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There are nine stages of meditation through which a meditator usually progresses, more or less in order, though it is quite possible to sometimes fall back to an earlier stage. Centering Exercise Part 1 The best way to listen to these three audio files is to load all three in sequence into your audio player and set to autoplay in sequence. Bhavana by Glen Wallis, PhD This is absolutely the best explanation and guide to Buddhist meditation that I have ever seen. This blog chronicles the activities of a meditation group in Bancroft, Ontario and provides instruction in insight meditation. The accompanying diagram shows the stages in meditation that we have outlined from simple awareness of the abdominal movement and progressing to the open awareness of fully developed mindfulness meditation.
Bodhicharya London is a Buddhist group which provides teachings and practice in meditation and Buddhism. Bodhicharya is a worldwide network of people, projects, centers, organizations, etc working under the inspiration of Buddhist teachings in various activities and taking various forms. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life.
You could print the pages full size or using the MS Word print feature, print a 2 page a sheet booklet. Instructions for assembling the book are in a separate file entitled "How to fold the 6X Intention Book" It's above this file. Placing the mindIn this first stage, you spend more time being distracted, naturally, than you do focusing on the object of meditation.

Since then, many projects have taken place in various places under the guidance and inspiration of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, an eminent Buddhist teacher. There is no race to "reach" the various stages by a fixed time-table.In any case, these meditation stages serve as mere signposts on our path to inner-discovery and are not destinations to be arrived at. Its fields of activities are organized around three main themes: Healing a€“ Helping a€“ Harmony.
Even if meditation brings about all sorts of benefits both mental, and physical, the real purpose of Buddhist meditation is truly to investigate and discover, layer after layer, all the aspects and subtle levels of our mind.Who are we, really? So avoid getting caught up in their 'achievement' or 'non-achievement.'Like life itself, meditation too is not a linear journey. Placement with continuityMost of your meditation session is still distracted, but you can sometimes hold the object of concentration for two minutes or more, before being interrupted by gross agitation or dullness.3.
Alan McAllister, a psychologist practicing in Bancroft, is the author of the blog and the facilitator of the group which meets periodically for 8-10 sessions twice a year.
Patch-like placement By now, majority of your time is spent engaged with the chosen object of meditation. Tsering was born in Lisbon, Portugal and travelled to Brussels at the age of 19 where she met Lama Kunzang. Also, when you lose the object through distraction or dullness, you find it easier to resume concentration as mindfulness is improving.4.
Close placementWhile you still experience periods of agitation and dullness, you can now hold the object of meditation over longer periods of time - between five to ten minutes of duration at one go.5.

ControllingIn stage five, you can now meditate for an entire session without your concentration being disrupted by gross agitation or dullness. PacifyingYou are now able to meditate for the entire session without your concentration being disturbed. If you can’t afford it, you can give a smaller amount (just mention this to the group guide). Complete pacificationYour concentration has improved to the point that if any subtle agitation or dullness arises, you are able to quickly overcome it through your greatly increased power of concentration.8. Single-pointed concentrationYou are now able to hold the object of concentration completely throughout the whole session with only slight effort required at the start of the session.9.
One collection is for either Ringu Tulku or the Rigul Trust, and one for the retreat guide.
Placement with equanimityIn this final stage, you are able to concentrate on an object of meditation for any length of time without effort.Since you were keen on knowing the different stages of meditation, I would assume that you probably already practice some type of meditation. In addition to other resources, it lists some basic meditation exercises and a couple of beginner meditation techniques.

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