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The one day conference Spirituality & Health Care brought together experts from across the board to look at how spirituality connects with patient care, and what happens to care and to carers when spirituality is neglected.
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As nurses, we have an awesome responsibility and privilege to make a positive difference in the lives of patients and families that we care for in sometimes unexpected and almost unbearable life and death experiences. I had just come from the room not 5 minutes earlier and the baby was laughing and playing on his father's lap.
We rushed him to the treatment room as the code was called and the baby's physician was notified. The tiny treatment room was alive with a high level of anxiety and activity as the many responders crowded around the tiny pale body. The parents were holding onto one another, sobbing quietly, as the doctor and nurses tried to offer their support. Because of the very nature of our work, nurses encounter many situations of grief, death, sorrow, and crisis. Nurses work very closely with their patients, providing intimate care to the whole person on a daily basis. Seeing that doctor cry openly after the death of that infant so many years ago, made a profound impact on a very young nurse who was just embarking on her career.
Typically, I consider tears to be the highest expression of weakness, but I've learned that sometimes it takes strength to cry.

This invaluable resource explores the relationship between spirituality and the practice of nursing from a variety of perspectives, including the nursing assessment of a patient's spiritual needs. We would like to thank everyone who attended the conference held on 29 March 2011 at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London. In certain situations, expressing genuine emotion can be a sincere way to provide emotional support. Many were unsure of dosages for one so small, but were willing to help in what ever way they could.
The family was devastated as was the entire medical team, tears streaming down the faces of many. I have a dear lady in my facility who will almost certainly be dead by the time I leave today; she's getting rattly and cool, and her urine output has dropped to nothing.
When so often we are told that we should never shed tears, I agree that in certain settings and in certain situations, tears are an expression of caring and emotional support for the family. Had a situation at work that pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I'd need binoculars to find it again. Some people view a display of emotion as weakness, and will suppress their feelings, remaining controlled at all times. As we share intimate and intense conversations with patients regarding their care as well as their fears and concerns, we get to know more about them as a person. As nurses, we strive to provide compassionate care, sharing in the grief, loss, and fear experienced by patients and their families.

But no matter how many times I've seen someone pass, I always feel so privileged to be there for them in their final moments.
When a patient I have taken care of for a long time dies and I am the one who attends the death if the tears come, they come. As a nurse, it is certainly necessary to control your emotions so you can handle a situation and provide safe and appropriate physical care for the patient.
He was to go home and grow a bit more before undergoing a surgery that would correct his heart anomaly. I held her hand while the doctor broke the news to her, and we hugged frequently throughout the day. The patient was still alive when I left last night, but I've wondered about her all day today.
Most of the time a patient's needs are physical, but sometimes they're emotional or spiritual. I believe it's our duty to be there emotionally and spiritually as well as physically, and I believe that's what nursing is all about.

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