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To succeed in neatly-being in lifestyles you wish to have bodily, religious, and emotional well being.At My Best, by means of creator of A Day At A Time, attracts at the knowledge of the current and previous that can assist you set private priorities for your seek for neatly-being and practice thru with disciplined and constant movements towards that function. Such a state is not so much achieved through knowledge, faith or discipline but realization. This could be called being in one's higher, finer or greater self or nature, or goodness and beauty for it's own sake.
Our dearmost Lord Sri Krishna, we are greatly disturbed to see a world around us which has so totally lost its connection with you.
Sometimes, more often than we would prefer, in this material world we are overwhelmed by great difficulties, devastating, turbulent, severely trying times. Anartha nivritti, the cleansing of all dirt out of one's heart, is also not externally verifiable. Unless and until one has been initiated by a bona fide spiritual master he cannot go beyond stage two, sadhu sanga.
In this Krishna consciousness movement we have two goals: We want to attract Krishna by developing pure love for Him within our hearts, and we want to attract the entire world to become Krishna conscious in order to save them from the repetition of birth and death. The best service you can render to me is to become a pure devotee of Krishna and to fully dedicate your life for saving the fallen, conditioned souls of this world from the repetition of birth and death.
In this material world everyone is crazy to read, hear, or watch the latest news through newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the Internet. I have been reading Bhagavad-Gita since I was 15, mostly as my parents read it and then during medical school I started reading Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad-gita As It Is version. 2) Influenced by the program I then did some research and read some articles by Carl Sagan and Einstein's nonbelief in a personal god. I ask you, Sir, with all due respect and with all humility, do you believe that someone can be born of a virgin mother and that someone can be the son of God and God Himself? Do You believe (at the very depth in your heart and brain) that a flute playing young man from Vrindavan can be the creator of this infinite number of universes and that reciting His name 1,728 times a day by turning a beaded string is a very logical thing to do?
I am delighted to hear that out of the countless zillions of lost souls in this material world you are one of the extremely rare souls who is fortunate enough to be reading Bhagavad-gita As It Is and to have begun the process of regularly reciting the holy names of God. Regarding what you heard on the "Human Universe" program presented by Professor Cox and what you have understood from the theory of Charles Darwin, where is the evidence that any highly organized system can be produced by chance?
The main reason for the widespread dismissal of religion as blind faith is that the commonly understood systems of theistic thought are not backed up by any verifiable direct interaction with the Supreme Person. Therefore we should have pity on these highly decorated fools and try to save them from their madness. They foolishly think that everything came of nothing when in fact the opposite is the real truth.
If they want to convince me of their philosophy, they need to stop trying to brainwash me with their dogma and start speaking like intelligent, sane people. Q: Do You believe that someone can be born of a virgin mother and that someone can be the son of God and God Himself? A: If you can accept the atheistic conclusion that the universe comes out a virgin nothingness, why can't you accept that Krishna can appear from a mother without the seminal injection of a father?
Q: Do you believe (at the very depth in your heart and brain) that a flute playing young man from Vrindavan can be the creator of this infinite number of universes?
A: If you accept the atheistic conclusion that from nothingness are derived unlimited planets and universes, what is the difficulty to understand that they could also be derived from anything?
Q: Is reciting Krishna's name 1,728 times a day by turning a beaded string a very logical thing to do? A: If you were in a prison and they had policy that anyone who begs for release 1,728 times will be set free, do you think that any of the prisoners would find a logical reason to do this? Q: If there were intelligent life on another planet, would they not laugh at us if they were to see us doing this day in day out? A: There is intelligent life on other planets who are so intelligent that they chant a lot more than we do. A: If the sun is self-luminous, why can't the sunshine also be self-luminous without having to depend on the sun for it's existence? In conclusion, these scientists still cannot clearly discern between a living body and a dead body because they insist on closing their eyes like owls to the truth that is being clearly presented to them. Today is the disappearance day of our most beloved ISKCON Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C.
On this fateful day in 1977 when the devotees throughout the ISKCON world got the shocking news that their dear Srila Prabhupada had departed they wept bitter tears of separation from their beloved spiritual master. Srila Prabhupada was a true acharya or one who teaches by example even up to the last moment of his life.
Because our consciousness is developed according to the company that we keep, if we want to develop pure love for Krishna, we need to associate regularly with others who have the same goal. There are four bona fide sampradayas or lines of disciplic succession for achieving spiritual perfection. After considering these points all I can do is bow down at the feet of my beloved spiritual master, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu offering myself to them as their eternal servant that they kindly engage me for all of eternity however they like for the respiritualizaiton of the human society. So in addition to being initiated one must then please one's spiritual master by always being faithful to following his instructions. Sometimes we hear the advice that one should wait 10,15 or 20 years before being initiated.
If coming and going to and from the spiritual world is a regular feature since time immemorial, is it not shameless? Your divine birthright is to enjoy an eternal youthful existence completely free from fear and anxiety in the transcendental kingdom of Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Initiation is when the spiritual master formally accepts you as his disciple, you then vow to abide by the orders of the spiritual master, and the spiritual master commits himself to delivering you back to home, back to Godhead. On 20 October 2014 we traveled 213 kilometers from Kaunas in the interior of Lithuania to the coastal city of Klaipeda situated on the west coast of Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Is the universe created for the fallen souls to find moksha through different jivas or to fulfill their karma? After moksha or liberation the soul engages in the loving service of Lord Krishna in His transcendental pastimes in the spiritual sky. The soul finds liberation when by the mercy of Lord Sri Krishna he comes in contact with a bona fide spiritual master who plants the seed of bhakti in his heart and inspires him to nurture that seed by hearing and chanting the glories of the Lord. This material world is the merciful arrangement of the Lord to reform those who foolishly became envious of Him. Just as the prisons are always full even though prisoners are being regularly released, even if all the souls in the universe attain deliverance from birth and death and go back to spiritual sky, a new set of fallen souls will take their place. When the soul is liberated he manifests a spiritual form, which never gets sick, never gets old, and never dies.
Since we are not these bodies and this material world is not our real home, one who is on the pathway of spiritual progress is meant to completely renounce sex. Sometimes it is thought that those who have completely renounced sex--brahmacaris, vanaprasthas, and sannyasis--should have nothing to do with wedding ceremonies. As I was reading about Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He accepted sannyasa (the renounced order) from a guru who belonged to the Mayavada sampradaya.
Your gender in the material world has nothing to do with your gender in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world you will be in a form that is perfectly suitable for whatever your mood is for serving Krishna. Please continue feeling separation from Vrindavana as much as and for as long as possible because this is very conducive for your Krishna consciousness. If this feeling gradually fades away, you should then try to feel separation from the feeling of being separated from Vrindavana and in this way always keep the feelings of separation alive within your heart on one level or another. If you want to be a devotee of Krishna, you must first become the devotee of the devotees of Krishna, otherwise He will not accept that you are devoted to Him. I have heard in Bhagavad-gita classes that "this world is a reflection of the spiritual reality, just like the reflection of a tree on a river bank.
The pleasure of this material world is very puny and insignificant just like a drop of water in the desert. Whenever I just touch my japa chanting beads, I feel a blessing, a sort of a higher state of consciousness. According to the explanation of the great Vaisnava acharya, our most beloved ISKCON Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. After relishing the sweet mellows of Krishna's most powerful divine presence for some time in Sri Vrindavana Dhama, a devotee who then leaves Vrindavana for serving the Lord outside the holy precincts of Vrindavana naturally feels some aching in his heart. The pain of being separated from Vrindavana is mitigated or made less severe by the mercy of Lord Sri Krishna, who mercifully agrees to travel with His devotee wherever he may wander within the three worlds for spreading Krishna's glories. When the devotee feelingly chants this mantra-raja, this king of all mantras, he is in direct contact with Krishna in His most relishable Sri Vrindavana Dhama. I want to be more Krishna conscious.But sometimes when I am in very deep stress due to sufferings in my life, I start thinking why God is giving me so much suffering? Your punishment will be that you will have to take birth again twice and be aborted each time.
12 October 2014--We are back now in Pune for a brief stopover before heading out to Lithuania.
Why do human beings tend to have unrealistic view of situations (illusion, make mistakes, cheating, imperfect senses) whereas as per A.C. As per the scriptures there are a number of demigods, and they represent Supreme God Krishna. Lord Caitanya's sankirtana movement is the only movement in the world that has the potency to bring the entire human society into one peaceful, loving, happy spiritual family. What is the main difference between the love affair of Sri Radha and Krishna and the love affairs of today's material world.

Since Krishna is the enjoyer and owner of everything as confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita, His love affair with Radharani is legitimate and glorious. This of course does not mean that we cannot be married according to the regulative principles of Vedic culture. Even though Krishna leaves Vrindavana to go to Mathura to kill Kamsa and then eventually settles in Dvaraka, the revealed scriptures tell us that Krishna actually never leaves Vrindavana. Listed below are 365 mediations, one for every day of the 12 months, constructed round suitable quotations shape well-known authors that care for such topics as your interior energy, the hyperlink among thoughts and frame, how your feelings have an effect on your well being, how to make a choice declaring responses to setbacks for your lifestyles, and the usage of psychological imagery and visualization to triumph over habit and self-defeat.
Realizing in all honesty there may not be a God or heaven here-after or as envisioned, yet knowing above all the most important is that which brings about the greatest possible sustainable harmony to all things - Being unable to bring about such a state by one's self it can still be substantially achieved personally through prioritizing that which is of greatest value. The world population has been grossly misguided and dragged down to the level of animals in their consciousness and in their behavior.
There is no reason to succumb to frustration and depression when such negative situations smack us in the face. One may superficially appear to be very pure while yet retaining much contamination with his heart. Therefore since I happen to know that you are not yet initiated by a bona fide spiritual master, my best advise to you is that you should take step 3 and accept initiation from a bona fide guru. These two goals complement each other because the more you awaken your love for Krishna, the more you become empowered to deliver others, and the more you preach for expanding this Krishna consciousness movement, the more your own Krishna consciousness becomes awakened. But in their delusion they do not realize that there is nothing really new in this material world. It says that almost certainly there is no God and gives several justifications for it (all very acceptable to my logical mind). If there were intelligent life on another planet, would they not laugh at us if they were to see us doing this day in and day out? I can absolutely assure you that you are on the right path and that these atheists who have razzle-dazzled your brain are nothing but a bunch of highly decorated fools and rascals who don't even have the slightest idea of what they are talking about.
This is the mission of the Krishna consciousness movement, to save the world from this deadly soul-killing atheism. They have blind faith that everything came out of nothing, although there is absolutely no proof of that in the vast history of the universe that anything has ever come out of nothing. Everything we experience comes from something, which comes from something, which comes from something, etc., etc. But they can't do this because there is no scientific, logical, or philosophical basis for their spurious malarkey born out of envy of the Supreme Person. Because of their envy of God they become very angry like venomous serpents as soon as we mention His name. By their intense tears of love they were connected with their dearmost Guru Maharaja within their hearts and thus solidly sheltered under his protection even while suffering his physical separation.
Even though he was in an extremely painful condition practically reduced to a skeleton, he remained fully alive and vibrant in Krishna consciousness uttering the name of Krishna as he left his body to rejoin his beloved Lord Krishna in His transcendental pastimes in the most wondrous spiritual sky.
ISKCON is one such organization which will facilitate very nicely one who desires to awaken pure love of God within His heart.
But what about missing all those nectarean pastimes of Krishna that are going on in the spiritual world? To develop your love for Krishna you must always hear about Him, chant His glories, remember Him, and serve Him.
The residents of spiritual world, even after seeing such a regular phenomenon, they continue to fall down to the material world, from where going back will be a really tough job! So sometimes it happens that a soul from the spiritual world falls down into this material world.
You promise to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamantra every day on japa mala beads while strictly avoiding illicit sex, meat eating, intoxication, and gambling. However, since for most people it is not possible to come immediately to such a renounced position, facility is given for regulated sex within married life. But as shown by Srila Prabhupada's example of personally performing the wedding ceremony for his disciples, the members of the three celibate orders can attend wedding ceremonies for the purpose of encouraging the newly weds to have a happy Krishna conscious marriage in accordance with the Vedic principles. In this material world we are going back and forth between the genders in so many millions of species as we go through the wheel of birth and death. You can be a cowherd boy, a cowherd girl, a cow, a calf, a flute, a peacock feather, or any one of multifarious varieties of forms. The more you feel the pangs of separation from Vrindavana, which is non-different from Krishna Himself, the more you are solidly connected with Krishna.
Just as that water drop cannot save the life of a man dying of thirst in the desert, in the same way all of the pleasures of this material world even up to the point of becoming Lord Brahma, the predominating demigod of this universe, cannot give genuine satisfaction to the living beings. How we handle these disturbances can either make or break our advancement in Krishna consciousness.
Can you please, if you are not too busy with all of us, explain why the mala has 108 beads? Bhaktivedanta, chanting the Hare Krishna mantra on the 108 beads means that we are surpassing the study of the 108 Upanisads and engaging ourselves in the service of the 108 most prominent gopi girlfriend servitors of Lord Sri Krishna in Vrindavan.
After becoming cent per cent Krishna conscious and returning back home, what will be the feeling of meeting all our relatives in the spiritual world? Being in Vrindavana is truly a mystical experience because, as Srila Prabhupada points out, the dust of Vrindavana is the dust of Krishna's lotus feet.
In this way the pain in his heart dissolves and he merges into a ocean of the sweetest, ever-increasing happiness. It is we who have so foolishly embraced a life of suffering by running away from our safe, wonderful home in the spiritual world.
However, if you will fully surrender to Krishna by taking shelter of Sri Guru, getting initiated by Sri Guru, and being fully obedient to his orders, you will be excused from the reaction to these heinous killings. It is indeed very enlivening to see such an enthusiastic community of hundreds of brahmacaris and thousands of householders so ecstatically absorbed in Krishna consciousness.
Therefore each of us needs the merciful guidance of the spiritual master how to get out of illusion and keep our minds always absorbed in Krishna. My question is that when we pray to a demigod for some material benefits will it be granted by the demigod alone, or it will be granted under the control of Lord Krishna? In fact, Krishna states in the Gita that those who pray to the demigods have lost their intelligence. This movement can indeed amazingly bring everyone together through the power of the congregational chanting of the holy names of God.
The love affair of Radha and Krishna is respected all over the world whereas today's affairs are mostly uncertain.
On the other hand any love affairs that any of us have with women are illegitimate because we are like thieves trying to enjoy the property of someone else. Krishna in his original form of Nanda Kumara remains eternally captured in the hearts of the Vrajavasis who keep Krishna forever in Vrindavana. Soft chanting is good for executing one's daily quota of chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamantra everyday on japa mala beads and thus diving deeper and deeper into the ocean of bhakti. Primarily by realizing when something one perceives as undesirable is occurring it's not as important as preserving one's peace and happiness, and that maintaining such a state is far more conducive to harmoniously resolving problems personally and of the world. However, because we are presently covered by maya, the material energy, we are instead experiencing temporality, ignorance, and misery. All we really have to do to remain calm and joyful in such times is to dive deeper into the sublime ocean of Krishna consciousness where life is eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss, and then everything will be okay. The only way that one can truly confirm the attainment of these higher stages in a devotee is if one has personally attained them himself. Then under the guidance of your spiritual master you will gradually progress through all the stages of bhakti or devotion to the level of prema, at which point you will be able to properly gauge the level of spiritual advancement of others. Everything that is going on here is at best nothing but the same old wine, although sometimes the bottle may be different.
Dawkins writes why and how we have started believing and how we have been trained not to question God even if our logical mind thinks otherwise. Anyone who accepts this materialism doctrine is simply taking a leap of blind faith into the darkness of ignorance. It is a completely different theological system, which totally decimates the materialistic doctrine of atheism because it gives one the scientific tools to directly perceive and associate personally with the Supreme Person, who is the origin of all existence.
Let them do even one experiment now in their richly funded laboratories to produce something out of nothing. At some point in this chain of causality there has to be something which set things into motion without that thing being set into motion by something else. Instead we should simply defeat their rascal voidistic speculations which have not a shred of empirical evidence to support them.
He left this world on 14 November 1977 from his room at the Krishna-Balarama Mandir in Vrindavana, India surrounding by his loving disciples. I was engaged in devotional service in the kitchen of our ISKCON temple in Houston, Texas USA when my temple president, Laxmi Narayan Prabhu, gave me the devastating news of Srila Prabhupada's passing.
But still the responsibility remains with you to purify your own heart by full surrender at the lotus feet of Guru and Krishna.
The inundation of this material world with the tidal wave of Krishna consciousness is one of Krishna's most unlimitedly sublime pastimes. In this way you will always swim in the ocean of love of Godhead with your heart totally absorbed in Him.
Prabhupada says that if something is auspicious, it should be done immediately, and if something is inauspicious it should be postponed. But due to forgetfulness you are currently suffering like anything here in this pitifully forlorn material world. I was once told by someone that if you get initiated by a bona fide guru, then you also become a guru.

It is through this process of initiation that you receive the seed of bhakti within your heart and seriously begin the process of awakening your dormant Krishna consciousness.
Because our civilization is based on a false conception of the self, that the self is the material body, our present materially based social structure is doomed to inevitably degrade into total chaos. We always have super enlivening kirtans and the devotees there are very enthusiastic to hear and to inquire about this amazing liberating science of Krishna consciousness. Regulated sex means that sex is only indulged in for the purpose of procreation and other than that is completely avoided. Was there no Vaishnava sannyasi at that time near his village from whom he could have accepted sannyasa? So dvija means twice-born: first birth by the father and mother, and second birth when one is initiated by the bona fide spiritual master. My brother was asking me if we are consistently born in a male or female body life after life or does it change and what happens when we get liberated, if we are presently male then in the spiritual world do we assume a male body?
It is not possible for you to know at the present time what will be your natural mood and form when you rejoin Krishna in His transcendental pastimes in the spiritual sky.
So, if you want to be solidly fixed on the transcendental platform of Krishna consciousness in order to become delivered from vicious cycle of birth and death, you must bring your tongue under control by only taking Krishna prasadam as your food and by only engaging your tongue in speaking the glories of Krishna. But when you please them by loving service, Krishna is exceedingly pleased with you and showers His unlimited blessings upon you.
If we become bewildered and angry in such circumstances, we have come down to the material platform of hankering and lamentation in which we become completely forgetful of Krishna.
Is it like hugging them, getting excited, astonishment, being overjoyous, and remembering our past relationships after missing them for so many long years?
If you want to know what it is like when one returns there, my best advice is that you should go there and personally find out. Now all we have to do to get free from all suffering for all of eternity is go back to our original all-blissful home in the spiritual world. Instead of taking birth twice and being aborted twice, you will return back to home, back to Godhead to join with Krishna's transcendental pastimes, never to take birth again in this miserable material.
The spiritual master trains us how to stay fixed in Krishna consciousness by chanting Hare Krishna and studying the scriptures as much as possible 24 hours daily along with accepting Krishna prasadam as our food.
Therefore it is the duty of the members of this movement to fully dedicate their lives for doing everything possible to win the participation of everyone on this planet in this most glorious movement as soon as possible. There is soft chanting for one's own hearing (japa) and loud chanting for everyone's hearing (kirtan), but no silent chanting.
We know that it is our duty to somehow or other save them by bringing them to Krishna consciousness.
Therefore the devotee of the Lord has no interest in the ordinary tidings of this flickering material world, which he finds to be painfully boring. However I always convince myself that very soon I will start doing 16 rounds as well as giving up meat and the occasional wine on social occasions.
Atheists, not unlike fanatical religionists, cling to the doctrine of materialism - that life arises from dead matter which comes from dead nothingness - to be an established scientific fact, when in reality it is nothing but a blind assumption.
Any genuine scientist or sincere seeker of the highest truth can directly experience the Supreme Truth which contains all truths if he will learn from a bona fide spiritual master how to become peaceful, free from all material hankerings, and how to dovetail his individual consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness.
And then when and if they become humble and submissive we can teach them the techniques by which they can personally meet face to face, eye to eye, with the Supreme Personality of Godhead and directly witness how everything in all of existence is emanating from His transcendental body at this very moment. The date is different from today's date on the solar calendar, but is the same date on the lunar calendar, the calendar by which we observe the various holy days throughout the year. This Brahma sampradaya is the most powerful and potent of the four sampradayas at the present time because the Supreme Lord Himself personally appeared in this Brahma sampradaya a mere 500 years ago in His most merciful form of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
Therefore one whose stay in this material world is prolonged for preaching does not miss anything at all. Once he makes the mistake of falling into material existence, learns his lesson, and goes back to Godhead, he will not be so foolish as to make the same mistake again.
When you become advanced in Krishna consciousness by strictly following the orders of your spiritual master you become competent to also become a spiritual master for spreading the Krishna consciousness movement all over the world. Those who can see this coming do not have to be morose and hopeless because there is a solution for this nightmare. Such regulated sex according to the directions of the scriptures and great spiritual authorities is most auspicious and attracts highly qualified transcendentalists to take birth in such Krishna conscious families. This will be revealed to you through the agency of your spiritual master only when you become a pure devotee, not before that. If the tongue is not properly engaged in this way, you will become polluted and dragged down into the animal kingdom in your next birth. However, if we take these awkward, unpleasant situations for what they really are, excellent training exercises to help us become prepared for the time of death, we will not be bewildered or confused. Just as on an airplane you can fly higher and higher until you penetrate beyond the clouds, the Hare Krishna mahamantra if chanted with love, will take you beyond all suffering and illusion into the pure spiritual realm of unlimited happiness. But our foolishness is that instead of taking the blame for our suffering we want to blame God.
Just as a cloud may block our vision of the sun, the material energy is blocking our vision of the actual spiritual nature of reality. But if one dives deep below the surface of the ocean, he will discover that it is completely calm, beautiful, and peaceful down there. Although he has some awareness of the ordinary news to facilitate his execution of devotional service, his only real interest is the extraordinary news of Lord Krishna and His devotees, which triumphantly dominates all of existence by its sweet transcendental flavor. Even within science itself, evolutionary cosmology, quantum physics, and consciousness studies make this materialism doctrine look quite quaint, doggedly dogmatic, and indeed to be rendered completely extinct. Otherwise, by undefendable distorted so-called scientific arguments these atheistic pseudo scientists do nothing more than cover the existential truths with a dense fog in which the Supreme Lord disappears from our sight. So please try to understand that your life should have one purpose and one purpose only, to get back to where you once belonged. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary for one to a take shelter and initiation from the bona fide spiritual master and to accept his orders as your very life and soul. So, my question is that is the enjoyment in this world completely false and illusory like a mirage in a desert, or is there some tangible amount of water present in the desert? We will be able to keep a cool head and strengthen our attachment to Krishna by realizing more than ever before that there is no shelter in this material world, that our only real shelter is Krishna.
It is due to this foolishness only that we remain caught up perpetually in the vicious cycle of birth and death.
It's like a volcanic eruption spewing out the lava of pure love of God throughout the entire universe. Therefore we humbly beg for your mercy that we can become fully pure in devotion to you and that we may become empowered to attract the entire world population to join this Krishna consciousness movement.
So if the devotee who is tortured by bad times will simply become more absorbed, diving deeply into the sublime ocean of Krishna consciousness by hearing, chanting, remembering, serving, etc. Everywhere around us we see that life comes from life, not from dead matter arising from nothing. These atheists propound a mechanistic world view that completely denies the existence of persons. Even if they think that you are the biggest fool in all the three worlds, you must always stick tightly to your duty, the orders given to you by your spiritual master. But actually it is quite easy because there is nothing more stimulating and enlivening than talking about Krishna and tasting the remnants of those foods that have been offered to Him with love and devotion. Therefore simply by breathing in Vrindavana one is in direct touch with Lord Sri Krishna's lotus feet. Because of this foolishness we suffer in so many ways birth after birth, but all of our troubles will end when we again put our full faith in Krishna. When that glorious day comes the entire world population will be peaceful, happy, and prosperous.
There is not a shred of evidence to establish that something alive can come out of something dead.
Our modern society has become a fool's paradise in which the blind are leading the blind because the people in general blindly follow these blind fools who are masquerading under the name of scientists. I am referring to the God of all religions, the Supreme Person with unlimited names, who is providing all of us with all of our necessities at every minute. But ultimately everyone will be completely pleased with you when your every thought, word, and deed in all times, places, and circumstances is for the pleasure of Guru and Krishna. These so-called scientists will fall into the ditch of the animal kingdom in their next birth, and their blind followers will go with them. If we all put Him back in the center showing Him our gratitude for everything He is giving us, global peace and prosperity will be the immediate result. His most soothing moon-like mercy bestowing the greatest benediction of up all living beings will then be fully appreciated by everyone in every town and village throughout the world. This is the pathetic result of this vast ocean of misinformation which is being forcibly crammed down the throats of the innocent public falsely designated as science.
If the scientists want to actually make progress, they should do research to find out what is the original living force behind all of existence and give up their dishonest attempt to brainwash the masses into accepting their materialistic dogma. Those who have good intelligence are not being fooled by these sophisticated word jugglers who say that a big bang came of nothing and produced this highly ordered universe. Fools and rascals dogmatically cling with the fervor of fanatical religionists to their elaborately fabricated theory that this beautifully ordered universe came into being from a freak explosion.
According to their logic you can explode a stick of dynamite on a stack of building materials and get a beautifully constructed house as a result.

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