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Spiritualism is a belief that the souls of the dead can interact and communicate with the livings. Spirituality works on a belief that consequences are the result of your own action, and it is about taking the responsibility for these consequences. This trend reflects a recent movement towards the concept of spirituality, a sense of connection to something “greater” than oneself, which may emphasize the finding of one’s own path to whatever-god-there-is, rather than following a scripted doctrine.  Spirituality, according to most adherents, also forms an essential part of an individual’s holistic health and well-being, a departure from the common Western medical definition of good health. Trauma is relative to an individual situation and we each have our limit where an experience can be overwhelmingly painful and life-changing.  It may be the loss of a loved one, a near death experience, major surgery or physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Whatever the cause, the experience may result in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage that must be corrected for the person to become whole and healthy again. What you have just read above is an extract from a fascinating article in the Jan 2002 issue of the Readers Digest, Searching for the Divine (pg.
Newberg and his team took pictures of the brain of the subjects in a normal waking state and in deep meditation. Newberg concludes such an experience of God by the human brain is as much a reality as any perception by the brain of "ordinary" physical reality.
This article is representative of what modern medical science is discovering (or rather rediscovering). Suicide: A large-scale 1972 study found that persons who did not attend spiritual prayer meetings were four times more likely to commit suicide than were those who attended spiritual prayer meetings frequently. Drug Abuse: Numerous studies have found an inverse correlation between religious commitment and abuse of drugs. Divorce: A number of studies have found a strong inverse correlation between spiritual prayer meetings attendance and divorce. Thus, statistics show that it is difficult to find a more consistent correlative of mental health, or a better insurance against self-destructive behaviors, than a strong religious faith. The psychology and its affiliated fields have come up with these findings is remarkable, to say the very least.
Since the early 20th century, a group of psychologists has been caustic in their condemnation of religion.
Among all the patients in the second half of my life, there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life.
Thus, modern science is slowly and painfully rediscovering what all the religious scriptures have been teaching since time immemorial: the living being and God are made for each other.

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.-Martin Luther King, Jr. The Society for Spirituality and Social Work is a network of social workers and other helping professionals dedicated to spiritually sensitive practice and education. It is believed that only the Spirits have been in the afterlife world, so they can communicate with the livings about the afterlife knowledge, can guide the people with spiritualism, and they know about the God and carry the God’s message.
Prof Andrew Newberg of the University of Pennsylvania replies, "I'm saying the possibility of such a reality is not inconsistent with science." "But you can't observe such a thing in a scientific way, can you?" Newberg grins.
When they studied the scans, their attention was drawn to a chunk of the brain's left parietal lobe which they called the orientation association area.
More and more rigorous and unbiased studies are providing perfect scientific evidence establishing the benefits, and indeed the necessity, of spirituality as an integral part of human existence.
A review of twelve studies of the relationship between religious commitment and suicide found a negative correlation in all twelve cases. One survey of nearly 14,000 youths found that substance abuse varied in inverse proportion to strength of religious commitment, with the most conservative religious youths abusing the least.
One study found that nearly 90% of alcoholics had lost interest in religion in youth, while among the non- alcoholic control group 48% reported an increase in religious commitment in adulthood and 32% reported no change.
Spiritual prayer meetings attendance also correlates strongly with the expressed willingness of a partner to marry the same spouse again - a measure of marital satisfaction.
Couples in long-lasting marriages who were surveyed in another study listed religion as one of the most important "prescriptions" of a happy marriage.
They have branded faith as a form of mental disorder, a disorder that they predicted humanity would outgrow. It is safe to say that every one of them fell ill because he had lost that which the living religions of every age have given their followers and none of them has really healed who did not regain his religious outlook.
Harvard Medical School associate professor of medicine Herbert Benson states that contemporary medical research is showing that the human mind and body are "wired for God".
When a living being rejects God, he is, by deliberate misuse of his God-given intelligence, stripping his own life of all meaning, direction, substance, peace and happiness. Founded in 1990, its purpose is to create connections and mutual support among social work scholars, practitioners, and students of diverse religious and nonreligious spiritual perspectives in order to encourage development of innovative approaches to spiritually sensitive social work practice, education, and research. It core purpose is to enhance the personal experience with God by making a connection, to take responsibility of actions.

This region is responsible for drawing the line between the physical self and rest of existence, a task that requires a constant stream of neural information flowing in from the senses.
Lack of spiritual prayer meetings attendance has been found to be the single best predictor of suicide rates, better even than unemployment. Such thoughts have led to the predominance of the atheistic mentality in the psychology, other related fields and in medical science at large.
One book that can help you get closer to relating with you Higher Power is called Here I Am, by Dr. Toward that end the Society sponsors and supports national and international conferences, curriculum exchanges, and workshops and presentations. It can seem so humble and picky and that you don’t necessarily think of it spiritual guidance. What the scans revealed, however, was that at peak moments of prayer and meditation, the flow was dramatically reduced, indicating a decrease in neuronal activity. Leonard Felder.I HIGHLY recommend this book for Jews and non-Jews who want a vital spiritual life. In such a brain state, the subject loses awareness of his physical self, goes to a state of complete relaxation and deep satisfaction and experiences a higher reality. But at an individual level, the Spiritual Science will be there to help its readers make the intelligent choice.
The Society is based in the United States of America but encourages membrship and collaboration with social workers throughout the world. At this point in time, activities are totally supported by member dues and volunteer labor. He has written an easy to read, interesting, engaging book.Although I am only working with two of his eight recommended practices, I have felt more centered, calm and focused when living life.
His suggesstions complement my current meditation practices and can work for virtually anyone. We will do our best to refer you to known authorities in Jewish addiction recovery and get you a personal and prompt response ASAP.

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