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Spiritourism or travel with a spiritual focus increased in popularity over the past decade. Wayist teaching on culturally conditioned thinking is well known--it is said that it is one of the Root Downfalls of souls.
Some religions teach that we humans were once perfect but lost our innocence—and the purpose of life is to try to win back our past perfection so that we can again join God in heaven.
Souls in need of corrective training will be given karmic learning opportunities, and some may see that as punishment.
Here in Siem Reap, Cambodia we buy our fruit and veggies from the main market and from roadside vendors. Content is contributed by authors, writers, scholars and bloggers from various disciplines. If one cannot trust one's Government to exercise a measure of decency on the Internet then one cannot trust that hackers will withstand the temptation to stoop to the level of politicians.

The Way is a system and process that works well—therefore, there are no “fallen” souls, and the purpose of life is growth, not punishment.
Hard to concentrate because the neighbours' children (on all 3 sides) are making such a racket. This question seems to come up quite often, probably because the answer really depends on the individual and the particular group with whom one is sharing. They learn to not care about you because they dont have mind space for you and your issues. We need community and co-habitation, touch, sharing of experiences and emotions, and relationships. How can we attain that great freedom from this all pervasive "evil" that hinders our spiritual growth?
Neglecting the physical body results in sickness and the death of it, but the soul will reincarnate again.

The other thing that is immediately noticable is the taste--they dont taste like fruit in WalMart, Kroger and the like, they taste weird, almost like, real fruit that grow wild. Their dads are home, mom is cooking, there's yelling and hollering and general mayhem as all are at play and the chickens and the dogs scatter for safety. Wayism Cambodia operates guided tours from Siem Reap, spirituality training and volunteer opportunities. In about an hour the families will all sit down to dinner and neighbours start arriving to shoot the breeze.
Work-life balance is not a concept they are familiar with because it has never been a problem here.

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