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The discussion of the relationship between spirituality and religion and health has grown enormously over the last several decades, as the literature shows increased interest among health and mental health professionals. Many issues remain to be clarified, but the interest in and sense of importance of this topic continues to increase. Most of the wars in the world are caused due to excessive possesiveness to their respective religions.
It is interesting to note that all the major religions of the east, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shintoism have managed to exist pretty harmoniously together, respecting and celebrating the diversity among the symbols and rituals. When the value systems of religions are almost exactly the same, what are people fighting about? This entry was posted in Religion & Spirituality and tagged Art of Living, art of living foundation, Dushyant, Dushyant Savadia, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Sri Sri, Religion, Spirituality, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
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Spirituality studies is a fascinating and deeply rewarding field of scholarship that draws upon multiple disciplines. STH faculty are experts in a wide range of fields and represent diverse backgrounds in the church, the academy, faith-based non-profits, and other areas of religious leadership.
This is a transformation that every Christian is supposed to be experiencing, because we are all “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). Early Christians did not talk about “spirituality,” much less varieties of spirituality, appropriate to this or that kind of personality, or ethnic background, or gender. So although the unity of Christ means there is only one possible “spirituality,” in another sense there are as many different “spiritualities” as the billions of people who live and who have lived. The thing about contemporary “spirituality” that annoys me the most is its capacity for narcissism. We can say, as in Christ’s parable of the wheat and tares, “An enemy has done this.” It is a strategy of the Evil One to take a good impulse and twist it backward into self-regard.
The term “spirituality” is troublesome because it reifies something that ought to go unnoticed.

But we know that many people have found established religions or more conventional, time-tested approaches to be personally disappointing or even hurtful.
When following a self-proclaimed spiritual teacher, ask that teacher to practice the values of the SEEK Safely Promise. As Sri Sri says ” Like we have globalised technology, food, music….we need to globailise wisdom and make religion secular”. Some will face east and pray, others will ring bells, some will bow down, many fast on certain days, etc.
There may have been a few fiery debates, but never has there been loss of life over the religious beliefs of the east. To weed out this seed and destroy it forever, a broad based multi religious and multi cultural education system needs to be put into place. Love may take a lot of time to begin its work, but for the long haul, it’s the only choice.
A robustly ecumenical institution, the School welcomes students from diverse faith traditions. The application also requires a clear statement of research interests, transcripts, writing sample three letters of recommendation, and an interview. Our faculty is among the most published and cited of all theology faculties in the country.
As we partake of the life of Christ and discipline ourselves, seeking to assimilate that life, it affects both our souls and bodies.
But an in-between that imagines that there are different styles appropriate to this or that sub-group, speaks of nothing so much as our culture’s reflexive love of shopping.
Focusing on spirituality instead of on the Lord makes you stop halfway down the hallway and think about yourself.
When you start taking an exaggerated interest in your breathing is when your breathing starts going wrong.
In these cases, it is understandable for seekers to look to alternatives as a spiritual guide in their lives. Symbols across religions will vary, while some consider Om as sacred, some will consider the Star of David holy, other will consider the cross holy, still others will consider the fire worthy of worship, etc.

The religions of the west Christianity, Islam, Judaism however have been forever fighting, and now have managed to bring their fight to the east as well. And so accepts all and celebrates life in all its glorious diversity and never ever puts a human life as more valuable than an idea.
The division in the whole world has been done on caste and beliefs by corrupt politicians and religious leaders for their own short-term gains will crumble away only when Spirituality is given utmost priority.
His light spreads within us like fire spreading through a lump of coal, and so we become Christ-bearers to the world. Each one of us is participating in the light of the One Christ, so in one sense “spirituality” is exactly the same for everyone, because Christ is one. Our sole focus should be on the compelling beauty of our Lord, and what moves us forward is only our desire for him.
Every one should have some deeper insight in to all the religions in the world and its origin. When you practice Spirituality, yoga, meditation, then you do focus on one way, but you also respect all other ways.
Otherwise, like so many foolish people, we will be left wildly waving the empty banana skin of religion after having thrown away the fruit of Spirituality!
This is such an essential, foundational element of life in Christ that to extract it and label it seems to deaden it. But each one of us is the only human being God ever made who is exactly us, so we will radiate that light back out again just a bit differently than any other saint. After that for Religion to make sense, you will need to get to the core of Religion which is Spirituality.

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