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Starbucks, like so many other trendy eateries, has a secret menu -- a list of items you can order that don't show up on the regular menu boards.
They offer the low-down on items which can be made with ingredients which are on hand in every Starbucks which are not listed.
Take the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino, a treat which combines a standard Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino with java chips and mocha drizzle.
Starbucks Secret Menu offers top-ten lists, tips for ordering non-menu kid-safe drinks, and even news of two secret sizes. Raspberry Lemonade Party Punch: 1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate + water, 1 carton raspberry sherbet, 2 liter Sprite, 3 lemons.

Grape Fruit Natural Fat Burner Drink,You can't burn fat only drinking a drink but you can enhance the rate of fat loss! Sweet Caramelized Pork - following the original recipe (with Paprika), gave us 6 portions, easy to do, loved by all in my family. Starbucks Price List Clean Comics Frappuccino Recipe PicturePin Starbucks Price List Clean Comics Frappuccino Recipe cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. In many cases the barista will know how to make them, but the website offers recipes just in case they need a helping hand. The site is "created for Starbucks fans by Starbucks fans" and no contact information is listed.

So we decided to venture out and test out these easy substitutes in our favorite baked goods and see how they taste!

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