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Elat Chayyim renews Jewish spiritual practices that form the foundation for sustainable futures in the Jewish community and beyond. Through retreats, labs, and training programs, we offer experiential approaches to renewed Jewish practice.
Hazon’s vision for a healthier and more sustainable community in the Jewish world and beyond requires engagement with spiritual practices such as prayer, text study, yoga, meditation, social action, and deep ecumenism. This place opened my mind to what healthy, vibrant, connected, spiritual Jewish community can look like. Emphasizes the link between Jewish spirituality and a sustainable future for the Jewish world and beyond. Promotes the value of spiritual retreats as an essential building block towards a vibrant and engaged Judaism. Engages body, heart, mind, and soul through transformative experiences within a diverse community.
Functions as a research and development branch of a renewed Judaism, prioritizing creativity and innovative perspectives. Collaborates with creative leadership and builds new partnerships to explore the possibilities of Jewish spiritual practice. Encourages meaningful spiritual innovations to become new traditions, and old traditions to become more relevant. Models “Allstream” Judaism’s vision of an inclusive and pluralistic community in the context of a variety of unique events, each with its own particular flavors of spiritual practice. MAATA LYNN BARRON received her formal training in the classical tradition of Sufism from a Shaykh in India. ZAKIRA BEASLEY has been a follower of the Sufi path since 1972, and has been deeply influenced by the teachings and examples of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis.
AMIDA CARY is a Representative of the Sufi Order International under the direction of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.
SHAYKHA FARIHA AL-JERRAHI is the spiritual guide of the Nur Askhi Jerrahi Sufi Order in New York City.
KHATIBA GRAIS first became involved in Sufism in 1973 through the Dances of Universal Peace. ANDREW HARVEY is a renowned and distinguished mystical scholar, Rumi translator and explicator, poet, novelist, spiritual teacher and writer, and architect of Sacred Activism. CAMILLE HELMINSKI is co-founder and co-director of the Threshold Society, a non-profit educational foundation rooted within the Mevlevi Tradition.

KABIR HELMINSKI is a Shaikh of the Mevlevi Order and is the co-director of the Threshold Society, a non-profit educational foundation that has developed programs that provide a structure for practice and study within Sufism and spiritual psychology.
PIR SHABDA KAHN, a direct disciple of the American Sufi Master, Murshid Samuel Lewis, has been practicing Sufism since 1969 and since 2001, is the Pir (Spiritual Director) of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, the lineage tracing from Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis. PIR ZIA INAYAT KHAN is the spiritual leader of the Sufi Order International, a mystical and ecumenical fellowship rooted in the visionary legacy of his grandfather, Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan.
PETER KINGSLEY'S groundbreaking work on the origins of western spirituality, philosophy and culture is recognized around the world. DAVID LESS has devoted his life to the propagation of the message of spiritual unity for people of all faiths and spiritual paths. WILLIAM ALLAUDIN MATHIEU is a Sufi Sheikh in the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, a direct mureed of Samuel Lewis, and was a disciple of North Indian vocalist Pandit Pran Nath for 25 years. Elat Chayyim exists to strengthen that connection between sustainability and spiritual practice, and to help make our shared vision possible. She has been a traveler on the Sufi path for the last 25 years, and is also a retreat guide. She received direct transmission from Grand Shaykh Muzaffer Ozak of Istanbul in 1980 and is a successor of Lex Hixon (Nur al-Jerrahi). In 1975 she received inititation into the Sufi Order of the West from Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and that same year became a founding member of the Abode of the Message, a Sufi Community in upstate New York which is home to Pir Zia Inayat Khan and the Sufi Order Secretariat, as well as the Saluk Academy.
She has worked within the Mevlevi Tradition for over twenty-five years and has translated into English several volumes of Sufi literature including the poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi, and a book of selections from the Qur'an for daily contemplation, The Light of Dawn. ROBERT IBRAHIM JAFFE is a holistic physician, energetic healer, and Muqassam and Master Teacher of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Order under the guidance of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Jamal ash-Shadhiliyya. Pir Zia is also the President of the Suluk Academy and Executive Editor of Elixir magazine. Through his writings as well as lectures he speaks straight to the heart, and has helped to transform many people's understanding not only of the past but of who they are. He is also an esoteric guide to many individuals around the world as well as teaching meditation, spiritual dance and Sufism. Director of the Sufi Choir from 1969-82, Allaudin has composed and recorded numerous chamber and vocal works.
He has specialized in the area of dreamwork, integrating the ancient Sufi approach to dreams with the insights of modern psychology. Bolat is one of the most distinguished Turkish musicians in the US and tours internationally, including England, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Turkey.

Currently she is a Representative of the Sufi Order International, a Cheraga (minister) in the Church of All, and a Retreat Guide.
Recently published is her translation with Refik Algan, Rumi's Sun: The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz. He teaches Quranic recitation and serves as Imam for Naqshbandi, Chisti, Mevlevi and Jerrahi Sufi Orders and teaches classes on the inner meanings of the Qur'an throughout the United States.
Also the founder of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center and the Shadhiliyya Sufi School of Spiritual Healing, he lives in Napa, California. Pir Zia holds a Doctoral degree in Religion from Duke University and is a recipient of the U Thant Peace Award.
The author of three books including Reality and In the Dark Places of Wisdom, he is currently an honorary professor at both the University of New Mexico and Simon Fraser University in Canada. As a young man, he had the good fortune to study with Murshid Samuel Lewis, Mother Krishnabai, Joe and Guin Miller, and many other teachers of love, unity and the inner path throughout the world.
In recent years the focus of his writing and teaching has been on spiritual responsibility in our present time of transition, and the emerging global consciousness of oneness.
With a vast repertory that includes songs in classical, folk and Sufi mystic music styles, he accompanies his singing on the baglama (long-necked lute), and various other traditional instruments from the Turkish folk music tradition. She is also a teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International, and is a certified dance leader for the Dances of Universal Peace. He leads retreats at the Abode of the Message in New York for the Sufi Order of the West, at HeartSong in the Mid-West, at Lama Foundation in New Mexico and in the San Francisco Bay Area. She and her husband live in Virginia where they are enjoying the delights of young grandchildren.
In her professional life, Khatiba is a Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing in Santa Rosa, California. Rising Tide International is a spiritual center and community founded by Shahabuddin to promote spiritual teachings based upon joy and the transformation of consciousness by awakening the heart. He travels extensively, offering his teaching through humor, storytelling, meditation, sound and chanting and creates an atmosphere of compassion and friendship.
His manner is warm and sets one at-ease while engaging in the exploration of advanced metaphysical concepts and their applications.

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