to be heard.

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