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To put it in question format, aren’t you tired of being afraid to stand out for who you are? So many people are carrying this fear of living their creative potential, sexual truth or spiritual mission. If the ‘frustrated artist’ metaphor doesn’t sound like what’s pushing into your consciousness at this time, what does that thing feel like to you? Chiron is a centaur planet that calls our attention to wounds (psychological or physical) so we can recognize them, and understand how old they are, how deep they go and how they stand in our way. Mercury is taking advantage of Chiron’s focusing power to distill the message and direct it to our minds, where we can understand it clearly. There is also something about all this Pisces energy (Neptune is not far from this triple conjunction, and the Moon is in Pisces until Tuesday evening) about not pretending. I have periodically heard mention here of the Symbols and the novice i am to this study, I finally pulled them up last night, for additional clues to the chart angles. KEYNOTE: The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and creative Impulse of the cycle active and undeviated.
The Hindu ideal of the sacred relationship between guru and chela (disciple) has of late become familiar to a vast number of young and not-so-young people. I use an ephemeris listing from the website of Astrodienst where anyone can go and find all the major planets for the last 6000 years. As for the Sabian Symbols helping you find a specific role in your chart such as Creative Warrior Spirit, yes they could provide clues. My primary method for discovering something specific (and important) about the subject is usually through feeling. Read the Sabian symbols for all your major planets and then, if one or two of them seems to resonate with you, follow up with the planet’s (or planets) aspects.
The point is there is not just one path to finding a divine purpose, and usually there will be several pathways within each chart that all support one another. Your comments regarding ‘penury and starvation’ brought to mind Eric’s interview with Melanie Reinhart in the emotional tracing of Chiron’s ancestral healing going back some 4 generations. Re 1415, I read that that sory was totally different… as Jinspace said, there was a pope and an anti-pope, and it seems that it took long years to find an agreement to both resign at the same time.
In the year 1415, the unknown planet Uranus ran the gamut of degrees between 20 and 24 Aquarius. I thank you too for the Pope history lesson and will be checking out where the major planets were in 1415. Here is our chance to flex our collective creative muscles…they are looking to name Pluto’s 2 smallest moons! On first blush it would seem the Pope’s resignation is an apt metaphor for this triple conjunction, for the Catholic church anyway, if not for the world.
So there it is, this triple conjunction, in the midst of all the power of the Uranus-square-Pluto, but look closer. Recall the Scorpio solar eclipse on November 13th when Saturn (structure) in Scorpio trined Chiron (focus) in Pisces as it stationed direct, and they both were trine Ceres (the mother chuch) in Cancer.
Be aware that near the end of April we will start the next eclipse season with a lunar eclipse in Scorpio with Mars conjunct the Sun and Neptune trine the Moon, followed in May by a solar eclipse in the sign (and very near the degree) where Jupiter and Saturn began their new societal cycle in 2000.
KEYNOTE: A call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches.
KEYNOTE: The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality. For many people, yoga is a modern-day symbol of wellness and serenity in a fast-paced world. This album was released at the tail end of 1966 and could best be described as the band’s Revolver. The last track, The Great Airplane Strike, a minor top 40 hit, was one of the band’s finest ever.
Ia€™ve been fascinated by this outfit for more years than I can remember, but ita€™s taken me until now to bite the bullet and buy the compilation (Kicks!
Richard : Saw the duo as an opening act for Glen Yarbourough after he left the Limelighters. Recently I received the Fantastic Fall edition of a rather upscale catalog featuring “inspired home decor.” I was shocked to see that 33 pages - more than a third of the magazine – were dedicated to Halloween decor - macabre mummies, gaggles of ghosts, skull and bones necklaces and purses, and much more. The ancient pagan feast day, today known as Halloween, has come to be considered a major “holiday,” as important as Christmas and Easter in the minds of many children and adults. What we know as Halloween started as Samhain (pronounced Sah-Ween), the most popular of the eight pagan Celtic feasts in the yearly cycle. For the Celtic pagans, Samhain marked the end of the year and the Autumn season that faded into history at dusk on October 31. During the three days of Samhain, the Druid priests would make contact with the spirit world, departed relatives or the spirits that lived in the underworld who would give supposed guidance and inspiration for the new pagan year that was starting.
Today you will see that the druids, witches and wiccans of the neo-pagan movement vehemently deny and carefully hide the demonic aspects of the ancient cults and rituals they are reviving.
With her good sense and wisdom, the Catholic Church took those pagan festivals and Christianized them, cleansing them of what was evil and demonic, maintaining what was sound or harmless, and adding what was holy and beneficial.
Therefore, in the 7th century Pope Boniface IV introduced All Saints Day to replace the pagan festival of the dead observed on May 13 in the West.

The bonfires were still lit in the Celtic villages on the night of October 31, but now to give light to the evening of festivities and games and keep away the spirits of darkness. Neo-Paganism and Satanism are on the rise everywhere today, and at no time is it so obvious as at Halloween. For example, the 2007 Samhain Festival at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve (25 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin) calls on the public to come ”explore the afterlife, connect with the recent dead and ancestors, walk the Labyrinth and draw tarot cards.” There is a special program for the children, with mask making and spirit bags games. Here is another advertised event: The New York Witch Festival claims 2007 will be its biggest and best ever, with Sacred Circles, tarot card readers, and a Samhain ritual inviting the spirits of the departed to join the living. Halloween is treated as an important date in the world of wizards and magic in the Harry Potter book series. At any rate, in the present climate, the witches and wizards have returned with a vengeance. Let’s do as the Church always did, crush out the pagan practices and customs, and emphasize what is salutary and good for souls. Aren’t you tired of letting your fears run your life — creatively, sexually, spiritually, mentally? The sense you may have that you can’t actually write what you love to write (or paint, or perform) and earn a living, or that a ‘real job’ can’t possibly be the thing that makes you happy, is a lie that was laid on you at an early age.
Mars is stepping up to the plate like a baseball coach waving us home and shouting encouragement. The openness needed to embrace new possibility also creates space for fears to rush in, and we’ve ended up with an epidemic of paralysis.
Culturally, we do a lot of pretending as individuals about what we feel, what we want, what we believe, what is really true.
There is much to investigate and compare to the astrological degrees in how it all fits from the collective perspective to individual. I was originally looking to my natal Venus positioning for discovery until reading this article and comments here…I am now realizing Chiron may hold the key. 1412-1415 were very significant years in Spanish religious history in re the anti-pope Benedict and the shocking measures he implemented against the Jews of Spain (they were forced into ghettos & stripped of nearly all rights, including the right to earn a living, effectively pushed into penury and starvation 80 years before being expelled).
The announcement and your comment about Gregorio XII both startled me all the more because I’m in the middle of writing about yet another Benedict – the one who was anti-pope to the very Gregorio you mention! To find the previous one we have to go back to 1415: to Gregorio XII, who was Pope from 1406 to 1415, 598 years ago.
The studio energy, positivity, friendly students, and knowledgeable teachers brought me to this studio and kept me coming back for more. In fact, more than 20 million Americans practice yoga — and they have good reason to do so.
Their costumes and top 40 pop image kept the band from being taken seriously and a later, 70’s version of the Raiders placed more emphasis on comedy and entertainment than artistic merit. Airplane Strike is a hard, lean rocker with powerful, spiraling fuzz leads and Lindsay’s best Jaggeresque vocals. Apart from the rather limp early version of a€?Louie, Louiea€? and the misguided attempt at smooth country rock from a€?Indian Reservationa€? onwards, everything in between is damn good power pop with occasional psych overtones, well played (assuming they did play on all their own records) and funkily sung.
This fulfills a goal of the neo-pagans – to reclaim the pagan festivals that were made holy days by the Catholic Church. Our trick-or-treat, witches, mayhem, costuming and bonfires are vestiges of this pagan festival. The essence of Samhain is chaos and disintegration; a three-day period called “Time Which Is No Time,” when the normal order was suspended. During these days, the veil was said to be drawn that separated this world and the underworld, and journeys could be made from one side to the other.
Again, as in voodoo, Druids predicted the future by reading the entrails and movements of the animals slaughtered for the great feast, known as the festival of meat. They make no secret, however, that they are adoring the god of the Underworld and the Crone Witch goddess at their Samhain (also spelled Samhein or Sanhaim) festivals.
Thus Samhain became All Hallows Eve, the holy eve before All Saint’s Day, later shortened to Halloween. Today’s witches and warlocks are openly practicing their Samhain rituals offered to the demonic spirits.
They do not hide that the festival is “offered to the community in honor of the goddess.” Isn’t this goddess the Devil? Anyone who visits a bookstore will find special sections at Halloween on magic, potions, spells, witches and vampires. The name Samhain appears as a title of a song from the album Mythical and Magical by a Heavy Metal band Pagan Altar. Some 20 years ago, neither adults nor children took witches or ghosts seriously; Halloween was just a night to go out in a costume and get a bagful of candy.
We have our Catholic feast days, the holy days established by the Church to give honor and glory to God and celebrate the Saints in Heaven and Poor Souls in Purgatory.
Put all three together, as they are right now, and you get a message (Mercury) about the creative (Pisces) Warrior Spirit (Mars-Chiron).
Aren’t you done hesitating on whatever it is you have been putting off — you know, that thing that captures your imagination and passion when you let it? It happened before you could see fully the difference between you and your mother or father, and that makes it hard to see for what it is.

The way is clear and the timing is right, but it’s still up to us to actually run the bases.
One Billion Rising is a worldwide event where local groups hold dancing ‘flash mobs’ in public spaces on Feb. Particularly helpful was the interpretation i did from the degrees spanning from DC to MC, AC and IC. I couldn’t help but link his stepping down today to those events and the anti-pope Benedict.
As Len once advised me, when the Sun is opposite your natal Sun, we need to nourish ourselves.
David Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils, the AromaTouch Technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. After practicing here for 6 years, I am now a proud member of the Yoga Teaching community that has emerged from Spirit Rising. The hits Good Thing and Hungry are here, and while they are a fine testament to the group’s commercial image, the rest of this record is just as impressive taking on a dizzying array of pop styles without a single stumble or fall. This 2007 catalog aimed at the general public is featuring handsome bound leather books for your favorite spells and potions. On one Wicca site, a witch swore her revenge on the Christians who “have pushed Christmas down our throats every year.” She asserted, “We will do the same with Halloween - make you adopt and accept our feast day, symbols and beliefs, whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not.” Another gloated, “More and more persons are claiming Halloween as their favorite holiday! By the way, you might be surprised to know that the Catholic countries of Europe and South America never celebrated Halloween.
This chaos manifested itself not only in an unleashing of the spirit world on the earth, but in dark occult rituals and night orgies led by the Druid priests and witches. As in voodoo rituals, families set out food and wine for the spirits of their ancestors to refresh themselves after the long journey from the netherworld of Hell.
There were also human offerings to the demon gods, a frequent and common element in the religious rituals that were made only in the presence of a Druid.
Instead of attending occult rituals to the devils, the Celtic people assisted at Holy Mass on November 1, celebrating with joy all the Saints in Heaven.
The neo-pagans even advertise their festivals, acclimating the public to the worship of the Devil by introducing them to their less alarming rituals.
One need go no further than e-bay to purchase a “Samhain blend” of Magickal Herbs, “specially blended for use in Samhain spells and rituals,” along with a Magickal Herbs eBook to learn the spells and uses. An article in the New York Daily News features an ex-Catholic mother who became a witch and celebrates “Samhain, not Halloween.” If you look around you, you will find signs that Halloween is increasingly turned toward the occult. The pagans are taking advantage of the symbols of Halloween to breathe life into their pagan festival of Samhain with its rituals to the devils of the underworld. Instead of dressing as ghouls and vampires, children can wear costumes of their favorite saints to commemorate the approaching holyday.
Highlights include the gritty Northwestern hard rock of Louise, which harkens back to the band’s early Oregon days, a jangly folk-rocker Why?
Even the offshore a€?piratea€? radio stations that ruled pop broadcasting here from 1964 to 1967 never gave them a mention: totally incomprehensible for such a high-profile act in the States.
Ghoulish gargoyle sconces and sculptures and gothic windows with skulls are advertised to be not just for Halloween, but year-round display. Families visited cemeteries to decorate graves with candles and flowers and pray for their loved ones. The underworld, which sounds a bit glamorous, should be exposed for what it really is, Hell. There’s no need to do away with Halloween, just get rid of pagan practices and symbols, and make it what it should be, a “holy eve” before our Catholic feast days. I am holding my child-self in my arms, breathing deeply, and feeling that pain and fear while keeping my heart open. Yeah, we got the 1910 Fruitgum Company and the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus, so it wasna€™t bubblegum phobia that held them back.
Therea€™s nothing here that the Monkees werena€™t also guilty of, and theya€™ve been reassessed and revalued a€“ quite rightly a€“ for a long time now.
Then there were the uncontrollable evil spirits that came forth from the caves to devastate the land. On the next day, November 2, All Souls’ Day, they joined the universal Church in praying for the souls of their deceased relatives and friends. And after we gave you guys the treasure that was Hermana€™s Hermits, the least we could have got in return .
Instead of leaving wine and food to appease the spirits, the people baked little pastries called “soul cakes” that were blessed and eaten at gatherings and distributed to the poor. Today it has become fashionable to make light of ghosts, spirits and such as just silly stories, but the pagans take them very seriously.
The band even found time to write Undecided Man, an excellent Eleanor Rigby cop with a prominent string arrangement and dramatic Mark Lindsay vocals.

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