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We use Sacred Sound to harmonize our physical and spiritual beings and to promote positivity, relaxation and good health. The sound created by the Solfeggio Pipes, Gongs and Singing Bowls has tones and overtones which can be felt in every cell of the body. Enjoy this magical journey with Sacred Sound as you re-energize and restore health to your mind, body and spirit. If you would like an Express Service or Recorded Delivery (signed for), please contact me before ordering and I will advise you of the cost.  If you wish to go ahead with the purchase, I will send you a PayPal invoice direct. Well done Carmel on producing a fantastic CD and I look forward to the others you have planned.
Love the CD, put on the head phones and drift away to the sound of awesome Tibetan gongs and bowls, beautiful, well done.
A magical, mystical journey that alleviates the every day stresses that drag us down on a daily basis.

A powerfully, potent meditation that helps unwind & unravel all the stresses and emotional knots of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken to a place of stillness deep within my being as I listened to the calming crystal clear sounds of Carmel’s Sunset Reflections. Thanks to the help of the relaxing healing sounds on this cd I have been able to get through a very stressful time recently. As we listen to these frequencies, our breathing and brain waves become regulated producing deep relaxation and a sense of peace.
This CD transforms negative energies and allows you to shrug of that big unnecessary pile of baggage at the end of your first hour of listening. The different sounds of the gongs and chimes and the different vibrations send me into dream land every time.
Sound Healing allows us to reduce stress levels, restore harmony and vitality and deepen our connection to our spiritual being.

Sound healing compliments practically all other therapies so it is ideal for use in energetic work. It stops my thoughts spinning and takes me to a different place where I can re energise and deal with life better. I haven’t heard the end yet as it just totally sends me to dreamland ?? I awake totally refreshed and re charged.

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