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Automotive manufacturers have been fiddling with the way their products sound, both on the outside and on the inside, for a few decades now. In recent times, BMW has employed an actual digital sound file, sound inspected and digitally perfected, to offer the M5 owners what they consider to be the proper sense of aggressiveness when driving at pace.
Porsche as well did something similar, however they went with a more old-school option, employing a sound symposer in order to feed the growl of the 911′s flat-six into the cabin. A sound symposer is a diaphragm that is electrically controlled which is placed in a specially tuned sound tube meant to funnel the proper engine noises into the passenger compartment. For some this might sound as a bit of a gimmick, and as far as performance goes, it is, but driving a car for many of us is much more than just using it as a means of transportation.
Actually the sound symposer technology has been on the minds of other car manufacturers as well, a former GM employee mentioned that he wanted for the system to be installed in Cadillacs, but the financial part of GM shot that idea down because of costs – we are aware that GM has been going through a lot of financial hardships in the past few years.

However it would appear that it is not too expensive for Ford, considering that they have added the sound symposer technology to their upcoming Fiesta ST model. If it is the first time you encountering this problem, just try to restart your computer, because it is possible a temporary problem that due to the improper start-up of the PC or the associated drivers. It is also possible that the problem is just a small mistake that you accidentally close the sound of the computer. Sometimes it is just the problem of the cables does not connect correctly on the computer, so you should go to check the headphones, speakers, multiple audio devices and other associated devices are connected properly. Please make sure that your computer has a sound card or sound processor, and it operates correctly. If you have other problems about your Windows system, please click here to get more help and information.

This practice might be a bit better known in regards to motorbikes, but it is not strange to cars either. The electrical component of the diaphragm means that it is opened and closed by the vehicle’s on-board electronics so that you can basically turn the engine snarl off and on, at the push of a button. If you already have a sound card, you will need more information from the publisher of the sound card or consider to reinstall it.

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