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He was an American clairvoyant and the most well documented psychic and medical clairvoyant in the twentieth century.
As an adult, Cayce discovered that he could put himself into a sleep-like state connect with the universal consciousness.
Gina Cerminara's Many Mansions, is a very dense read (you may want to take your time and split it up) but has a fantastic range of topics like the types of karma and some nice sections on soulmates, marriage, infidelity and more. When soulmates recognize one another and become a romantic couple, it can happen immediately and all-at-once, as if light streamed down from the heavens, or it can be a delayed a-ha. Perhaps, because of past relationships you’ve had, you don’t trust that any love relationship will survive. After recognizing your soulmate and entering into a relationship with him or her, now what?!
Don’t let old wounds get in the way of creating (and sustaining) a soulmate relationship that will keep getting better and better. But, do find ways to make completions with your past so you can really be with your soulmate now.
Completions are creative (or not so creative) ways you come to terms with disappointments and  trauma from the past. Spend some time with whatever symbol you decide upon and invite yourself to feel gratitude for all that you’ve learned because of the past relationship.
The most important thing about completions is that you come up with a symbolic action that means something to you and that helps you heal and clear yourself. The more you free yourself to really be here now in your current relationship with your soulmate, the easier it will be to create and sustain happiness and connection that lasts. The story might be that soulmates “have” to act in certain ways or it could be that if ______ doesn’t happen, you can’t be happy. When you realize you’re stewing around in a story that’s got you anxious or upset, take three deep breaths and ask yourself the simple question, “What’s true now?” You can even use a process like Byron Katie’s “The Work” to guide yourself out of the story and back to what’s true in this moment.
What can be even more amazing than discovering your soulmate, is discovering new ways to deepen the passion, love and bond you share with one another. Author Information Susie and Otto Collins (12 Posts)Susie and Otto Collins are relationship coaches, speakers and authors.
That thought is paraphrased from Cakekiel in James Gilliland’s channeled book Reunion with Source, originally published as Becoming Gods (order book below). For years, I claimed to practice Mother Teresa’s policy: Don’t ask me to march against war, ask me to march for peace. Cazekiel reminds us that life is a system of interconnected parts fueled by love, peacefulness, and freedom. Author Information Anne Wade (119 Posts)Anne Wade is the founder and publisher of The Soulmate Dance.
In passive waiting, we get bogged down in un-enjoyment,in lack, missing life in the moment because it doesn’t fit our picture of perfection, whatever the heck that is. If your friend were to shift her focus to loving life, to living a life of service, and to stop looking outside herself for what can only be found within, the love she wants would stand a much better chance of finding her. You know, Trying to reach your highest potential is a good and wholesome idea, however sometimes it also can lead to the dead stop.

The company pioneered online matrimonials in 1996 and continues to lead the exciting matrimony category after more than a decade.
Even if you're not sure about reincarnation, this information has the potential to revolutionize how you see your love life! Then I'll give you some more eye-opening information he chanelled, about common relationship topics.
Today, I especially his messages are important as more and more of us explore bigger questions about our lives. This information adds a rich, dimension to your soulmate search, whether your focus is how to find true love, surviving infidelity, or healing past lives. We actually knew one other and hung out in the same social circles for quite some time before that moment when we SAW one another as soulmates. You may be surprised that the one with whom you share such an intense bond is so very different from what you imagined. Yes, the last two emotions on our list, “anxiety" and “worry," may be intermingled with the yummy stuff.
It seems to you that there’s a trajectory when it comes to love where it peaks and then (too quickly) fades and dies. That “something" could be residue from the past that needs to be healed so that you’ll be free to be fully present with your soulmate now.
We know, it’s no fun to explore painful memories and we do NOT suggest that you re-immerse yourself in something that happened years ago.
Find a physical symbol of a past relationship you had that seems to still have a hold on you. In a way that does no harm to others or the environment, let go of that symbol of your past relationship. What are the limiting words you’ve used to put yourself down or that others have used to keep you feeling small and powerless?
There is not one “right” way to make a completion, so give yourself permission to experiment and find what is most helpful to you.
Without so much residue from the past clouding your view, you’ll be quicker to recognize when you’re telling yourself a story that is damaging to you (and your relationship). Another story might be that “This won’t last." Limiting thoughts that you repeat to yourself again and again form stories and these can quickly become obstacles to passion and connection. It got me wondering, deeply and realistically, what a society that truly served the whole might look like.
We rant and rail about the state of society, lament the lack of genuine leadership, complain about the negative power of corporations (Yes, I can be guilty of all of the above), but what does that mean we are actually nurturing in our own lives? It prevents us from reaching our highest potential, becoming our best selves, and fulfilling our unique purpose.
Our soulmates are all those many individuals who show up, life after life, helping us return to the unconditional love that was our original state.
Yes, freedom even to choose what to nurture in ourselves and radiate out into the world even if we choose anger, negativity, and against-ness. She is a writer, educator, life coach, and lifelong student of soulmate relationships devoted to expanding our understanding of all types of soulmate relationships and experiences.

If she can begin to see her time without her beloved as a gift of time to prepare for him, kind of like the life equivalent of taking care in getting dressed for a special date, she would be happier now and attract a happier mate. The way that you feel when you two are together, however, may be exactly what you hoped for-- and more!
Maybe you’re concerned that these good feelings and this wonderful connection you’ve discovered won’t last. Allow any worries and fears to come up and move through you, because they’re not going to disappear on their own. Making completions may be a process you repeat a few times to bring about necessary healing to the layers of emotion you’ve got going on. Maybe you use that relationship as a point of comparison for what is going on now (or for what you think might happen in the future). And I had to admit that while being “against” evil made me feel better in the moment, it also made me feel powerless, victimized. Bottom line, there’s no love in against-ness, and I firmly believe there is only love or fear.
They can be lovers, but are also family, friends, colleagues, enemies, oppressors, and victims. By feeding our own negativity instead of practicing something better and allowing it to radiate out, we become part of the problem of proliferating anger and fear. I applauded my daughters when they traveled to Washington to make their voices heard against war.
The simplest answer is already a famous quote – Be the change you want to see in the world. We love life just as it is right now even while being open to something else, perhaps even something we see as better. If you have a fire pit, fireplace or safe space for an outdoor bonfire, carefully place the box in the fire. If we are nurturing anger, fear, unworthiness, or against-ness even inadvertently, we will be attracting other angry, fearful, unworthy people. Living your life based on loving and nurturing, giving and receiving both, is a far better change agent than all the protest in the world.
As you watch the box burn, imagine those words turning to ash and feel the limitations lift.
Bet you have felt this way at least once in your own life.) And most of all, it did not feel in alignment with Highest and Best, of my own potential or for the benefit of society.
They show up to demonstrate what we don’t want and help correct our path which is a form of soul love, but they cannot bring the peaceful, loving, nurturing relationships we crave at our core.
That can only be done through practicing peaceful, loving, and nurturing habits and beliefs in ourselves.

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