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Spiritual guidance is the humility to believe that there is something greater than ourselves out there in the universe.
I would like to focus on what spirituality is, myths and truths about spirituality, how religion done right can benefit spirituality, untapped power from true spirituality, and examples of spirituality. Spirituality is the level to which one is able to see past their own self to the many wonders that exist within and around them in this plane of existence. There may be a belief that only those who are associated with a particular religion are considered spiritual. There may be a belief that because someone is active in a particular religion that they are more spiritual, trustworthy, and reliable than one who is not. There may be a belief that spirituality is only attainable by those specifically chosen or qualified to be such. To ignore ones spiritual health would be the same as ignoring their physical or mental health. For many people around the world, religion plays an important role in achieving spiritual health.
Ceremony and religious practices are both part of spirituality and can live in harmony with each other.
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IknowMine.org is a program of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Community Health Services. In a world rife with stress and confusion, many seek some form of spirituality to quiet the noise of daily life.
2,500 years ago, a young man was born to a king in the eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent.
When he was 35, after many failed attempts to obtain the spirituality he craved, he sat under a sacred fig tree and vowed he would not move until he had reached his goal.
According to his teachings, man cycles through a series of suffering and rebirth in different realms, and to obtain peace he must break that cycle. In these modern times, a strong feeling of spirituality can often quiet ones personal storms. Karma is based on a man’s actions or work, and will affect him for good or bad either in this life or a later one. I do not think there is one definition for the spirituality as the word likely means something different to each individual. Creativity is derived from the word “create”, which means that creativity is rooted in creation. I believe that the source of creativity is different for each individual and it is impossible to claim that there is a singular source of creativity. I also examined spirituality as a generative force for creativity. I wrote that I believed that the source of creativity is most certainly different for each individual.
The greatest human gift is to be aware, to be in touch with oneself, one's body, mind, feelings, thoughts, sensations.

A Rediscovery of Life Satellite Retreat (Anthony de Mello) from DeMello Spirituality Center on Vimeo. Lovesprings: The Way to Love, by Anthony DeMello - Trailer from DeMello Spirituality Center on Vimeo. In print for the first time, Rediscovering Life, is based on a conference given by Tony deMello shortly before his death in 1987 and broadcast to 120 sites in the United States and overseas. With his typical good humor and insightful stories, Tony uncovers the secret to freedom and enduring happiness.
The Way to Love is a series of wonderful meditations representing some of the last of Tony's writing before his death 25 years ago. Naranja wrote:It looks flat from where im standing so I BELIEVE it is flat until proven otherwise. You know, in a way it's sought of forming it's own language, Mabey one day in the future we can have an entire conversation in one sentence. Whether it is God, or the potential evolution of humanity, spirituality is the pursuit of something greater than each of ourselves. The primary concepts for holistic health (disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental factors) and wellness are: balance and connectivity. This includes thought, feeling, imagination, problem solving, relating to others, and responses to everyday life.
Acceptance is the understanding that we are not perfect, and that is the way it is supposed to be. Taking on responsibility for yourself and making healthy proactive choices is another part of being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Love can take on many forms: Divine love, familial love, romantic love, love for self, and acting in a loving way. Religions can offer tools, rituals and connection to a community that foster spiritual health. In addition, spirituality is not limited to ceremony and the various practices of major world religions. One important aspect of Buddhism is that one should look inside their self and realize they are not the center of the universe.
Many people would likely associate spirituality with religion or the belief in some higher power. Spirituality does not include the belief in a singular higher power or eternal life in an alternate realm with utopia or prison.
But rather than creating any simple thing, creativity is the process of creating or culminating a new or unique idea. I said that Spirituality differs from religion because spirituality is not based on believing in a god and does not include heaven and hell. I described the source of creativity as a layer of consciousness where thoughts are more free flowing and the imagination is most active. As if he is your spiritual director, Tony, himself, reads specific meditations to you from his popular book, The Way to Love.

They need to wake up, open up their eyes, see what is real, both inside and outside of themselves. Religions are generally created around the cultural norms and expectations from the land where they originated.
While Buddhism is considered a type of religion, many people who practice it believe it works well alongside their current faith. Even if they don’t reach nirvana, their good deeds while here on Earth will make life better for those they come in contact with. Religion is also a worship-based belief; meaning people who subscribe to a given religion often worship the eternal being in which they believe in order to gain eternal life in a perfect alternate realm. That idea may be expressed through a variety of channels, whether it is a physical creation or spoken or written language. A place where thoughts run free and the imagination can create, like during a dream, meditation, or trance.
I think having a stronger comprehension of spirituality and creativity is extremely helpful when one is exploring or observing art. If, however, he were to see the world for what it was, he was destined to become a leader in spirituality. The factors involved in this are the Right View (reality as it is, not as it appears), the Right Intention (freedom and harmlessness), the Right Speech (truthful but non harmful), the Right Action, the Right Livelihood, the Right Effort (to improve), the Right Mindfulness (awareness), and the Right Concentration (through a form of meditation, such as yoga).
To me spirituality is belief in a metaphysical realm in which each person has an identity, the “spirit” or “soul”, without the belief in any singular higher power.
I think this layer can be partially active while an individual is awake and can be triggered by external stimulants that lead that part of the mind to some idea, connection or inspiration. I came to the conclusion that spirituality is based on the belief in souls rather than gods. I think spirituality can also be a source for creativity because it exists on a similar plane of existence that is far enough away from reality that people are able to be curious and imaginative.
An individual who is said to be creative is often considered artistic, while someone who is engaging in creativity is often said to be creating art.
I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me the chance to utilize outside resources while also relying heavily on my own beliefs and feelings for spirituality and religion. They are continuously seeking to improve their actions, are aware of others, and continue to meditate to learn more. They embrace each moment for what it is and live in the here and now, not constantly looking forward to the future.
One was old, one was sick, one was a corpse, and one was a holy man at peace with the world.

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