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During my coaching sessions one topic that frequently comes up is mediation and how to find time for. In this post I’m going to give a high level view of “spiritual meditation”, that is, a meditation with a   spiritual intention.
With all of these developments, life has become full of pressure and there is an ever-pressing need to find a way to remember that there is more to one’s being than meeting a deadline or beating traffic or paying bills. There is also the secular practice of meditation which focuses on enlightenment as its goal.
Find out exactly how mentally tough you are with a complimentary Mental Strength Assessment. There are records to indicate that meditation was practiced as early as the 15th century BCE.
It is safe to say that if all meditation per se is rooted in religiosity this meditation is even more so.
A practice that is gaining popularity today is meditating to be in touch with a spirit guide, usually a guardian angel.
If you wish to find a haven of quiet strength amidst the restless tempo of life in this millennium then find time to do spiritual meditation. It is a simple enough process beginning with sitting quietly while breathing deeply in a relaxed way. Alternatively, like a majority of those who do this for spiritual reasons, you can imagine letting go of all your concerns and unburdening them as you communicate with God. Spiritual Meditation Pinterest Pictures, Spiritual Meditation Facebook Images, Spiritual Meditation Photos for Tumblr. Spiritual meditation takes meditation a step further to connect you with your Higher Self, spiritual guides or angels. The most important thing to remember when you do spiritual meditation is to adopt an attitude of allowing.
Learning to listen is one of those skills that are essential to making the most of your intuitive or spiritual guidance. Getting past the mind’s automatic rejection of nonphysical information may be tough going at first. Spiritual meditation takes you into the realm of ‘believing is seeing’ where you can see everything as possibility, not as a physically-limited impossibility.
Taking the meditation  a step further, you continue allowing the experience so that you can meet your Higher Self.
Meditation opens the doorway between the conscious, unconscious and superconscious minds; you realize your divinity and open up communication with the universe. In the beginning, you may or may not feel any different in your day-to-day life but energetically, a lot is happening beneath the surface. Spiritual meditation concept, 3d person on white background sitting in meditating position with light on head. As more adults turn to mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation to combat mounting stress in their own lives (91 percent of Americans experienced stress in the month of March, according to a Huffington Post survey), they're also experimenting with alternative practices to teach their kids to relax. Unfortunately, little ones aren't immune to the damaging effects of stress -- but they may benefit from stress-relieving practices meant to calm the mind and release physical tension. Boston dad Andre Kelly told ABC News that he practices mindfulness meditation with his 10-year-old son Hayden every morning before school.

Mindfulness -- the focused awareness on the present moment, generally cultivated through a meditation practice -- can help to curb kids' impulsivity, and research has also shown school mindfulness programs to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety among adolescents.
With a growing body of research supporting the health benefits of mindfulness training, for the past few years, advocates have been hoping to see these programs become more prominent in school curricula.
But the health benefits of mindfulness meditation for adults are far-reaching, and many of these positive benefits may extend to child practitioners as well. The educational benefits of relaxation practices are also significant: Mindfulness meditation can improve focus and increase test scores.
Some parents have also found that maintaining their own meditation practices can help them to be more patient, compassionate mothers and fathers.
Parents interested in practicing meditation with their kids can start with a few basic tips for teaching children mindfulness practices -- and try a present moment awareness exercise and "belly breathing" relaxation practice. And for stressed-out kids who have a hard time sitting still and being quiet, physical activity can also have a calming effect.
The Eagle Pose can be particularly beneficial for quieting the mind and bringing the attention to the body.
Consequently, there is an ever-greater need for spiritual meditation that centers inwardly. During Lent, for example, Catholics have several rites and ceremonies that include meditating on the sufferings of Christ.
Because it is supposed to bring about spiritual benefits, all meditation has a strongly spiritual aspect to it even if it seeks to bring about some other result such as healing. Later, around the 5th century, China and India also became the birthplace of other forms of meditation. Contemporary forms include the classic mode, which is directed towards spiritual awakening.
This angel guide is perceived by some as a being who has completely evolved and has taken on the task of providing guidance to a specific person.
Tools used in guided meditation include music and script, but a foremost assumption is that there is a spirit guide providing assistance whether the practitioner knows it or not. You need not worry about setting aside large chunks of your time for this exercise, but do make sure that you build in a twenty-minute period into your daily schedule to sit quietly and just do it. When you achieve a state of balance, you can begin to visualize a scene or an object that helps move you towards the goal of your meditation. Having this assistance is invaluable when it comes to difficult decisions and charting the best course for your life path.
Many people pray or ask for guidance, but they neglect to listen as attentively as they could. It seems obvious, doesn’t it, but a lot of the information that is received can come in all sorts of weird and cryptic ways that don’t seem like messages at all, and so it is dismissed. We are all so used to relying on information perceived through the physical senses; if we see it, we believe it. You relax very deeply, and begin to perceive the Source light entering your body and permeating every cell; this light is incredibly bright, beautiful and inviting. When you ‘meet’ your Higher Self, you are absolutely overcome with love for who you really are.
You learn to trust and allow guidance, which may be one of the most challenging skills for you to learn.

It may take a little while to get used to trusting your inner guidance but you will soon realize that it feels so indescribably good to allow this guidance to direct you, that you will relax into it and life becomes simpler and better. Eventually as the energy compounds, it will lead to noticeable physical changes in your environment, your body and even in people around you.
In Love or Above (which you did not find by accident) you are guided on the journey within where your greatest teacher (you) can be found. Teaching kids mindfulness can go a long way in helping them boost awareness and control their moods, according to Kelly, who started a meditation program for children, Boston Buddha, to bring mindfulness programs into elementary schools. In a 2010 blog, Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child, argued for nothing short of a "mindful revolution in education," saying mindfulness programs can aid kids in developing good habits that will help make them happier and more compassionate. An Ohio elementary school's mindfulness program was recently shut down due to parent complaints about the practice's ties to Eastern religions, and this week, a lawsuit went to trial over yoga classes at Encinitas Union School District in California. Research has linked the practice of cultivating a nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, greater emotional stability and improved sleep quality, heightened feelings of compassion and greater success achieving weight-loss goals, among a number of other advantages. A University of California study published this year found that undergraduates who participated in a two-week mindfulness training program demonstrated heightened working memory and improved reading-comprehension scores on the GRE. A recent European study found that higher levels of physical activity in children were associated with lower stress reactivity.
With communication systems becoming more advanced than ever, no one is more than a phone call away. Evangelical churches also commonly take time out for periods of reflection on verses and messages from the Bible as well as their life application to believers. As early as the 9th century, followers of Islam performed meditation and in the Old Testament of the Bible there is also Hebrew text indicating that meditation was being practiced. For the beginner, this is embodied in seeking the answers to questions on who the practitioner really is and what he or she is really searching for. After a few days’ practice, you may notice that the few minutes it takes to go through the exercise allows you to be more in tune with your God,  more aware of the inner workings of your mind and  better able to deal with the outside world. The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit takes you on the journey to meet your guides and your Higher Self. It’s common to want to control the direction of your life and hard to give up control. Parents who felt that the schools' Ashtanga yoga program was inherently religious in nature are suing the school for civil rights violations. However, since spiritual guidance often comes in the form of feelings, mental images or strong urges, it’s often dismissed as either being made up or being too good to be true. As you embrace this loving energy, you begin to trust and you become open, like a flower blossom. This is unfortunate since relying on the physical senses and logic alone can cause you to make decisions that are against your higher good. You stop seeing yourself as limited, unlovable, ugly, incapable, lonely, stupid, unwanted or whatever nasty terms you might associate with yourself. What you receive depends on what you need so it’s impossible to predict what that will be, but it will be exactly what you need at the time.

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